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Dems Pressured to 'Pick a Fight for Once' Over RBG Seat as Collins and Murkowski Oppose Pre-Election Vote

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/20/dems-pressured-pick-fight-once-over-rbg-seat-collins-and-murkowski-oppose-pre

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I want with every fiber of my being to believe that Dems will go scorched earth when they have power some day. But no one is going to look at their track record and conclude that they have guts.


Rather humiliating isn’t it? To see republicans win no matter whether the coin comes up HEADS or TAILS.
Of course if they can pull off yet another stolen justice it IS all over.
That would mean they get everything they want, and the left gets nothing.
Anti democratic.


Pelosi implied that she’d be willing to bring more impeachment charges against Trump, or against Jabb the Hutt Barr, to derail the SCOTUS nominee process.
Yay for Nancy. Fight ferociously and use every strategy possible to block Fuhrer Trump from putting yet another right-wing lackey on SCOTUS.
When the GOP goes low, we should kick their as*.


Stupid Democratic Party voters had the power to nominate Bernie Sanders in 2016 and blew it. The truism still holds: “People get the government they deserve.”


Only about 25% support overturning Roe—and those supporting Trump are white men and women ----a poll by fox of black voters has Biden 95% support vs. 5% for Trump----over all it’s Biden 51% to Trump at 42%

We are being controlled by a minority of religous white people----Sen Tom Cotton wants to repeal Roe and the ACA--------The republicans DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE MAJORITY IN THIS COUNTRY-------IT IS TIME TO DESTROY THIS EVIL PARTY-


This is like the proverbial frog in the pot of hot water. The repuglicans have been turning up the heat for many years and the water is almost boiling. The timid Dems. had better do something smart (if possible) and quick to get out of the pot before the repuglicans finish cooking them and have them for dinner. It may give them gas and a stomach ache.


Want to really see stupid? Look at anybody who votes for Trump and the GOP. They’re the ones who really blew it.


I’m wondering how another impeachment proceeding in the House might be expected to derail the SCOTUS nominee process. Can you offer insight?


And then there’s that yuuuuge missed opportunity where Bernie had that excellent opportunity to establish a progressive third party and didn’t. I mention it because sometimes the people don’t get the government they deserve. Sometimes their elected officials just fail them.


Yo look folks this army is led by cowardly generals and useless war profiteers. They already surrendered once in 2000. We’re on our own. Get organized.


Of course one can also point out that voting for either of the two major corporate and militant political parties is insanity as the definition of that word basically means to keep doing something over and over again and to expect a different result to occur. No substantial change will ever take place as long as the Democrats and the Republicans maintain their stranglehold in this less than egalitarian country.


I don’t give a shit if the GOP opposes a pre election vote. They’ll just appoint another nazi to the court before Christmas and get to walk away after throwing a bomb into the Supreme Court building.
And if the republicans are hell bent on ramming another lunatic onto the SCOTUS before November 3rd, the Dems should do nothing to stop them. Another pro-life fascist on the court would all but guarantee the biggest turnout in generations and certain doom for the GOP. The problem is that the GOP is counting on their fascist federal court system to stop any progressive legislation from coming to fruition, and to literally burn Roe, the ACA, marriage equality, and yes, the Medicare acts, to the ground in the process.
Only the boldest progressive agenda in the history of the Democratic Party could stop them. Anybody here think that Joe, Nancy, and chuck are up to the task?


It’s not lack of guts. It’s lack of integrity.

When Republicans are in power, they do their best to accomplish what they said they will. (Regardless of the fact that what they say they and what they do are always harmful to the public.)

But when Democrats are in power, they do their best to make excuses for not being able to do anything they said they’d do. (Regardless of the fact that we’d be better off if they’d actually try.)

The reasons for the contrast are clear. Both parties serve the same masters. Republicans do so openly; Democrats pretend otherwise.

Again, it’s not a failure of guts. The failure is much deeper and much more profound.


‘Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…’

Winston S Churchill, 11 November 1947


The current popular term is LOTE, or LOME (Least of Many Evils).


All government is a compromise on our part - we give power drunk politicians the say over our lives.

What is the alternative ?

Dreamers talk of individual anarchism.

That’s why they’re called dreamers.

The situation is dire, and has been since 1963 - and truthfully - before - right back to the Mayflower - before that - a destroyed Europe - before that - the coming of agriculture - you can keep going back all you want - nature is red in tooth and claw.

But right now - there is an IMMEDIATE threat.

Fail to get this psychopath - and - well - I don’t know -


Well, we wouldn’t be in the disaster we’re in today if the majority of voters had possessed the intelligence, self-respect, integrity and foresight to vote for Dr Jill Stein in 2016. But no. She was the genuine progressive candidate running at that time. The Ds could have worked with her as easily as they willingly cross over the aisle and enable and serve as accomplices with the Republicans. They have no problem helping the Republicans accomplish their agenda. So the Ds could have helped a President Stein accomplish her progressive agenda. But upon reflection, none of the Ds are genuine progressives. Some of them are fake-progressives or charade as progressives. But instead, most people held to their D and R partisan brainwashing and against their best interests and protected the status quo.


Yes, I do not recall seeing any such opportunity in 2016. Quite the opposite, and much the same as this year, with the Sanders train barreling down the track only to be derailed by loose spikes and gravel on the tracks, clearly the work of the party misleadership themselves.


Even worse, if they get another Supreme seated before the election it removes one of the biggest reasons to vote LOTE. This is all just too sad.

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Oh and by the way, Amy Coney Barrett, the female whose name is being given as the thug’s top choice: Amy is pro-birth/anti-choice, as one should expect for a right-wing nominee. So I don’t know why some people are jumping up and down in celebration just because the thug said he’s likely to nominate a woman. It’s as if some people think that those people with a vagina are automatically pro-choice. Have people forgotten all about Phyllis Schlafly?


When Scalia died gollum mitch insisted that his seat belonged to conservatives, pure bull shit. Then the seat couldn’t be filled in an election year, pure bull shit. Now the empty seat can be filled in an election year. And RBG’s seat can be filled by a conservative. It’s time to shove gollum’s bull shit down his throat!

And if the donkeys fail, the next time they’re in power they must ram expansion of the court down republican throats and stack it with real justices like RBG so that the current 5 stooges will have to eat gollum’s bull shit until they die!