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'Denial': House Democrats Pass Law for a Fossil Fuel Future

'Denial': House Democrats Pass Law for a Fossil Fuel Future

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A little-noticed bill that sailed through the House last week ensures America's energy future will continue to be dependent on fossil fuels, Paste Magazine's Walker Bragman reported Thursday.

I don’t want to see any negative stories on AOC, but she needs to do her homework on fracking if she really wants to vote progressive. Very disappointed!

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In digging around a bit I found that the bill was for money for infrastructure for electricity and LNG. Not for fracking. It’s up to EU states do decide how to spend the dollars. It is suppose to be a nice guy helping out move but we need to spend the money here at home.

"224 Democratic Yeas, including AOC."

This political party will sell us all out.

Not save us.

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Come on Democratic apologists. You really must give us your perspective on this.

Or not.

Industry is fracking the hell out of my state of Pennsylvania.

Where will it stop?

Thank God, I am not at the beginning or middle of my life.


Gotta stop negatively identifying democrats with the pejorative. There are many good ones. I’m not familiar with any, but there may even be a decent republican or two.

All of the house members who voted for (or in several cases - co-sponsored) this bill, have begun receiving letters from their constituents and national Democratic voters letting them know the feelings of the grassroots donors and supporters reminding them that they depend upon us more than we depend upon them, especially in the House, and if they don’t start paying a lot better attention to the bills they are voting on, and the mandate we give them when they are elected, they can and will be replaced.

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Fracking in this country got was Greenlighted by the Sierra Club. In fact, Karl Pope, then CEO of the Sierra Club, and his board took ten thousand Benjamins from the fossil fuel industry to Greenlight fracking.