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Dems Rebuke 'Legislative Malpractice' of Trump Team as Talks Collapse and Tens of Millions Face Hunger, Joblessness, Possible Eviction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/dems-rebuke-legislative-malpractice-trump-team-talks-collapse-and-tens-millions-face


Does anyone doubt that the Republican Party is much worse than any terrorist Party that the U.S is fighting in foreign countries?


Why doesn’t the lying illiterate psycho path in chief simply sign another executive order pardoning all the scoundrel corporations of america from liability of causing the harm and the deaths of Americans and be done with it.

Oh, what’s that? There’s an election coming …


Plenty of blame to go around, some of it on the shoulders of our racist founders who established a Senate that favors small states and the electoral college that permits the candidate with fewer popular votes to win the presidency. Without those features, Donald Trump would not be president and the Senate would not stand in obstruction to sensible measures required in an emergency.


The King’s Court Jesters laugh at the King’s subjects as they beg for mercy.


I’m with you…the GOP is playing the Reagan card: Government is not the solution, Government IS the problem…good ole Reagan, Ayn Rand, et al… totally SELFISH ba**ards – oh and all those so-called Libertarian Republcians --“I’ve got mine so I don’t care if get yours - cuz I’ll try to take YOURS too”


Man, If there ever was a face and persona I wanted to smash, it’s Munchkin’s!


They know exactly what they’re doing. Drag it out. Make the democrats look impotent to do anything, and then with the stroke of the executive pen, extend unemployment benefits, save people from eviction (until nov 4), cut payroll taxes (he may not be able to do that one) send more funding to the CDC.
Trump will then stand in front of the cameras and proclaim that HE swooped in to save the day from the do-nothing democrats. The poor and dumb will fawn over him again, and that, mixed with the announcement of a vaccine in October should be sufficient to push him over the top.
The script writes itself.


Political cartoon:
The republicans are drifting away in their lifeboats watching the masses drown one by one.


“The masses drowning” accelerates the descent into neofeudalism…precisely the GOP’s end game.

“Legislative malpractice” is nothing new, it accelerated after Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago.


They don’t need a pardon, they’re above the law already.


Very dark times ahead. And not just here in the United States of Abuse. Connecting the dots globally…Siberia is on fire. Massive floods elsewhere. A massive iceshelf in the Arctic off Ellesmere Island is about to collapse any day now. An oligarchy ruling Lebanon, using the much loved economic liberty system of government, allowed an abandoned ship carrying ammonium nitrate to sit for six years without any effort to deal with it. Just a vanful of this stuff was enough to make the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City into a pile of rubble. And this was, what, 6000 tons(!). The prevailing thought is…well, you choose to live in that place, and it handles dangerous cargoes, so it’s your fault if something goes wrong.
So this latest non-action(which, actually, IS an action) is par for the course as the US of Abuse goes into winter. You think it’s bad now? What will happen when people have no money to harvest the current crops, when there’s no money to pay heating bills. Guarentee there won’t be a Black Friday this year. This country has not seen true famine on a massive scale(except on Indigenous reservations). Even the Dirty Thirties didn’t see millions die across the nation. Granted, after the Civil War, things were rough in the South, but even there, they could still hunt, fish, and forage.
This time…we as a culture have zero idea where and how our food comes from. Or how to grow it. Or hunt and forage for it. Not in enough quantities to feed millions. Importing food is expensive, so only the rich will survive. And we will experience, up close and personally, famine like that experienced in China, India, Russia, Africa. No getting into the pickup and driving to the closest fast food place. It will be shuttered.
Meanwhile, the GOP is standing fast so the Oligarchy can have free lunches(after all, they’re the Makers) and the rest…let them eat cake or starve. It’s their own fault, after all, that they didn’t have enough moral character to work hard, get a good paying job, and save for emergencies. If their current wage is ten bucks an hour, well, go to school, get an education(like an MBA) and hustle for a job that pays a lot more.
The poor may starve, but the rich always end up with heads on pikes.
And I want dibs on sucker punching Mnichkin. With brass knuckles.


The fact that Reagan is the darling of the Amerikan, Fascist, Party, should tell one all they need to know about the GOP.

My deceased uncle who knew Reagan personally, told me before he died that: " Reagan
was one of the most rotten and crooked people he had ever meant". Now we know why Reagan is idolized by the GOP!


Just as with the first bailouts the republicans refuse to help the states loss of income from economic shutdowns. The money they set aside for states was restricted to medical cost only. They want to break pensions, state sponsored social services and unions. I hope the democrats are not suckered in or outright support this political attack working class Americans.


Makes me think of:
" The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it…"

The irrevocability of the deeds of these petty men seems incomprehensible, certainly to themselves as they have no idea of the reality of the damage they are doing, and have done, as they live behind the painted veil and see not but that.


Great quote from The Rubaiyut of Omar Khayyam…fits perfectly.


Obviously trump is trying to strong-arm the democrats into taking a subpar deal, but I think they should take what he’s offered to save the payroll tax and to get people at least some aid. If they don’t people will continue to suffer and we’re liable to lose the funding source for Social Security.

People say trump PROBABLY lacks the authority to suspend the payroll tax, but that doesn’t seem very reassuring to me. Just look at what this monster has manged to get away with in his presidency with the help of the senate republicans and his right wing court judges. Other than trying to shape public opinion the democrats really don’t have a good hand to play here IMO.


Don’t recall if it was a poster here who said this –
or maybe from an article here –

But they pointed out that what we are going through is the equivalent of
the Great Depression – that it will require the US to be as united as Americans
were during WWII – and it absolutely requires a return to FDR’s New Deal for
all Americans – and throw in MEDICARE4ALL and GREEN NEW DEAL.

The history of the nation post WWII is one of fascists moving into US to control us –
the method of doing that centered in the creation of the CIA which has destroyed
democracies all over the world (See: Operation Gladio) and where we can see it
has been active here since at least the 1970’s in doing the same to the US to
reduce it to a “third world nation” without options.

Drug and gun running – with sex trafficking on the side – is the method of operation
of the CIA all over the world. Used to encourage the rise of organized crime in other
nations to further threaten and frighten the citizens enough to cause them to flee –
we have seen the culmination of the CIA’s deeds here where they ran CRACK in AA
communities and destroyed them and the families there. Perversion is always part of
the right wing package. That’s why we have Thomas and Kavanaugh on Supreme
Court now. That’s why we have Biden headed for the White House.

We all know that Bernie Sanders is the leader that America wants and should have –
and we need to at the least TRY to make that happen.

Bernie Sanders: ‘The Next Three Months Are The Most Important In Modern U.S. History’ | MSNBC~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6oDBjlaEnY

There are some here who are very frightened of criticism of Biden –

Should we pretend he is someone we know he is not?


I wouldn’t place my bets on any neoliberal democrats backing labor and national interests before their own greed and lust for power.


The ‘legislative malpractice’ occurred months ago when Nancy and Chuck trusted Mnunchin to strike a good deal down the road after he hoodwinked them with numerous aspects of the previous CARES Act.

Now Nancy has some spine. After she got played like a 2-string fiddle.