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Denier-in-Chief Trump Should Read NOAA's Frightening New Climate Report


If not US, who?

If not NOW, when?


The Clown-in-Chief is 71 years old. He doesn’t give a crap about any climate report. He’ll be dead soon when the real shit starts to hit the fan.


YOUR words.

IN context

OWN it.


Proving the point that you are an idiot?


Quick… pack up some dry ice and air drop this to the White House!


Hate to say it but the probability is that we will keep burning fossil fuels until some environmental catastrophe prevents us or we use up all we can afford to borrow against to extract. Like the baboon with his fist in the brazil nut jar, humans don’t seem to be smart enough to let go even if it’s to save themselves from the hunter’s stew pot.


Who let Pee Wee Herman in?


Why is this being limited to Trump needing to read it? All of Congress needs to read it, and all the rest of the government need to read it. The mainstream media need to be putting people in a panic about this instead of Korean missiles and Russian hackers. Then maybe we’d get our priorities straight. We just wasted 8 years under an “all of the above” Democratic government, that kept CO2 levels rising dangerously. NO ONE is taking this as seriously as it needs to be taken.


Perhaps; but I think his ego is still the biggest thing he owns. And when his ego is challenged, even by a demented, loopy, dystopian 3rd-world fruitcake boy-king in North Korea, Trump will bring down the world, so long as just before the nuclear rain begins, he can thumb his nose at Kim Jung-whatever and say, 'Hey boy, I’m tougher than you!!!"


Hate to say it but the probability is that we will keep burning fossil fuels, until the majority of American voters “get smart” and never again vote for a Democrat or a Republican.


And President Carter, that bleeding heart liberal, warned us about our excessive energy use, cautioned us a day of reckoning would come, and he was right. And what did Ronnie do? Took off the white house solar panels.
And Obama put them back on.

Has DJT taken them off yet? He is probably not yet aware they exist.

Just wait for it.


There are but two ways to make current Prez read something worthwhile such as this article. First option would be to publish it in a Coloring Book format or second option somehow have Fox & Friends show it as a Power Point Presentation. Good luck!


Exactly - and even among the the non-robbers and non-barons, nobody gives a fucking shit. My mere miniscule effort of putting the recyclables in a separate bag at a co-worker’s birthday lunch was at my job at MSHA was scorned (you never see a recycling bin at a coal mine office - so definitely not at the offices of the guys who regulate them).

Giving a fucking shit is very nearly extinct.

Here’s some people in history who did give a shit. Can you name them all?


Oh man, that’s too bad. I’m in a pretty conservative area of Cali at work and I feel like somebody might say something if I started throwing cans in the trash.


Really? Out here where the rust belt crosses the Alleghenies, recycling is socialism!

And I don’t even want to think of the ridicule that goes on behind my back over the battery-electric motor scooter I have ridden to work almost every day April-November since 2006. Also, occasionally, an electric Smart car - you should see the looks of hate and hostility from the pickup truck drivers when driving that car!

You see, not only is not giving a shit very fashionable with the election of Trump, but there is a positive hatred of those who do give a shit.

To paraphrase Orwell, In times of universal deceit, giving a shit is a revolutionary act!

And I would have never guessed you are a Californian - I was thinking you were a fellow rust-belter - probably eastern Ohio. Or do you mean California, Pennsylvania in the rust-filled Mon valley!


Such a great film! Wouldn’t it be great if we could just drop this Clown Cabinet into the depths of the ocean and say “good riddance!” Sigh…


I am from Cali, but have lived in red areas a good portion of my life. Got family in upstate NY though that I used to visit a lot more than I have lately.

Believe it or not, there are some pretty red areas of California. I work a great deal in State of Jefferson country, where everyone wants to break from California and be, as the joke goes, Mississippi on the west coast. The Central Valley, where I grew up, generally leans conservative, though some parts are now swingy. Northeast California, where I spend a lot of time, is hard right Trump country. Lots of white people, lots of anger at illegals and liberals. Rush comes in everywhere and trucks with confederate regalia aren’t all that uncommon.

People forget, it wasn’t that long ago California had sixteen uninterrupted years of Reagan Republicans controlling the governorship. It’s only been the last decade that Democrats have gained dominance.



I lost most of my California stereotypes went to this quarry (operated by Granite Construction Co.) among the redwoods near Santa Cruz, to investigate a fatal accident and everyone there was right-wing as shit - it was a really hot day (hotter than I ever thought that area ever got) and the workers starting going on about “Al Gores global warming hoax” - they then started talking with derisive bile-spewing about the "liberals of Santa Cruz and something about wanting to make Santa Crux a “commonwealth”. So I replied “I’m from Pennsylvania, then Kentucky and Virginia before that - and they are commonwealths!” and got a dirty look from all of them.

And hoo boy - My illusions about super-progressive “Cascadia” all fell when I went to the Yakima area to investigate this enormous landslide caused by this small cowboy-quarry operation. They were scary right-wing out there - didn’t like us socialistic government people telling them what to do at all - even after the pit owner’s own home and all his equipment got crushed under the sliding rock.


Ah, Cascadia. You want to hear a good (local) one? What’s the difference between growers on one side of the coastal range versus the other?

On one side they have beards and long hair, the other, they have guns and none.


…likely that’s one thing happening at the White House’s upgrade from being “a real Dump” as the DT’s said to Sports Illustrated before leaving to play golf for 17 days in NJ. I’m sure putting in fracked gas will help ease DT’s state of mind…