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Dems Say Pruitt's "Egregious" Vote Must Be Delayed After Email Ruling


Dems Say Pruitt's "Egregious" Vote Must Be Delayed After Email Ruling

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Democratic lawmakers and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) workers are mobilizing against Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt after a judge on Thursday ordered the release of thousands of emails between his office and fossil fuel companies—raising questions about whether the EPA nominee engaged in corruption.


As a former employee of the EPA I am appalled that such an enemy of the environment would be nominated and likely confirmed as the head of that agency. It is telling that two Demo senators who say they will confirm this shill for the energy industries are from two states that are heavily dominated by extraction industries - West Virginia and North Dakota. I can only hope that the release of these emails will keep this confirmation from occurring but I would not be surprised if it happened anyway. The Trump Cabinet is the worst bunch of whores for corporate America I have ever seen and Trumpo the Klown is well on his way to going down as the worst president in our history. His first press conference was a disgrace. He came off not as a president but as a whiny little bitch.


President Trump vowed to get rid of the EPA, looks to me like he has handpicked the perfect nominee for that task.


I said this about a month ago, you could make one of those Bush crime family charts for Trump and his peeps.


These emails have direct bearing on Pruitt's fitness for office as head of EPA. So naturally, repubs will rush the vote so that the damning evidence does not come out or willcome out too late.

Repubs can't handle the truth.


The good news is that this continuing onslaught of stories showing the corruption, lies, and hypocrisy of the Trump administration is taking its toll in the polls. Today Trump's approval rating sunk below 40% (now at 38%) in the Gallup daily tracker. Gallup is a public opinion poll so they sample any American adult. Other surveys that examine the potential effect on elections and only track likely voters, still have Trump in positive approval territory. I hope those non-voters who dislike the Administration's actions can be persuaded to vote in the next election.


If Trump and Pruitt get their way, EPA will stand for 'Environmental Pollution Allowed.'


Hopefully, by this time next week, after the disclosure of the e-mails he so fiercely fought to keep secret, we’ll be moving to impeach the SOB.


Repubs are really good at rushing the American people into things aren't they... Remember the rush to war with Iraq. Do they use this rush strategy so sensible, reasoning people don't get a chance to think things through and voice a wise counter opinion. Is this how we will move the hands of the Doomsday Clock the last 21/2 minutes to midnight as well, in a rush?