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Dems Vow to Filibuster Gorsuch—And Advocates Ready to Make Sure They Do


Dems Vow to Filibuster Gorsuch—And Advocates Ready to Make Sure They Do

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Senate Democrats say they are preparing to filibuster President Donald Trump's pick to fill the late Justice Antonin Scalia's seat on the U.S. Supreme Court—federal judge Neil Gorsuch—and Trump's opponents are ready to hold them to it.


Republicans have NEVER "rewarded magnanimity and bipartisan spirit" and are less likely to do so today than they ever have been. Until Trump nominates and the Senate approves Merrick Garland's nomination, any Democrat voting in favor of any Trump SCOTUS nominee is accomplishing only one thing...weakening an already limping Democratic Party.

The differences between Garland and Gorsuch confirm that SCOTUS appointments are 100% political and 0% clinical despite the boatloads of rhetoric (euphemism for BS) piling up around GOP operatives this week.


To understand the Republicans of today, study the history of the pro-slavery legislators before the civil war and the democratic legislators during the Jim Crow period. The seem to have the same agendas and same operating methods.


Am I to understand correctly that there are no checks or balances left and Trump et al can do whatever they want?

Sorry for my ignorance on this topic----but seriously where is this going?

It is easy to get sidetracked with other issues which result in worthless infighting------ but are we now in a full blown dictatorship (oligarchic dictatorship) and if so, then what?

If this is the case then holding a bunch of signs will do nothing. Making phone calls will do nothing. This is not a rhetorical question: what next?

Leave the country before the borders are locked down?


I hope Dems are getting the message. Anything less than full obstruction is unacceptable. We just sat through 8 years of their shit it's time they get it back. I'm taking names on the Dems that defect, they will be hurt come election if they don't show some guts.


Now that Republicans are voting without Dems invited and Dems boycotting we should support the boycott by not shopping at companies that are clearly Republican and especially Trumpers.


It does now look like at least one of Trump's nominations is in real trouble with 2 Republican Senators (Collins & Murkowski) publicly opposing Devos for education secretary after they found out she plagiarized her written answers to the Senate Committee. I have a feeling these two women senators are going to wield substantial power in the next couple of years.


I like what Canadians did in Montreal. The protested in the streets both days of every weekend in BIG numbers during the height of tourist season. Went on for months. Finally the government backed down from raising college tuition. They felt the pain in their pocketbooks as tourists opted not to come.


Time for the Dems to wake up: Trump didn't win the Presidency; the Democrats lost it (and you know exactly what I'm talking about if you're not suffering terminal Alzheimers). The only way they can regain legitimacy at this late date is to walk out of the Capital, refuse to vote on anything (that they're going to lose anyway), and form a government in exile that then symbolically passes all the legislation that they know good and well most of us have been waiting a lifetime for them to get behind. And if they cannot as a block do that (throwing Manchin, Heitkamp & Warner out of the party in the process), then the time has come for NOBODY to every vote for one of THEM again!


Yes, that is a good point Lady K. I get rather bleak and hopeless at times---I apologize to you and others here when I get defeatist.

GOP Collins and Murkowski appeared to listen to their constituent re: Devos vote. That was rather shocking---but it looks like she will get confirmed.
"Murkowski said she has been inundated with calls from constituents who questioned the nominee’s lack of experience working with public schools."


Last I heard (on NPR), seven Democrats have already caved on this.


It's because they have little power and they know it:

Selecting a sitting judge that has already faced previous vetting was a very shrewd move by Trump. Protesting him as a person makes things look personal--and that will have a short shelf life. Read Nixonland if you want to know how protests that become personal read to the larger electorate when in solid, manipulative hands. There is no winning this fight.

The time to make this appointment not happen was the last election. Too many Progressives, instead of protecting what we do have, chose to read the Intercept and scream TPP! Neolib! and Sellout! without examining what empowering the hard right would entail. Just like communists in Germany in the late 1920s, constantly screaming sabotage at erstwhile allies instead of watching power being amassed by opponents was what was vogue.


Gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit of whoever made those fill-in signs "Oppose ...". That way they can run whole batches and keep selling them no matter who is in power or what the demonstration is against.


We've now learned that Gorsuch started a club called "Fascism Forever." So that might help.

But it doesn't have to be about him. Make it about the GOP blocking Garland. Make it about the GOP saying it wouldn't approve of any Clinton nomination to SCOTUS.

As for power, there's no saving it for later, for when it "really" counts. Force the GOP's hand now, I say. What's the point of capitualting now?


Oh, I'm not saying you are wrong at all. Just that the reality is in some states, this isn't going to sell and we can't afford to lose anymore seats. He's not Bork, who looked like a neconfederate nut. He's a sitting justice, with a conservative but deep pedigree. That's why Trump choosing him was smart.

Barring something truly outrageous--which I'm not sure what that would be anymore--he is in. Maybe something will come up in the vetting? When McConnell won his bet, I knew that'd be it. The filibuster exists, but it's already dead in reality. Schumer knows it, as does everyone else, particularly those Democrats who aren't from along the coasts. It sucks.


No need to apologize, Caroline. I suspect many of us are on an emotional roller coaster these days - I know I am. I spent two days last week in despair, followed by a furious rant that (finally) cleared it out. We have a sociopath in the white house, and daily news of horrible proclamations. Staying sane is work these days.

Chris Hedges has an article in Truthdig about that this week. It's worth a read.



Do NOT approve this typical pick by Trump and any Republicans. The "GOP" refused to allow a needed replacement a year ago and now put up this stooge for the corporations which already run the country. DO NOT ALLOW ANY nominees for the whole four years. Show the Repubs what it is like, and protect your country. Trump cannot keep breaking the law and destroying any vestige of democracy. DON'T let him.


so gorsuch doesn't want women to be able to abort fetuses that are defective and can't survive outside of the womb or that are the result of incest or rape but it's ok to put someone to death by frying him or injecting him and watching him have a slow agonizing "cruel and unusual punishment" death or to put someone to death by sending him/her to fight rich men's war in other countries so we can own their oil? so some women's children are worth more to save than others? i don't get it.


like dems never learn the lesson of the parable where the scorpion asks the frog for a ferry-ride across the pond and then after promising not to sting him, does just that. how stoopid can they be?


he's a creep for sure, smooth as a baby's behind, but didn't found any such club.