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Dems Urged to 'Yes, Snowden Should Be Pardoned' After Trump Floats Possibility

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/16/dems-urged-yes-snowden-should-be-pardoned-after-trump-floats-possibility


Edward Snowden deserves a “Hero’s” return.

Few have sacrificed more for their country.


If Snowden is pardoned more Whistleblowers might come out of the woodwork. Hmmm, maybe the real truth of 911 will leak out.


Just as in 2016, Trump is trying to look more liberal than the democrats. A Snowden pardon would go a long way to achieving that end, especially with Obama sycophants like Susan Rice setting the table for him.
My god, have they learned nothing since 2016? The third way continues to pound away at the Russia conspiracy in some kind of half assed attempt to re litigate the 2016 election. The only way Biden can save face, and maybe his campaign, is to immediately call for Trump to pardon Snowden. But do you suppose Joe would swing out on that limb and all but thumb his nose at Barry and Hillary?
Don’t hold your breath. The dims are trying to fuck this thing up again.


Every time I think of voting for Biden, I think of Julian Assange slowly losing his mind in jail and Obama warning us about how awful Snowden was for national security. The only way I will vote for Biden is if he states Assange should be free and Snowden should come home. That would be a true positive gesture to moral principles and show political courage.

As usual Trump is playing the stick and carrot game. Means nothing.


Snowden looks like abetter choice than Biden or Trump, definitely. He would have my vote, wouldnt he get yours?

Anything is better then the two presumptives.


This appears a cheap ploy for DT to get votes. He could not care less about what Snowden did.
It’s all the same to him.


We appear disinterested in the truth, to our discredit.


Much ado about nothing. Trump routinely lies on concrete issues, this was just openly a conjecture. It would be totally hypocritical and inconsistent considering his justice dept.'s collusion with Britain in persecuting Assange and planned extradition. Legally Snowden did violate laws (which was justified, as those laws protected unconstitutional activity), where as Assange as a journalist violated nothing. As Assange is Australian, the US should have no standing.

The wise thing is for Kamala to float that they would pardon him and drop the Assange case. Since Biden has threatened countries that might give him asylum; it would be best if she took the lead on this and drew him in to a change of heart.


He commited the treasonous crime of telling us the truth.
He’s a hero


Soon DT will start running to the left of Biden, as he did with Clinton. It will be BS of course but he will try.

What if the October Surprise was not Iran, but Medicare For All on the table?
He wouldn’t follow through, but he could pretend


If it does it will no doubt be censored and called fake news and a wild conspiracy theory. When it comes to the truth about 9/11 I agree with what Hitler said: MAKE THE LIE BIG; CONTROL THE NARRATIVE; KEEP REPEATING THE LIE AD NAUSEUM ; AND EVENTUALLY THE PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IT


drumpf will do whatever putin tells him to do when they meet shortly. As for the Dems, in addition to a pardon this would be a great time to bring up dubya’s privatizing for profit much of the NSA which created Snowden, in addition to the fact that dollars went into his own pocket via ‘H’s’ investments not to mention increased the cost to taxpayers by billions. It’s always the same old BS when it comes to republicans. Follow the money.

And they will succeed…


Snowden is one of my heroes. Yes the damn dems should announce they will pardon him when the take the white house back from the murderous thugs now inhabiting it and their enablers in the senate. damn them all imho.


You’re wrong about it meaning nothing. By pardoning Snowden, Trump will be giving himself a big stick which he’ll first poke in the all-seeing eye of the “Deep State”, then use to club Biden to a bloody pulp over the Obama administration’s despicable record of prosecuting whistleblowers.


I was thinking the same thing. I think a lot of trump supporters are also supporters of Snowden and Assange because they see them as heroes trying to expose the “deep state” (as they call it). I used to be friends with a lady that was this way. This is another one of those areas where progressive democrats and libertarian style republicans are in agreement: the other areas being opposition to government surveillance of its citizens and opposition to the military industrial complex.


Obama and the DNC are opposed to a pardon. Otherwise Obama could have done it. But Obama is a passive aggressive control freak. He could see that he was the Ellsworth (Pentagon Papers) of his generation. He only saw that his covert war machine might be at more risk of exposure. Obama controls the party, witness the slaughter of Bernie and the complete dismissal of his supporters and Warren’s.


Snowden would never come back to the United States as long as Trump is in the White House.

He knows that he would mysteriously die of an accident almost as soon as his feet touched American soil.


Unfortunately you’re probably correct. Everybody thinks that trumps October surprise will be something involving Biden’s sleazy son. However, his people just may make a promise like lowering the Medicare age or something else that would be seen as populist by America’s rubes. Of course it will never happen, but it may get him over the hump.
This is going to be a shit show, one I fear that Biden and his clown car of clintonite scumbags are woefully prepared.