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Dems Introduce Bill to Curb President's Insurrection Act Powers After Trump Threatens to Send Troops to Cities Across US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/dems-introduce-bill-curb-presidents-insurrection-act-powers-after-trump-threatens

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Trump Threatens to Send Troops to Cities Across US

Ask yourself: why does Trump have so much fear of peaceful, protestors?

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Clearly there are things Congress should be doing to counteract Trump’s reckless moves. However, and this is directed mainly at Dems, Congressional action always seems to be a reaction to Trump. I don’t sense any strong vision and mission coming from the Dem leadership. Maybe it is too much to ask from someone like Nancy Pelosi who only thinks in 2-year cycles. We’re not really getting it from Joe Biden. We heard it from the Bernie Sanders camp.

Would love to see Dems come out with a unifying message that addresses the giant issues we face and not simple complain about and react to Trump.


Is this the 64,000 dollar question?

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The more restrictive trump gets, the more his chances of reelection dwindle.imo

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This, after the dems gave him every single penny and more that he has ever requested for the MIC. They also happily re-upped the MUFA and the Patriot Act. Now they offer up a piddly little piece of useless legislation. I suppose it is their effort to try to make use believe they really give a shit.

Trump hides in his bunkered ivory tower, apparently afraid of peaceful protesters for a racial cause. Mr. president you need not lock down because of peaceful protesters marching for awareness of police abuses. We will let you know when we are coming for you. Then you might want to lock the gate then.

I would like to see some of the protest marchers bring their own dogs. Big ones. Just for funzees.

how about the Dems showing a little courage and JOIN the protests going on in their communities–esp into the night when the bully boy shock troops make their appearance-not going to happen—maybe because 64% of our cities–including most of the very largest–are run by the Democratic party-with Democratic mayors–who have sent these very shock troops out to beat down the protesters instead–which -if you are a student of history --you will recognize as a well established pattern–for many decades --and just so you know --the army has been sent to attack unions repeatedly–familiar?–yes --in support of property just as is happening now–

Don’t ask Nancy Pelosi, it’s possible her donors haven’t told her what to do yet.

You got it. A whole truckload of anti-civilian laws got passed after 911 with Bush and Chaney that are still on the books to deal with pesky citizens. Including the Patriot Act.