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Dems Reportedly Asking: Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz Become 'Too Toxic'?


Dems Reportedly Asking: Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz Become 'Too Toxic'?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Democratic Party insiders are reportedly discussing whether to remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) before this summer's nominating convention in Philadelphia.

"There's a strong sentiment that the current situation is untenable and can only be fixed by her leaving," a senior Democratic aide told The Hill. "There's too much water under the bridge for her to be a neutral arbiter."


A Clinton whore paid in full.


Getting rid of Shultz is a great idea that has come too late. She has already damaged Bernie's campaign through out the race. Getting rid of her now is only because Clinton wants to try to bring Bernie supporters to heel. She does need to go though and she is toxic. Clinton can let her go now that she has tainted and rigged her way through these primaries and set Clinton up for a win she doesn't deserve.
We should all support her rival in Florida, Tim Canova, a progressive running on personal donations only. She is Clinton's lap dog if that gives you any idea what Clinton is and is willing to do to win.


The whole of the DNC (and RNC) is too toxic, with that in mind I'm going with this today:

Read Between the Lines: The Case for Bernie Sanders Running as an Independent

“With this innovative spirit, nothing to lose, no loyalty to the DNC, and most importantly, as polls reflect, a real chance to win, do not be shocked if the rhetoric from the Sanders camp continues to shift and the United States has its first legitimate three-way presidential race in decades.”



Taking down the one obvious scapegoat doesn't change the unfair logistics that have marked (and may continue to mark) this whole election/selection process. With its prefabricated outcome in place, and everything else elaborate smoke and mirrors intended to give the electorate the illusion that it has a bona fide choice, this singular sacrifice may feel good initially... but it won't correct the systemic flaws.


Is she too toxic? Hell, she would qualify as a Superfund site at this point.


When Black citizens are beaten up by the police, they must appeal to the racist system (that hired the cops that beat them up) for so-called justice.

Similarly, if Sanders were to attempt to eke out an independent slot for himself, all of the logistics of the duopoly and its control apparatus would thwart him.

Nader explained that it may be too late for Sanders to get on official ballots; and if people like myself write his name in, where is the guarantee that any "anointed body" will count those write-in votes?

The system has lost legitimacy. Therefore, to appeal to said system FOR legitimacy and/or fairness is a fool's errand.

People are pissed and there are millions who feel this way. Usually, when the elites are cornered they do one of three things:

  1. Declare war as pretext to institute Martial Law
  2. Make concessions (Teddy Roosevelt is a good example)
  3. Double-down on their own deceptions, toss in a scapegoat to keep the herd quiescent, and get the MSM to insist that what was done was the only thing that would save/heal the nation.

Then whomever is instituted will do the Obama Two-step and wax lyrical about the need to look forward rather than back... and no one will be held accountable, "mistakes will have been made," and the status quo will attempt to remain intact.

Earth Mother, of course, has other plans for this toxic status quo... and they're breaking out literally all over.


As others have noted, of course D W-S is "toxic". She has undermined any notion of a fair political process, shilling for Clinton and repeatedly sabotaging Bernie Sanders campaign - acts that affect millions of Americans! Not to mention her personal right-wing/corporate actions & corruption!
The probably weak-kneed attempt/dialogue on "removing her" after the damage has been done is too little, too damn late for anyone to really believe it would be done for honorable reasons and not just window-dressing BS from the Dem establishment hierarchy to glom onto Bernie's Army.
The facts seem clear; "Dems" would rather lose to Trump, sticking with the despised and corrupt Hillary, than go with the energetic, honorable, 99% issues oriented, true contender, Bernie Sanders!
The decision to commit political suicide and take all the "down-ticket" Dems (take notice!) down with Clinton is just astonishing and utter arrogant/arrant stupidity!

Bernie or Bust! Perhaps the time IS now for that third party........certainly voter discontent and demographics seem to suggest that.......



The third best thing that Bernie can do is win the presidency as a Democrat.

The second best thing that Bernie can do is run as a Green and not win the presidency.

The best thing that Bernie can do is win the presidency as a Green.


Unfortunately, that is also the order of difficulty, the best thing being the most difficult and therefore most unlikely to be realized. Takes courage to try, nevertheless.


Wasserman-Schultz and the antics the Democrats have pulled against Sanders has made me an Independent. It is unlikely I will be voting for Clinton anyway, but I will not return to the party ever if she stays on. And I know millions of Sanders supporters feel the exact same way.


Interesting article and thanks for bringing it to people's attention. It would be a close one to make the cut off dates for filing as an independent (forget Texas) but considering how enthusiastic Bernie voters are it wouldn't take very long at all for petitions to get the required signatures. Mostly likely it would take less than two weeks. Most filing dates are in August which leave enough time ...at least for Bernie supporters anyway.

Just maybe people should begin preparing for an independent run for Bernie. Maybe people should start getting signatures now without Bernie asking them to? Maybe we would have the necessary signatures ready and waiting if Bernie did decide to run as an Indy later. :innocent:

Bernie doesn't have to declare himself an independent before the convention...but if he did later, the petitions would already be there by the millions!

Just sayin' :innocent:


Look, I'm a Bernie supporter but I'm realistic enough to believe that Hillary is going to end up being the nominee. This Party has to unite behind her and to do that, Sanders and his ideas must be incorporated into the direction and platform of the Democratic Party. Hillary is going to have to bend, in real ways, wake up, and see that she is confronting a situation where she must lead the country in a new direction rather than relying on neo-liberal orthodoxy left over from the Reagan era. Shultz has so worked to manipulate Hillary's path to the nomination that she's become toxic in terms of dealing with the split in the Party. She must go and a reliable unifying replacement must take her place.


Change her name to Debbie Toxicman.


Ok . . . I'll admit it; I get a kick out of Fox News and their take on the latest re: HRC emails:


The two most extreme political, at odds, ideologies in America right now - the "Christian whites only nativists" and the all-inclusive progressive Left are creating the big news of this electoral season and century, perhaps. While the clueless DNC lashes out at Senator Sanders, its own best chance to dominate American politics for decades to come, sanity must be allowed to "trump" entrenched, worthless "insiders", who, no brainer, MUST go before Philly! OR........

The Dems will go the same way as the feckless Repubs seem to be heading. Digging their own graves, right now, the "repugs" of the Repubs (banksters) are terminally betraying their base of evangelicals and poor, white racists and homophobes, by shoving a smug, areligious, multi-billionaire, reality show entertainer and hotel casino owner, arguably a pathological liar, DOWN THEIR THROATS - Ahg, Puke, lol. Even the most straight-jacketed, mis-informed, single-issued and ideologically "dogmatized" people, who feel a bit dirty about endorsing Donny, in my opinion, will bail at the last second - at the ballot box. For Bernie? Can't be known. But the DNC MUST get rid of their problem candidate, the one who cannot in a million years or lifetimes, deliver confidence back into our collective, American cynicism that has piled-up since FDR.

So, Bernie Sanders HAD TO BE! How else could self-centered, selfish corporate, insiders who have infiltrated, the People's Party of FDR be up-rooted and cast out?


The Green Party is the spoiler. Useless phonies who never even try to build a real party but now they want to grab the support Bernie has worked for. The Green Party has come to stand for a joke when it comes to elections. A Green Party candidate designation stands for a sure loser fringe candidate.


How can the party or you unite around a know War criminal. Who has left a trail of destruction in Lybia and Syria. Are you really ready for more endless war/Nuclear War?


Dear Democrat Superdelegates,

It's not enough. Wasserman already caused a dirty election that can't be re-voted at this late date. We are demanding you appoint Bernie Sanders, who has a better chance against Trump, to be the Democratic Party nominee.

Otherwise, we will Mutiny; and vote for Trump to prevent Hillary from destroying our country and the world with her warmongering scams.

In this close election, we are the swing voters. We have the power to derail either duopoly train that we choose to.

Please Understand what you progressives have in your hands right now, this second. You have a fleeting moment where you are all powerful. The moment to Mutiny is now.

You will never have another chance of power, like this, for the rest of your lives!

Let it dawn on you, dear CDer, because it's absolutely true. This cliffhanger of an election means Bernie Supporters cannot be cheated, or else the Democratic Titanic will hit the Clinton iceberg and sink.

We WILL threaten to defect to Trump. This is the Superdelegates worst nightmare, and suddenly, due to nothing but sheer luck, we are going to call the tune!

It's Bernie or a Trump Mutiny!

Say the words to yourselves, right now, CDers!
(don't worry about the nausea you are feeling with my hardball strategy to get Bernie into the White House. Don't worry about the November election. We will cross that bridge when we come to it. First we have to de-throne the very unpopular Red Tyrant Queen who is blocking Democratic progress with her underhanded collusion with Debbie Wasserman-Shultz.

Do you think we are bluffing DNC?
Do you really want to find out?


TJ and "the Sandinestas" (is what the elite call us.)


Sorry, but Hillary, once in, doesn't have to do jack squat..and she won't do a thing Bernie & Company wants. After the convention, Bernie's leverage is zero.