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Dems Launch New Effort to Get Trump's "Smoldering" Tax Returns Released


Dems Launch New Effort to Get Trump's "Smoldering" Tax Returns Released

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Democrats have a new plan to get President Donald Trump's tax returns released: make Steve Mnuchin do it.

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) on Friday introduced a resolution of inquiry directing the Treasury secretary to provide the U.S. House with copies of Trump's tax returns, as well as any information the Treasury Department has on the president's foreign debts and investments, and use of tax-avoidance schemes.


Good, the Democrats shouldn't give up. This situation has all the signs of a cover-up and persistence is required to keep searching for the truth.


Glad to see the democrats spending their energy chasing after trumps taxes before they gear up to fight for single payer and all the rest of the programs that they used to care about like the New Deal. But I keep forgetting... they are owned by corporations, so this is just a side show to make everyday citizens think they care...


Now why would, Mnuchin an anointee of the self-proclaimed emperor placed in control of the Treasury do anything to upset his benefactor? Any effort on the part of Mnuchin to bring Trump's tax returns to light is a pipe dream as long as the GOP has a stranglehold on the House, Senate, Judiciary, and in small part, the presidency (executive) (due to the current occupant of the WH wielding his new-found power like a bludgeon). Besides, Mnuchin has myriad skeletons in his closet and does not want any fingers being pointed his way as a result of the revealing of the trump tax returns.


This is what we get from 40 years of not really holding politicians which Trump is one (but 1st and foremost a business man) accountable

Accountability is the key word that we have forgotten. That both dems and repub have forgotten.

WTF happened??????????????????//


I fu**kin blame the democrats and dem party.


For what? They aren't the ones who appointed a neoconfederate AG or put a neonazi in the White House.


I think this is a great way to keep the issues focused on Trump and his lack of transparency.


"...his private investments 'could' violate the Emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution? "


Good that some Democrats are keeping the tax return burr under Trump's ass, but don't expect any progressive content to anything they do. Pay attention to what Bernie is doing in the red states. Jane Sanders said they'd have won had they started their movement a year earlier. This early effort is what's getting underway now, in advance of the midterms. Even if Trump is gone by then there's still the vile, despicable hack Pence to thwart. Agree with him on elements of his philosophy or not, right now Bernie is our best hope out of the gate. We should be grateful for his leadership and get behind his efforts to build a groundswell against the elites.