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Denied Care and Held in 'Ice Box' Cell, Asylum Seeker's Death in ICE Custody Exposes Systemic Neglect and Abuse


Denied Care and Held in 'Ice Box' Cell, Asylum Seeker's Death in ICE Custody Exposes Systemic Neglect and Abuse

Julia Conley, staff writer

Immigrant rights groups are blaming ICE for the death of a transgender woman who died last Friday after seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border and being held in the agency's custody for two weeks. The woman's death calls attention to the brutal treatment faced by immigrants held in ICE facilities, advocates say—cruelty that existed under the Obama administration and has worsened under President Donald Trump.


She fled the oppression and near-certain death at the hands of right wing gangster thugs in Honduras only to die at the hands of right wing US government ICE thugs in the US.

She really needed to have found a way to seek asylum in Canada where she would have likely been welcomed by a more compassionate people.


American exceptionalism.


It might be less discriminatory than you think. The same people that provide healthcare to immigrant facilities also provide healthcare to the nations private prisons.

Note these are private contractors and it is not going to get better anytime soon.


ICE is populated by Goons Thugs and Punks or GNP. They are tasked with carrying out the orders of a certifiably insane administration. Listen to the architect of this crowd Stephen Miller an avowed and non-apologetic racist and xenophobe.


Hummm, I think you forgot sycophant ass kisser…


According to Democracy Now this morning, she was subjected to torture techniques - a deliberately freezing cell with bright lights kept on 24 hours a day - tortured for seeking asylum! She might as well asked for asylum in a Saudi or Syrian prison.



Has anyone in ICE, ever been arrested for torture? Has the CEO of the private prisons ever been questioned and held accountable? We know that the police in American are only occasionally held accountable for murdering citiznes-------
I guess we’re not a nation of laws-----just a nation of thugs. Poor dying republic. : (


Thanks for the link, she was in a holding cell which is different, They are really over-crowed too. There are a lot of things going wrong there.


Was the ICE facility in which Roxanna Hernandez died a public or private facility? That would have been the first question I would have asked. That was not addressed in this article.


It is a good question. This is a fairly complicated case. She died in a hospital, the second hospital to provide services, had been at a prison (three previous deportations and some legal issues) and ICE facilities. Then there is the organized caravan she was in. You have to read between the lines here, she went through healthcare screening, and someone provided that as a matter of policy. Read the link in the article it is complex.

"The two largest private corrections corporations, GEO Group and CoreCivic.


Think I read in another article that a report on the abuse of children
in custody by ICE has been destroyed.

We are well past Kristallnacht in Germany —

They have declared themselves as enemies of all humanity –

And we need to declare ourselves.


I know what you are speaking of - the story is how Trump has done away with the rule requiring ICE and law enforcement to report on incidents of rape/physical assault against detainees by themselves.

WELL past Kristallnacht. An open invitation to commit atrocities against the defenseless. MAGA, indeed.