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Dems Introduce Bill to End Trump's 'UnAmerican' Muslim Ban

Dems Introduce Bill to End Trump's 'UnAmerican' Muslim Ban

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Democrats in both chambers of Congress introduced legislation to end President Donald Trump's racist Muslim ban Wednesday, generating support from advocates and lawmakers opposed to the administration's policy.

The No Ban Act, which faces an uphill battle in the Senate, would end a number of policies designed to stop immigration into the U.S. from Muslim majority countries. Those policies, according to Al Jazeera, include the travel ban, the ban on asylum seekers, and so-called "extreme vetting," a technique to slow down the immigration process for applicants.

When I was a youngster, before and during World War II and into the relative peace that followed, students were taught classes in how our government works, we learned the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we learned history of the US, we were taught history before 1776, in Europe and much of the world. Naturally, we were bored, but we learned. We knew who our representatives were in Senate and Congress and what they were supposed to be doing. We knew the President’s job, and how the Supreme court was intended to work, to remove unconstitutional laws from the books.
*Now, when talking with youth, mention of the Constitution often draws a blank look. None of the above seems to get more than a casual mention somewhere in the curriculum. I’ve been writing for years, urging We the People to get a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America and read and discuss it with others. As I’ve watched what is happening in our government in the 21st Century, I’ve urged people to read German history from the 20s through the war. Then you will have no surprises as to what is going on today, for we seem to be using the same playbook that Hitler and his minions used to remove the civil rights of the German People, which was replaced by the Enabling Acts right after the Reichstag Fire was set by the SS and blamed on a Dutch carpenter who was supposed to be a Communist.
*In this country, 911 was followed shortly by the illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act, which removed or curtailed much of our Constitution. This was followed by yet more draconian legislation which further disgraced our Constitution. When our Constitution was written, a method was included on how it could be amended. There is no provision for amendments by Legislative or Executive Fiat, but that is now the way all of these illegal laws and rules are put into effect, often by a tweet in the night from a person who does not read, has no point except his own gratification and cares not a whit for the damage he is doing to not only this country, but to the world, to the earth that sustains us.
*I am heartened to see actual legislation to overturn these illegal laws being introduced. I rejoice to see much of the youth of today, world-wide, demonstrating and working on legislation to overturn much of this garbage. I hope this is happening in time, for the fascists that now control much of the earth are increasing their military, and using them against their own people when they feel it is necessary. That includes right here at home.
*So, I applaud and praise those brave legislators trying to turn this mess around. I am happy to see the streets beginning to fill with people who are “Mad as Hell and aren’t going to take it anymore!”
*I hope there are enough in the military who will refuse to take illegal orders to kill or imprison their fellow citizens who won’t follow their sick leaders. But then, I think back to Germany between the wars, when many thousands of German Citizens died for the crime of disagreeing with Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich, wanting their freedom back, their civil rights back.
*I hope and pray that that won’t happen here, but it will take We the People, working together to prevent it.

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The article didn’t appear to link to the actual bills. Code Pink thought they were H.R.810 and S.426 but S.426 appears to have nothing to do with a travel ban.

H.R.810 was introduced at the end of Jan, but it does discuss this topic. However with Olmar saying it is just being introduced, my guess is this number is wrong too. See https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/810. There are 101 co-sponsors of H.R.810 and I suppose unsurprisingly, Tulsi is not on this list (I’m surprised my rep Ted Lieu isn’t on there either). I know she is for more serious vetting for Muslim people from certain countries but she is going to have to square that with a standard progressive view of wanting to give a Muslim person from any country some opportunity to come here either as a refugee or in the normal immigrant quota. If she thinks we should outright ban Muslims from certain countries, she is going to lose a lot of progressive voters (me being one). If she can say she isn’t for this bill but would support something better than what Trump is doing, maybe she can hold on to most of them, but it would seem to make it harder for her limited numbers in primary polls to grow - and she has to get through that gauntlet before facing Trump (where her stance probably isn’t going to hurt her nearly as much). Any opinion @LibWingofLibWing, @x1jodonn, @Callmeskeptical?

I tried searching and looking at https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill for the Senate bill, but I don’t think it’s been posted yet. I assume Bernie is a co-sponsor, but I will check.

Will that cover the whole travel ban or just Muslims, cuz at this point Venezuela and NoKo are included as well. Not too many Muslims there.

I don’t think the current travel ban covers Muslims only. It applies to all citizens from the listed countries.

Hi Dara,

At your second link above, if you sort by “Date of Introduction - Newest to Oldest”, you’ll see that the newest bills were introduced yesterday, the 9th. So, I would guess that those introduced today (the 10th) will appear tomorrow.

In the meantime, in the 3rd paragraph of the following Press Release, there’s a link to a one-page summary of the bill(s):

Sen. Coons, Rep. Chu lead bicameral push to repeal Muslim ban, prevent future discriminatory bans – Apr 10, 2019 - Christopher Coons - senate.gov

Read a summary of the bill here.

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My lord, minitrue, would you like me to set up a go fund me page for your very own cryogenic chamber? (-:

Agreed. I wasn’t very clear - I was thinking Tulsi’s view was that we should do a different amount of vetting if the person from a given country on the list was Muslim but I have to retract that as I see no mention of it. Maybe I heard someone else sat that (sounds like something Sam Harris would say). She still has a progressive problem on this front if you ask me. I think she has fully addressed any past views on gay rights or torture that bothered some people but on this I haven’t found it yet. I hope she gets in the debate where I’m sure the topic will come up.

Hi Skep,
*A long time ago, an old friend used to tell me, “Life begins at 80.”
*For the last couple of years, I’ve been testing that hypothesis. In a few years, I’ll give you a report. (-;
*Considering that, at the tender age of 18 I was exposed to seven H-Bombs, two classified as “dirty bombs,” and I got terribly ill from the exposure, I didn’t expect to live through my twenties, so each decade has been a pleasant surprise! There aren’t many of us left and the “government” will no doubt be glad when we’re all gone so there will be nobody left that can give firsthand testimony as to the horror they so casually threaten to use.
*So, I try to enjoy my life, and try to awaken everyone to what is in store for us if We the People don’t take control and get the crazies into nice rubber rooms with lots of soft toys to play with. They certainly should not be striding the world’s stage threatening war, hunger and damnation.

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I don’t know what Tulsi’s position on this is. But I do know something. Anyone who is for ending the ban but is not for ending the wars that cause the refugee crises is simply an out and out >expletive deleted< hypocrite really upset because it’s a way to bash Trump.

You know how those countries got on that list? OBAMA put them on it. The Obama administration created the concern about those countries? Why? Because we’re freaking bombing them, killing them, sanctioning them, and thus making many of those folk just HATE us. You’d hate us too if you’d seen your baby dead under rubble from US bombs.

The solution isn’t to make sure we let folk from these nations in as refugees. The solution is to END the >expletive< wars that drove those folk from their homes and let them go home.

I’m for open borders. I’m for welcoming any refugee in. But if I have to choose between someone who wants to let refugees from the countries our MIC destroy but doesn’t want stop the destruction -or- someone who doesn’t want to let refugees (whatever their religious leaning) from those countries but wants us to STOP destroying them and stop funding nations like the Saudis or Israel in destroying them, to me it’s a no brainer.

But, like I said earlier. I don’t know what Tulsi thinks on this new bill.

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Well, I just did some research.

When I wrote the above post I was speaking from feelings and not knowledge. I felt there had to be people in Congress who voted FOR funding the Syrian war but then belly ache about not accepting refugees caused by that war. I felt that and didn’t know that.

But I like to operate on knowledge.

So let me be clear. JUDY CHU is one of these >expletive deleted<(1) >expletive deleted<(2) >expletive deleted>(3) who gleefully votes to fund the war over there, voting to support the bombings and the giving arms to the ‘opposition.’ and yet she makes a big deal about this.

expletive<(4) her.


(1) rhymes with ‘trucking’
(2) rhymes with ‘grass mole’
(3) rhymes with ‘mitts’
(4) rhymes with ‘duck’

Well, I now have done some work on Chris Coons.

This man is a piece of work. He is a rabid arms dealer to Israel. He has been against any kind of deal with Iran. He has pushed for war in Syria and was one of those who opposed Obama not bombing the hell out of Syria after the phony chemical attacks.

So guess what. Coons is an architect of the refugee crisis of Syrian refugees. I’m worn out. I can’t bother finding the energy for cursing him.

Hi Minitrue,

I think I remember you saying that even people who were below deck; but, near open hatches, became ill? - Was the Navy experimenting on you guys; or, were they just alarmingly and inexcusably ignorant?

I was in the USAF, '68-'72; and, if the same had happened to me, I think I’d be taking it out on a number of somebodies in a manner that I’ll never state on-line. What happened to you should have caused some top brass to have a mandatory stay at USDB, Fort Levenworth, reduction of rank; and, loss of pension.

I find it amazing you’re an octogenarian…officially, an “old fart”. I wish you many more pleasant sunrises. (-:

Here’s an interesting article regarding what I believe may be in store for us:

Globalists Are Bringing Their One World Currency Plans Out Into The Open – Apr 10, 2019 - Brandon Smith - Alt-Market