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Denier-in-Chief Trump Should Read NOAA's Frightening New Climate Report


Denier-in-Chief Trump Should Read NOAA's Frightening New Climate Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With a "climate buffoon" in the Oval Office, a "fossil fuel puppet" heading the Environmental Protection Agency, and Big Oil lobbyists filling the ranks of secretive deregulatory teams, a


Donald knows how to read?


OMG…perfect question/response…


Good people will think, “If only he knew the truth then surely he would act differently. Then he would care!”

But the thief in the night already knows that if he steals the old lady’s purse that it is wrong! Stealing is wrong! The thief knows it but he just doesn’t care!

Good and decent people find it even harder to believe that a rich man who has more wealth than he ever will need would simply not care just like the street thief.

He knows it is wrong but he simply doesn’t care!


Yes we know the crisis we’re all now within. No, the idiots on the hill have their heads up their asses and could care less of how they’re murdering Earth and all her children. When are the imbeciles going to realize there won’t be a planet that’s habitable for their children to live on. Perhaps sensing the gloom of the near future they’ll touch off a nuclear exchange and solve the crisis once and for all. Sad. (At least these reports, the ‘Times’ released one also, are there for all to see if they’re willing to look).


Or as I say; Fox news, isn’t.


Like you, Wereflea, when you’ve denied JFK Truth (“I just don’t buy it”), Rationalized your Hillary Vote (“she’s sane!”), trivialized the culture of the Anti War Movement of the Viet Nam Era (“Peace and Love, Baby, Far Out!” ? ), Apologized for Johnson and Nixon (“they weren’t War Mongers!”) and then have the Stones to demand Intellectual Integrity from the Rest of Us on a regular basis?


We are finished with this guy at the helm. In Germany, a lawsuit was brought forth in the city of Stuttgart (corporate home of Mercedes and Porsche, no less) to disallow diesel fueled vehicles, and look what happened: diesel vehicles are outlawed, beginning in 2018. We are far away from that. We were already on the regressive track with Dubya, with this f-----g idiot, we are back in the stone age. We failed to flip the switch years ago, when we should have gone renewable, now we’re paying for it. The end of an empire…not necessarily a bad thing.


As far as I know Trump doesn’t read reports. He probably could handle a one paragraph summary. But he isn’t interested in climate change. He is interested in fossil fuel production. He probably keeps up on how things are going to boost the production of fossil fuels. He may be watching to see what happens in Nebraska with the Keystone XL pipeline. If Nebraska doesn’t approve it what will Trump do? Trump is really anxious to see coal production increase. And we would also like to see a further increase in fracking for natural gas and oil. As they say, elections have consequences.


Thank you Coyote!


This ego-maniacal, cocky, smarmy, “knows-it-all-better” son of a bitch Trump is going to do his conceited best to end this world, one way or another. Either by burning or by nuclear war, just give the bastard a chance.


Sorry, but I do not believe Trump will bring about the End.

Of anything.

No more Trump Towers, no more golf games, no more belittling of fellow human beings and acting like he’s superior to anyone else?

Nope, he will not give those things up.

They are, who he is.


Would the average sociopath care?
Why should Don?


Presidential submissions henceforward must arrive as pop-up books.


“…how much more proof does the President need?”

Well Jake, perhaps a major Cardiac Arrest at 3am might stimulate any reasoning ability that’s left in his already severely diminished ‘waste of human flesh’ brain.


You are simply wrong. I remember JFK when he was alive. I don’t know why you exaggerate. Yes as compared to Trump, Hillary is sane. Stop taking words and sentences out of context! I have never trivialized the anti-war movement in any way. You again take words out of context. I haven’t the slightest idea where you think I apologized for Johnson or Nixon. I said that they were war time presidents in the context where the words war monger was used to sell a war like Bush/Cheney tried to sell WMDs before we invaded. I speak my mind and expect others to do the same. Yeah I expect intellectual integrity but if you find that difficult then don’t bother but this comment surely wasn’t an example of it from you!

By the way, what has your comment to do with this article or my comment. If you feel you need to obsess about a conspiracy theory then have at it but try to let people discuss what they like with you trying to censor them. I never read the book you cite about JFK but I remember the way of things and how they unfolded at the time. If it alright with you, I will hold to the memories as a witness of the event and you go get all bent out of shape because you have read yet another Kennedy assassination book from among the hundreds out there already!


YOUR words.

IN context.

OWN it.

And thanks for further proving my point.


Baloney but I am sure you could quote the specific sentence right? That intellectual integrity thing and all.

Lol. Yeah I proved your point! Lol. Um? Okay! Lol


I DID quote your actual sentences.


Where? You took words out of context which is dishonest and a silly game! So spare me. This is ridiculous.