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Dems Not Backing Medicare for All Get Twice as Much Industry Cash as Co-Sponsors


I call politicians professional liars and were attorneys that weren’t good enough to practice law, ha.


I think Schumer and Pelosi want to focus on stopping Trumpcare. That make some sense. Medicare for all is never going to be be passed during this session of Congress but Trumpcare might. Many politicians want to think for themselves and resist getting swept up by populism. On this issue I would not expect every Democrat to go along.


Even though this bill does not have a chance of making it to the floor let alone a committee thanks to the recalcitrant obstreperous GOP Senators and their ruler, McConnell, the gesture to show OFFICIAL SUPPORT of such important and humane legislation promotes goodwill and symbolizes the supporters’ advocacy for the well-being of their constituents. I know that both the Senators in my state did not show their official or oral support of Medicare for All (I called and e-mailed both urging them to do so) and that they both receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from Big Pharma, Insurance Co and HMO’s. This bill, in their minds, will not make or break them politically nor do they have any intentions of running for President/VEEP.


Right, what is good for the turkeys should be good for the ass.


It took a long time and a lot of money to get to where we are today with healthcare, and politics in general. Until the progressive side of town stops taking money from the healthcare industry ie: physicians, brick and mortar, insurance companies, and other sponsors, we ain’t going nowhere single payer.

But if that were ever to happen, the republicans would then have to give up their cash cow as well. Then left and right can do some serious negotiating. G


Is there a 12 step program for politicians to help them shake corporate money addiction ?


And I have checked the amounts, thanks to Google. They are staggering. The swamp lingers on Fake president, fake government. K street should be bull dozed away…



I worked for a Fortune 500 company for 30 years and if I had taken money from any company we did business with, I was subject to being fired.

Politicians should be given the same, one-step, option. Take any money and you’re fired and disbarred if you hold a law degree.

Disregard for ethics breeds corruption.


Well, Shysters practice law, Doctors practice medicine.
The main difference is that the doctors get to bury their mistakes.


“Sanders is the only senator who’s received $0 in donations from the health insurance industry, which would eventually become obsolete under the senator’s plan to make government the single payer of the nation’s healthcare costs” Basic question here. Medicare covers 80% of Part B benefits, leaving a coverage gap that the private insurance industry offers products to cover, charging premiums and making a profit. Does this model apply to “Medicare for all”? If so, it appears there will still be a private insurance industry.


I’m not sure where that statement came from that the author put in the article. It is definitely not true. While Bernie does not accept actual industry donations - he certainly accepts funds from individuals who happen to work in the insurance industry. More than a third of the Senate is in that same situation and most of those received less than Bernie from individuals. Of course that would be expected since Bernie ran a very large national campaign in the last cycle so he had a larger total fund-raising effort that nearly everyone in the Senate. You can get the data easily at OpenSecrets.org


You really have to read the bill to know what is going on because most people are using an old paradigm. The private insurance industry is not just going away. There are provisions in the bill for them. They will be paid for up to 15 years and given priority in government positions. And, if it is HR 676 the President will appoint a 15 person board in their place. Single payer may not be what you think it is.


I call them “Political Prostitutes” or plain ol whores.


Yes, it is all called legislators as corporation prostitutes. Especially as corporate sponsors of corporation favoritism bills offer gobs of money to prostitute legislators. The estimate was that during the time period that Trumpcare was being passed, there were 8 lobbyists with bribe money for every one legislator in congress. And they voted for Trumpcare.


Why is this so surprising? For decades, the United States Congress has not represented the millions of voters who elected its members. It represents corporations who, having been declared “persons” by a right-wing activist Supreme Court, have bought and paid for almost all of them. In the case of health care, providers and insurers rule the roost. Until we can elect senators and representatives who are more concerned with the welfare of their constituents than for their own reelection, American citizens will remain slaves to artificially created legal entities that are not mentioned or even implied in our Constitution.


Ok… I have a question some of you might be able to answer. Some of these amounts, in terms of fundraising, and relatively speaking, don’t seem that big. Is it possible for us to buy them off? For example, Klobuchar, who took 19 thousand and did poorly in relation to Bernie during the Town Hall spinning the establishment insurance line (the GOP were demolished - and of course she did better - but it was Bernie who took the prize in polling) … how is this done? Can we offer to out-bid these insurance gangsters and buy her signature on the bill, basically? If they can do it - why don’t we? If they buy Congress, why don’t we just out-buy them? And get Medicare For All passed. Since that’s what this is all about and it seems easier than getting a whole new Congress in there… they’re all bought - – let’s out-buy them??? To pass this health care bill? Can we do that? Let’s buy the bill for us, the American People? Say to Klobuchar (for example), “You return the 19,000, pledge to reject further money - and we’ll pay you 25 thousand and you guarantee co-sponsorship and support (and campaigning, whatever) for Medicare For All.” ??


Absolutely right. But if that were to happen(making payolla illegal) there would be a stampede for the exit sign. The problem is the same as we have had with immigration. Nobody obeyed the laws on the books, as money overruled all moral restraint, and boss men took advantage of those that couldn’t speak. Moral judgement was sorely lacking among businesses that used cheap labor.
There should be a special place for these opportunist criminals, politicians and businesses alike.


A problem indeed. I am already seeing that (threat? promise?) of double digit inflation this year for my part B coverage. It goes up almost every month.
*Let’s see now 10% plus every year for fifteen years equals what, and remember each increase will be based on last year’s cost. Like many thousands of other old farts, I am having to look at a choice between continuing to live my life out in my home, or having health coverage.
*Sure would love to see some people elected who care for We the People rather than keeping their kick backs from Big Medical, Big Pharm, and God only knows Big Who Else.


One of the problems with that bill is that it is so vague, were it to come up for a vote then the actual terms would be set forth. I don’t think or pretty sure it would not be by premiums but it would no doubt be considered health care spending. I use to coordinate healthcare for the disabled in a rather unique way for unique people with special needs. I’ve had several run ins with them but had an entire agency to help when there was a dispute. Now that I am older and have medicare which I just started using I have some concerns. The last few years that I worked it was with older people. You might need to talk to someone about what you can do, Maybe start with friends because there are different outcomes when you get full knowledge about the resources available to you. From my experience they rarely tell you unless you ask. You need someone on your side. I’m trying to keep an open mind. One thing I don’t like is not having access to my medical information. The information is sent to my doctor and in CA there is a law that I can’t see it until the M.D. or PA reviews it with me, or I have to wait 30 days. If you are happy with your doctor you are probably lucky. If you are not then you should see what other options are available. He/She should advocate for you.