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Denied! Poweful Industry Groups Get Setback in Their Effort to Keep Consumers in the Dark on GMOs


Denied! Poweful Industry Groups Get Setback in Their Effort to Keep Consumers in the Dark on GMOs

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A federal court on Monday denied a request by powerful food industry groups to block Vermont's landmark law requiring the labeling of genetically modified foods (GMOs).

The plaintiffs, including the Grocery Manufacturers Association, had sought a preliminary injunction to stop implementation of Act 120, which passed in May 2014 and will take effect July 2016.


Another overblown headline.

Wake us up when the Supreme Court has ruled on this matter.



Another significant victory in the battle for safe food. At the low point two years ago, Monsanto’s chief technology officer shared the World Food Prize. Since then, Vermont is well on its way to become the first state to require GMO labeling, the WHO has reclassified glyphosate as probably carcinogenic, the people of Maui voted against GMO experimentation on the island, and Chipotle is now the first fast food restaurant to be GMO-free. There have been setbacks–the defeat of labeling measures in California, Oregon, Colorado–but even those defeats were close battles and lost only because the GMO poisoning deniers spent many millions in misleading advertising. Monsanto is dying a death by a thousand cuts. Let’s keep the pressure on to make our food safe to eat again.


Small farmers feed most of the world. Big ag feeds cattle and machines.
And keep in mind GMOs have never been proven safe.


I read an article this morning on the Motley Fool about how the solution to weeds becoming resistant to glyphosate is rotational herbicide application: one year you spray glyphosate, the next year 2,4-D. The real solution is to recognize that agrichemicals are a failed experiment and it’s time to use science, technology, and mostly experience to wean agriculture off of a failed experiment that has not died a natural death because of just one fact: it makes corporations money.

GMOs have not led to higher yields, or more nutritional food or reduced hunger worldwide. There is no beneficial GMO trait that hasn’t also been achieved through conventional cross-breeding techniques. In the U.S., the main sociological effect GMOs have had is to increase the size of farms and reduce the number of farmers. The main environmental effect has been to saturate the land and water with chemicals that do tremendous damage to organisms at the base of the life web–microbes and insects. Extinction level damage. As far as health effects, there are alarming correlations reported from all over the world with the use of glyphosate–liver and kidney disease, DNA mutations, allergies, intestinal diseases, autism.

The justification the GMO industry offers for their manufactured agrichemical dependence is that they are a necessary evil but, if you dig deep enough behind the industry spin, this is simply not true.


Numerous studies have shown MOST GMO usage is just a way to sell Monsanto’s seeds and herbicides/pesticides, not increase yields. Usage has only resulted in weeds with increased tolerance to weed killers and increased use of herbicides and pesticides (sold by Monsanto) and increased pesticide residue in the resulting food. Show me a link that proves otherwise.

I’m not that worried about eating GMO crops - except for the pesticide and herbicide residue in them.

The world cannot afford Industrial agriculture techniques in general - fossil fueled - tractors and fertilizers. We ARE running out of the easy to get FF and must stop sooner or later - why not be smart about it and develop less FF intensive methods now - proven to work.


Your reply tells us all we need to know about who you are !
The planet is being DESTROYED by bigAg - Monsanto and the like, and massive farming practices which can only be sustained by use of dangerous chemicals, and destruction of the land and the environment - it has been proven time & again that the best way to farm is small units of diverse crops, low water usage via drip irrigation. We do not need the tasteless rubbish produced by Industrial ‘farming’. The public is at last realizing that the gunk in our food stores is mainly composed of low-nutrient, chemically ‘improved’ substances, many of which are dangerous and not even registered with the FDA - there are more than 80,000 chemicals in the ‘food’ supply now !
I have been trying my best to check out every mouthful I eat and get back to REAL food asap.