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Dems Pressured to 'Pick a Fight for Once' Over RBG Seat as Collins and Murkowski Oppose Pre-Election Vote

Breyer may not last another 4 either.

Everyone has been aware of RBG’s poor state of health including those so called politicians in the dparty. Why didn’t they discuss a plan in advance ? Because they are worthless corporate toadies.


Whaddya call all the hard as graphene advocates of narco-syndicalism (a non-individual form of anarchism)? Start with Noam Chomsky and proceed on through Octavia Butler, Margaret Atwood and Ursula LeGuin to Cornel West. Just a few days ago in a speech from our Uber Leader Trumplican (who seems to identify as Q ANON) WW II Anti-NAZI therefore ANTIFA U.S. Air Force bombardier Howard Zinn was placed on a proposed ENEMIES LIST for banishment from any public school or government supported curricula by our draft dodging wimp of Richie Rich who thinks he’s tough cuz he’s surrounded what is left of his inheritance with Russian Mafia from Brighton Beach…
As if Critical Thinking in America weren’t already in need of CRITICAL CARE!

These anarcho-syndicalists have in their work and activism committed to rational policy-making in the Public Interest. That has become a counter-insurgent ideology with the absorption of BIG GOVERNMENT and THE NANNY STATE’s best-known and most widely proliferated contract academic, the diminutive propagandist behind THE MIGHTY WURLITZER of the Cold War industry and beyond, Milton Friedman, leader of the Chicago Boys. A gang fiercer in the use of State Power to bring about economic totalitarianism and a return to a new Unfettered Global Capital return to Feudalism in the guise of Pay2Play Libertarian Politics.

A necessary pre-condition for this REVOLUTION was half a century’s moratorium on the U.S. Justice Department’s prosecution of Anti-Competitive Corporate consolidation and take-overs dba Mergers & Acquisitions. That has become with corporate-captured business news media complicity the de facto decriminalization (TOO BIG TO FAIL\JAIL) via zero enforcement of Teddy Roosevelt and the Trust Buster Progressive Party era of Push-Back Against the Robber Barons consolidation of wealth and the subsequent Anti-Competitive and Anti-Trust legislation.

Anything emanating from a Washington-backed Central American Death Squad in the name of say, Guatemalan Sugar Plantation Growers Association or National Fruit Company or Blowtorch Bob D’Aubuisson in El Salvador or that Richmond, Indiana Police Chief turned Washington’s Ambassador to military dictatorships spreading the new technologies of interrogation on insurgents and testing on the homeless in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay namely Dan Mitrione and the Orwellian-named OFFICE OF PUBLIC SAFETY. Those years of the 1960’s Cold War limitless and non-audited budgets and uses of domestic law enforcement to militarize the police of other countries can be seen as setting the stage for what has taken root domestically and that has been targeting some of U.S. more than others. ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Mitrione

Rather than privileging the Private Interest in the name of that weaponized Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrine and dogma GREED IS GOOD that supplanted WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER about the time Washington Shadow Government intel operative agencies were ramping the Cold War weaponization of some much more cautious and careful historically classical Liberal Economics. While bundling it at the core of a gray propaganda campaign targeted nominally against the Soviet-Sino sphere but found to be so ideologically service-able to Wall Street and the Global E-CONomy’s financializers and privatizers that the propaganda campaign was hijacked and redirected from Washington to the Washington Shadow Government’s true pay-masters often addressed as Wall Street, yet including any oligarch anywhere seeking to corner all local concerns and leverage Main Street to unfettered Global Capital’s world-wide supply chains and investor speculative schemes.

Fits like a glove over Public\Private Partnerships and the Privatization of our National Security State (see under Wikipedia and other dossiers on Edward Snowden’s employers the profit-maximizing at tax-payer expense and responsible to share-holders first and foremost rather than to U.S. citizens, dba Booz Allen Hamilton LLP. Here’s the prospect-U.S.:

All the major faiths of the world and not a few of the ‘minor’ faiths and schools of philosophy (save for sophistry) of the world during the Revolution that Was Not Televised called Neo-Liberal E-CONomics adopted by both parties during the 1970’s overthrow of Paleo-Conservatives by the Daddy Warbucks Neo-Cons joining the Neo-Libs despite the Neo-Cons putting serious PR resources into demonizing every use of the word “Liberal.”

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Atonement Seekers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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I’m good with that, too. But “the people” allowed the post-New Deal regulatory protections to be dismantled, voted out their best and most honest members of Congress in the Reagan sweep of 1980, and fell for the line that they all could become millionaires were it not for “big government.” Materialism, false piety and religiosity, unquestioning patriotism and jingoism, acquiescence with the national security state, lack of curiosity and intellectual laziness ---- these are the qualities and values of our voting majorities (and probably the nonvoters as well). You can’t put lipstick on a pig.

Yes, Bernie betrayed us, his erstwhile supporters and contributors. But when the salvation of a country (and possibly the planet) turns on one individual, something is structurally very, very wrong. And the voting public has a big responsibility in that . . . .


I am still unsure what you are getting at - even though I read your reply twice ?

It might be helpful to minimize the use of so many ‘in the know’ phrases and characterizations ??

Obviously you have done your homework - but I am still having difficulty figuring out what you are trying to say.

I consider myself a Liberal, but where I live in Calgary, Alberta the Liberal Party is all but extinct - leaving only two mainstream choices, the United Conservative Party and the New Democrats (socialist leaning).

The Trudeau Liberals in Ottawa are in some form of transition phase, ostensibly - the PR departments are so good these days its hard to tell.

Chris Hedges wrote a book, “Death of the Liberal Class”, but I am a Liberal, and not dead as far as I am aware. But politically, where are the Liberal or Democratic politicians ? There are some I imagine, but in this hall of mirrors it is difficult to identify them.

PS: Just saw this on another thread - it is what I believe in:

"She spoke of a professor of constitutional law at Cornell who, during the McCarthy era of red baiting and persecution, helped inspire her to become a lawyer. "He wanted me to be aware that our country was straying from its most basic values. That is, the right to think, speak, and write as you believe. And not what a big brother government tells you is the right way to think, speak, and write."

  • Justice Ginsburg

Just curiosity, F_DN. Supposin’ the Dems fail again - if in fact they are ever again in power again (unlikely) - do you seriously think that (1) they COULD ram expansion of the ‘Justice count’ into law over republican (or anyone’s) objection?; (2) or that they would spend tons of energy finding reasons it might not be a good idea and NEVER TRY?

Seems to me that for decades now the reasonsed response to (1) is No and to (2) Yes.


Actually it is more the fact that, unlike the GOP , which is led by a far right wing Freedom Caucus ( formerly the Tea Party) , and requires uniformity of thinking and voting or else you are cast out of the club, the Democratic Party is composed of a diverse and ideologically differing membership, thus lining up behind issues becomes far more complex. Even, sadly, important issues.

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The Dems should impose requirements on anyone wanting to get elected as a Dem.

But since the same one own the Dems as own the GOP, they have it set up as a sort of political semiconductor: you can be a DINO and still be a Dem, but you can’t be a RINO and still be GOP. So the net result is the rightward shift as more and more “Dem seats” are filled by DINOs.


No one has the Fighting Spirit, except the Fascists. They’ll continue getting their way 100% until that changes.

Beautiful & Damned, over & out

It was silly of Jessica Corbett to say that Susan Collins “opposed” pre-election confirmation of RBG’s replacement.

Collins has, almost always, said one thing and done the opposite. Murkowski may or may not keep her word.

The Trump Party (former Republican) has become the party of fascism and hypocrisy.


You blame diversity. I blame corruption.

Regardless, I can’t understand how the interests of workers and Progressives are served by remaining in a party which, not only can’t deliver on its promises, but won’t even try.

The worker/Progressive community is split among Democrats, Independents, Greens, etc. The only way workers and Progressives will ever win is for Progressive Democrats to leave the party, join their unaffiliated allies, and create a functional workers party.

Despite my cynicism, I am still shocked that House Democrats recently overwhelmingly opposed a 10% reduction to the 2021 Pentagon budget, despite the fact that over 90% of the party membership favored it.

Where is there any hope in a party that works like that?


Obviously so, but that’s where the guts would come in: A critical mass of Democrats – yes, elected Democrats – holding their own party’s feet to the fire.

But let’s review just one recent example: Literally 15 million marchers for BLM, and the Dems run on a “law and Order” ticket, reform nothing, and get pushed around by po-po unions.

I believe The Squad wants to do the right thing – but I’ll specifically call them out for not having the guts to say “fuck party unity, we need systemic change now!”


She (Amy Barrett) is a member of the People of Praise a weird cult within a wing of non mainstream Catholicism… I just read some about her… they believe- wait for it - women need to submit to the men… to name just one thing… HOLY S**T

as crazy as it sounds, the nomination by Trump of a whack job like Barrett would be the best thing to happen – Murkowski and Collins would vote NO for sure, and other Repub senators would be under immense pressure to join them.

So, if the party that the voting majority of white men and women choose to support is evil, what are you saying about the majority of white men and women?

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The next time Pelosi “fights ferociously” to block Trump on anything will be the first time she does so. If that is what you are hoping for, good luck.


How hot is the water Democrats now find themselves stewing in? Someone has to spell it out:

Should the Republican Senate rush through a SC nominee and find the numbers to confirm a new reactionary justice on the Court before the next president is elected—which by no means looks far fetched at this point—guess which side wins if and when a contrived election impasse must be settled by the Supreme Court?

Chilling. Feverishly speaking, that is.


For unknown reasons, the US’s Labor Party got off the ground really strongly…but then just faded out. We had a strong Interim National Organizer (the late Tony Mazzocchi of the Oil, Chem, and Atomics union) and a strong successor (Mark Dudzic).

Our first move to get on the ballot was in S.C. because the Duopoly clearly doesn’t give a damn for the working class there, and so the state looked politically vulnerable. But apparently the people couldn’t be broken loose from the Dems. Given their supposed support for Biden this year, perhaps they just plain have no class consciousness at all.

So operations have been suspended since 2007, but I suspect Mark (who’s still the Interim National Organizer) would be interested in getting a dialog going about reviving the party.

I suspect Mark (who’s still the Interim National Organizer) … would be interested in getting a dialog going about reviving the party.

I’m old and I’m a talker rather than a doer, but perhaps that needs to change.

I don’t think that workers’ or Progressive interests will ever be served by the Democratic Party. The only lesson of Sanders’ campaign is that the Democratic Party can’t be fixed (because it doesn’t want to be fixed), and all attempts in that direction should be abandoned.

I also don’t think that it’s wise or necessary to prescribe a desired end-state: e.g., I don’t think we need to proclaim that we’re embarking on creating a Socialist utopia or a workers’ paradise. I think a better strategy is to leave that sort of thing fully open and focus on making progress in areas where there is broad agreement and the possibility of immediate change.

That doesn’t mean thinking small or taking incremental steps. There’s broad agreement that we need better healthcare (M4A), that Citizen’s United needs to go, that wages need to increase, and that we must take immediate and meaningful steps to protect our environment.

So how do you suggest we proceed?


Thank you sincerely Michael of Manysummits for taking the time and trouble to wrestle with my own wrestling match of a comment. When I am not wrestling with the angels of this blessed Maker of a food-chain world that I was born into and seems most often presided over by an Absentee Father of Motherless Children then I am wrestling with the contradictions within my own self-identity.

So to see you define yourself as a Liberal leads me to ask you what I’ve asked myself when no single adjective or label seems to reduce who I am to an easy talking head biographical note or political franchise. Are you also “Liberal” when you are baby-sitting for a child? Not me. When I took those jobs in my teens I suddenly became cautious and perhaps overly conservative cuz of the responsibility I was handed by the Id-dominated tyke’s careful and cautious parents.

A time line on our regional political identity lingo: conservatives in the late 1960’s and throughout the 70’s here in the U.S. undertook the Revolution that Was Not Televised (which encompassed multi-faceted revolutions\evolutions here in the U.S., let me provide a lede since live links are no longer allowed on these discursive reader comments threads). A reference of a pome made into an anthemic Civil Rights recording by poet-singer Gil Scott-Heron for context is useful here cuz I don’t want to be obscure like you’ve found my previous comment to be about political identities: ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmkzYM_QKtU

The Neo-Liberal E-CONomic Neo-Cons overthrew Nixon and his coterie of Paleo-Conservatives like Southern Campaign strategy racialist and more sympathetically America First-er Kevin Phillips, Cold War extreme nationalist of Evil Empire Captive Nations agit-prop advocate and mass media consultant Pat Buchanan (who more recently has made Common Cause on reviving North America’s productive manufacturing base and primacy of internal markets with another hard to pin down by reductive label complex human in Ralph Nader) along with self-described liberal Cold Warriors in Jeannie and Evron Kirkpatrick who turned tail and went with the so-called FREE TRADING MARKET DEMOCRACY Neo-Cons along with NY TIMES columnist and Nixon supporter William Safire.

As you yourself ended your critique of my identity-less comment about institutional corruption with a quote from just deceased and blessed presence Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, herself liberal on Women’s Rights as she was on Civil and Gender Rights along with Human Rights issues, except when the primacy of Corporate Imperative drove her to decide in favor of Pay2Play environmental exploitation and the early Church’s Doctrine of Discovery that fueled centuries of Manifest Destiny and Colonialism, let me end my defense of resisting easy labels like Liberal or Conservative with a lede rather than live link to a clear panel discussion Bill Moyers hosted on what many consider to be the causus belli or reason for the GOP and U.S. Conservative Movement’s Revolution That Was Not Televised in real time during the 1970’s when it was happening.

That incident too led to the naming to the Supreme Court of a Big Business lobbyist with no judicial experience who the nominal Liberal Democrats approved to the highest bench in the land, namely Lewis Powell whose Memo to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce many cite as launching the Neo-Con overthrow of our Paleo-Conservatives:

As far as Identity Politics or Identity Philosophy goes it is useful to bear in our rational minds that institutional corruption like individual corruption honors no political or social ideology save for GREED IS GOOD. That happens to be the anti-Golden Rule tenet of Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys’ Cold War weaponized Neo-Liberal E-CONomic gray propaganda campaign to club the USSR and China with along with 3rd Way post WW II rebuilding EU nation states and Canada along with Latin America who were instituting Democratic Social programs like your own Canadian National Health Service or like the Public Housing that Washington was subsidizing and turning contractors like Fred Trump into very wealthy private businesspersons in constructing and getting to keep even the land beneath the Public Low Income Housing. Namely that compared to forced Collectivism, GREED IS GOOD makes for better socio-economic policy outcomes.

Peer-reviewed and widely agreed upon inter-disciplinary analysts have come to disagree with that view and I join them in advocating for greater reporting and analysis of Winners\Losers Scoreboards with more time on the news broadcasts than allotted to Sports coverage, identifying Trade Deal and Socio-Economic Urban Development policy outcomes economic sector by economic sector.

For example like the financialization of Real Estate and the Global Displacement crisis causing homelessness even in the wealthiest cities and nation-states on earth. Search online to view and listen to the work of Columbia U. academics like Saskia Sassen who are rarely invited onto the plethora of corporate-captured business news programs in the U.S. (where no regularly scheduled broadcast reports the news and public affairs from the perspective of a Wage Slave Punching a Clock for a livelihood).

See the Swedish Public Interest TV documentary (in English language cuz so many academic sources teach in English) PUSH on this phenomenon. Our own U.S. media perpetuates the clearly false idea that Supply and Demand is the cause of tent-cities of homeless surrounding brand new and mostly vacant luxury condominiums common in cities around the Neo-Liberal E-CON’d world that are turned into leasing properties on secondary and tertiary Global Capital investment markets. Gobbled up by the Black Rocks and Blackstone investors. The term for buying into these big speculative housing while real homelessness metastisizes normalized before our eyes is SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES IN THE SKY to signify how investing in real estate is a better hedge against predatory capitalism’s inevitable inflationary loss of hoarded currency value:

Like so many Canadian analysts and journalists such as Linda McQuaig, Naomi Klein, Bruce Livesey, Richard Warnica to name just a few favorites of mine who tower above our own U.S. well-paid and accredited reporters who as Identity midgets are slotted into reductive labels and trotted out Roman Gladiator Coliseum style to further distract our apathetic body politic into signaling thumbs up or thumbs down imperially, while wearing Liberal or Conservative, Hawk or Dove, Right Wing or Left Wing, Fascist or Antifa, religious or secular humanist, faith-based or science-based lapel pins.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Atonement Seekers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media Discussion List and Looksee

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