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Denier-in-Chief Trump Should Read NOAA's Frightening New Climate Report


How much “proof” does anyone with a heart and a body need? With this equipment, one can easily sense the distress that humans’ egocentric habits of moving, feeling, perceiving (and, consequently, thinking and acting) have been causing for a long, long time.

Those who insist science will or should save us have missed the point. They have failed to truly investigate and understand what a human is, and what is therefore entailed in changing the challenging conditions we collectively face.

The human is not only a cognitive mind; human cognition develops from and remains dependent upon our older functions and structures. Our mode of thinking arises from our mode of moving, perceiving and feeling. Any mental information that conflicts strongly with this far older and thus, more powerful, matrix arouses primordial resistance.

This is as True for diligent scientists as for ego-mad authoritarians; this dimension of science was nicely explicated by philosopher Thomas Kuhn decades ago. His description of “paradigm incommensurability” is highly germane to today’s “news.”

Western liberalism is dying now because the matrix–the paradigm from which its thoughts arise–is mentally authoritarian. Western liberalism presumes that cognitive mind should and can rule over and reign in the older parts of human nature. It not-so-secretly despises Nature, the body, the wild (look what has happened to these during liberalism’s reign!) while claiming to love and care for everyone…

Speakers rooted in Western liberalism (not the same as political liberalism) demonstrate their conviction that mind does, should, MUST rule uber alles by a) constantly insisting that those who see things differently just need more or better facts, and b) constantly insisting that those whose policy choices are evidently indebted to emotional feelings and/or spiritual intuitions are lesser speakers than they themselves are. Those whose thoughts are evidently inflected with emotional or spiritual commitments are stupid, ignorant, less evolved than the liberal’s…

Liberalism, which takes dissociated mind as God, fails again and again to recognize any distinction between pre-rational speakers and trans-rational speakers. (Check out Sri Aurobindo and/or Western thinker Ken Wilbur for more on this critical distinction). To the liberal, anyone who allows for an intelligence greater than Mind God is obviously wrong–and not only wrong, but dangerously so. This mental fascism naturally arouses violent resistance, which the liberal then blames on everyone else, and takes as further “proof” of the liberal’s innate superiority.

Western liberalism has utterly failed to recognize that humanity can’t erase our longstanding difficulties with power by mental fiat. Legislation banning hate and violence doesn’t work in the fullness of time, because it goes against (rather than respecting and working to grow) our humanity. Education that emphasizes mental facts, mental learning, will not resolve what mental dominance has created.

If we want transformation, we need to develop our integral intelligence. And we need to start by recognizing that a divine learner already lives in every human, and has gifts to offer our collective educational/evolutionary process.

Western liberal thinking and its media constantly resort to saying things like, “We have to give people better alternatives.”

Who is “we”? The wise and generous giver who must aid the poor benighted masses? Does the divine intelligence, the creator of all alternatives, not live within every person?

Western liberalism is dying a natural death right now because it has outlived its usefulness to the development of our Nature. Contrary to mind’s self-serving propaganda, collective regression and/or literal death is not the only possible outcome of the death of this paradigm. Contrary to mind’s self-serving P.R., the human mind is not now and never has been in control of our destiny here.

Relax, ego mind! Nothing here is under your control. And that’s a good thing, 'cuz look at the messes you make when left alone!

We don’t need more studies, more analysis, more mental “proof.” We’re collectively and individually moving toward a more encompassing Knowing. Ready or not, willing or unwilling.

As rapists have been saying to women for untold generations, “You might as well lie back and enjoy it.” Because we can’t stop this transformation, and resisting it makes the pain worse for everyone for longer.

Or, to paraphrase the Wicked Witch of the West in her sky-script to Dorothy: Surrender, Mentality!


“Elections have consequences.” Then you and your ilk should have run someone other than Hillary. Or at least not actively sabotaged Bernie Sanders.

Give it up, troll.


Excellent insight.


Well, I was just informed by the Overseers of this site that I am just about out of “Likes” for today, so I guess I should take my bat and ball and go home.

See you all later! (Goes off whistling…)


Psycho-babble posing as pseudo spiritual revelation. It took you this long to tell everyone that they don’t need to do anything?

Um? My vote goes to the couple who installed solar panels on their roof and find that they are actually enjoying a better life …by their having done something!


Excellent! My home/school/clinic features solar electricity, solar hot water, composting toilets, permaculture gardens, locally produced herbal medicine, and intensive education re: movement, nutrition, herbs, and self-knowledge. I helped found and run a successful community solar business.

Obviously, I’m all in favor of taking action!

Rather presumptuous of you to assume otherwise, right? Why not ask a question, rather than make such a hostile, denigrating statement?

Did you ever consider that I might be speaking for a mode of being and acting within which you are not already expert?


NOAA’s report is conservative. I just read an attempt to go too far with climate forecasting in New York magazine. The author forecasts that human civilization could end in our childrens’ expected life span, so maybe our expectations for their life span are a bit high.

Do I believe the article? I see flaws, but the author made a fair attempt.


"Trump Should Read NOAA’s Frightening New Climate Report"
HAH. If he could read anything that wasn’t a bulleted list punctuated by self-adulation, that is.


Thank you for that sarcasm. I needed a good laugh. But do not make sarcasm such a habit, as you might inspire creative thinking, which as we know, is extremely dangerous in a world of lovely totalitarianism.

Happy Friday health4all.


Very good Post, Ecocentric.

Thoughtful, Insightful and Informative.

No need for any Trolls to attempt to undermine it.


Hi Ecocentric

Scroll up to his first comment, and read my reply to him, to know what kind of Troll you are dealing with.


One can only hope that our Don’t-Give-a-Hoot-for-Mother-Earth-in-Chief still has his head in the sand at Mar a Lago when the Atlantic Ocean inundates it.


To repeat what is a vile canard about rape and to use it as a metaphor for your psycho-babble is simply beyond belief to me. Look to your unconscious hostilities towards women before you point the finger.

Btw what has anything you wrote to do with the subject of the article?


Actually it is becoming quite obvious that you are a troll and a type of stalker. Just what CD needed? I think not. Stop trying to assemble a comment section bullying cadre. Methinks that you are back but under a different name. In any case, your acting like a Trumpster.


Looks like Mother Earth is going in for a redo,


“If we don’t get global warming under control, the consequences will indeed be bad.”

At last, a media pundit who uses the correct words correctly: it’s ‘global warming’ that is THE problem.

Any climate change, which comes as a result of too much warming, is beyond scientific attempts to alter, change, impede, reduce, or ameliorate directly. Only by reducing the now increasing temperature of this planet and atmosphere can there be any chance of returning to a climate more suitable for all. And, we know how to reduce those temperatures…

Unhappily, that will take many decades to achieve, simply because the rate of fossil fuel usage is not decreasing sufficiently quickly. So, the average temperatures and effects will continue to rise the rest of this century; but, at some point, there will be a gradual tend for temperatures to begin to plateau. Nobody, realistically, can accurately predict when, however.

In other words, things will get worse long before they get better.


Congratulations. Industrialism won, but it also serves as the technological blueprint for the evolving decimation of Earth and every living creature upon it.

Ain’t payback a bitch?


All those things and the relentless unimaginative superlatives he uses are among the many props he uses to try to keep his ego from being shattered by coming to know the truth about himself. He fears and hates the world and every living being in it, and rather than come to realize what he really is he probably would destroy it. He’s one of many whose entire lives are about being on that edge, playing the world and believing they’re on top while always being within one move of destroying it. He’s been selected resident to represent a party and a country that have the same affliction; we’re all in this together.

Chess ends the way it does for a reason.