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Dems to Trump: Using GOP Memo to Fire Mueller Would Spark 'Constitutional Crisis'


Dems to Trump: Using GOP Memo to Fire Mueller Would Spark 'Constitutional Crisis'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following the much-anticipated release of the four-page "Nunes memo" (pdf)—which was quickly ridiculed as a "flop" that "doesn't come close" to vindicating the right-wing hysteria that preceded it—top Democrats warned President Donald Trump in a letter o


The very last thing that Don wants to incur is a Constitutional crisis. As is abundantly clear, he has way too much respect for the Constitution.
And to what party did the previous Constitution-tester (Nixon) belong?
Why of course, the Republican Party.


Without the Bill of Rights, our constitution is nothing. It was suspended on 911 and hasn’t been re-invoked. That’s why the patriot acts could pass. They would have been illegal under it. that said, ha, either party acting like the care about our constitution…


Here is the memo. Have a read.


Now explain why Pelosi, Schumer and McCain did not want you to see the memo. These people care little about the constitution.


Trump has wanted to blow up Washington since the beginning, all for his amusement. Just to see if he could.

He seriously doesn’t care about a “constitutional crisis” as knows that he’ll come out on top more wealthy than before he started playing this game.


Yep, the neoconjobs got their “new Pearl Harbor,” and then it was a straight shot to “Mission Accomplished.”


A Trump-caused “constitutional crisis” will be worn as a badge of honor by Trump and his voters…who will view it as part of draining the swamp myth, despite Trump voters being swept out to sea as THEY are drained from the swamp.


Why did the Democrats try so hard to prevent this memo from being made public? I suspect it is because it raises questions about the entire Russia-gate narrative. Ray McGovern has some insights into the matter.


Nothing more than window-dressing. The cows have long ago left the barn Chuck. You and your political class are complicit in the perversion of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law. The Constitutional Crisis began when DJT secured the republican nomination.


Read the memo. It’s a repeat of Trumps arguments and attacks. Little else. If any secret is revealed it does not seem to impact any investigation. No “felony wrong doing” (McGovern) is presented much less proven.


Shame about there being no Bill of Rights in Seattle. I’d get the hell out.


I think the standard phrase is nothinburger.


Another bullshit crisis to keep the people divided instead of fighting the oligarchy their real enemy.

Direct Democracy


Should be in quotes as it is straight from your queen.


I’ve read the memo, more than once, and no felony wrong doing is your opinion.


No felony wrong doing is even alleged in the memo. But a defense of felony wrong doing appears to be its purpose.


The memo did not allege felony wrong doing, reasonable inferences of criminal behavior can be drawn from the information in the memo, example, lying to a court. The Hilbots have opened Pandora’s Box, in the process probably leading to Republicans maintaining control of the Congress in 2018.


The same people who signed this letter are the same ones who voted not to put limits on domestic spying. The hypocrisy is strong with this group.


So they can spy on all of us commoners, but God forbid they spy on someone like Carter Page.


Lying in the course of a criminal procedure is a felony, you say? Then how many Trumpians belong in prisons for that very crime? Including Trump.