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Dems Plan to Grill Tillerson on Exxon's Climate Fraud


Dems Plan to Grill Tillerson on Exxon's Climate Fraud

Nika Knight, staff writer

If President-elect Donald Trump nominates ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, Democrats and progressives see a glimmer of a silver lining. Tillerson's Senate confirmation hearing would give environmentalists the chance to finally see Tillerson testify under oath about ExxonMobil's climate fraud.


Oh the FURY of the questions that will come from the Senate "progressives"!!!!

Moments later…

Senate approves Trump's appointment of a Big Oil CEO to be Secretary of State, with majority of Democrats voting in favor.

Then, later, in restaurants, pubs, and cafes where the movers and shakers cavort, the clinking of glasses between "both sides of the aisle of oligarchy" will commence, while the sun sets on yet one more day in the life of the ruling oligarchs.

Meanwhile, what has become a cruel grind of a life of never ending insecurities for millions upon millions regarding health care, dental care, rent, and all the rest, is of course of zero interest. It's all about power, wealth, and of course, that really important looking cell phone the size of a fucking tablet.

Me cynical?


Seems that Tillerson has "testified" before any number of Senate and House hearings about the ongoing malfeasance and practiced environmental destruction wrought by ExxonMobil ad infinitum that have resulted in ABSOLUTELY NOTHING short of EM paying a fine or two. Yet EM continues BAU. The lies flow mellifluously from his pursed lips without the slightest flinch or pause while his highly-paid counsel sit behind him in their Brooks Brothers suits and $500 haircuts being paid to "consult" with Tillerson when motioned to do so.

Secretary of state...the T-dump theater of the absurd keeps taking on more and more actors.


I will be another "dog and pony" show and nothing will be done.


Uh huh. "Grill" away. Sorry, Democrats, but we've seen this show before. Trump will get whatever Trump wants. If pressured, Democrats will (as always) whine, "But we had no choice..." "Been there, done that."


It doesn't matter. No one has more power than oil corporations. Big oil owns and controls government, and the country. We are dependent on them, and they know it. This gives them extraordinary power.

The Arab Oil Embargo on 1973 caused Americans to understand the "urgent need to break our dependency on oil" -- not just imported oil, but oil itself. We were all gung-ho to pursue alternatives, options, right up until the embargo ended. Then it was back to business as usual. Progress since then has been virtually non-existent. Taxpayers fought down every effort to invest in a modern, Euro-level mass transportation system, and solar power in the US is still in its infancy.


"Rex Tillerson made millions off of Exxon's strategy of denial and doubt, and would have every incentive to continue the deception while Secretary of State."

That's exactly why he would be appointed -- his record as a successful marketer of climate denial would be a great qualification for State. Trump intends to dump the Paris Accords. He may need Rex to sell it to the rest of the world. We're going to have one last glorious bonfire and marshmallow roast. Tickets are going fast. Don't be left out.


I remember how John Roberts actually laughed in their faces when the Dems "grilled" him.


Rex Tillerson is the Peace candidate for Sec Of State. He would change the State Dept from the Dept of Economic Sanctions (act of war) to the Dept of Economic Deals good for America. He opposes sanctions and war.