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Deniers Are All Over the Map; Climate Realists All Over the World


Deniers Are All Over the Map; Climate Realists All Over the World

David Suzuki

A little over a year ago, I wrote about a Heartland Institute conference in Las Vegas where climate change deniers engaged in a failed attempt to poke holes in the massive body of scientific evidence for human-caused climate change. I quoted Bloomberg News: “Heartland's strategy seemed to be to throw many theories at the wall and see what stuck.”


Do they know that they are lying? Yes they do. We all can understand that a low level street thief snatching a purse doesn't care about about his victim. However we have a very hard time understanding that the fossil fuel industry investors who make billions in profit are only interested in their profits and will lie to keep them.

We also find it hard to understand how the media and deniers seem hell bent of delaying action that will benefit themselves as it would all life on this planet. That is because we have an ethically challenged or even an ethically deficient way of viewing our way of life. Thieves will speak of making a good score when talking about stealing a bundle. Killers will say good shot, good kill.

Climate change is for liberals so lying is permissible because they hate liberals. Science is based on logic and proof but honesty is sometimes subjective.

When the liar says yes he is lying and knows that he is but doesn't care, we have no choice but to say that he is being honest.

The underpinning of deceit and manipulation with which we are governed since advertising realized that lying sells just as well or better than telling the truth... has come around full course.

We are totally used to lying to ourselves and say with glee that we are honest about doing it too. We have lost our way as true human beings.

It is hard for us to rely on each other when everybody expects that everyone lies.


Thank you, David Suzuki for this article and your lifelong commitment to this cause.

A few days ago I was listening to a local radio show on Pesticide use and noticed how the scientist (from the University of Florida) strained NOT to say that this material is toxic. He darted around the edges always insisting that if people NEEDED to use pesticides (to manage/control their gardens), that they should.

One guest questioned the assertion of safety since studies are seldom done that take cumulative amounts of toxicity into their findings or do long-term studies.

What I realized was that this view that leans on chemicals and other forms of manipulation to the natural world, up to and including very dangerous forms of genetic mutation... come from a worldview that sees nature as a thing, a machine (of complex parts) that can be BETTER managed and manipulated by MAN.

Instead of respect for the Earth as Mother to all living beings, these advocates of the manmade version of life want CONTROL at any cost.

It is this arrogant belief in control that has corporations looking for ways to control the effects of global warming, or profit from catastrophic outcomes (Shock Doctrine) rather than work WITH this living being, Mother to all sentient life forms.

Those that argue against climate change hold a view of Creation and the natural world that favors their dreams of domination, profit, and control. They have shut off their senses and become inured to the places in their beings where they become that natural world. For it is there that whatsoever is done to the least of these (in the form of full-scale poisoning in unbelievably reckless ways) will come back to them and their loved ones (see rising Cancer rates, etc.).


What a dream I had. I would go and plow and plant after I had cleared the forests. At harvest there was every kind of food and my friends and neighbors ate well and grew fat. They adored me and their love shone on me brighter then a 200 watt light bulb...Then I became a man and had to put away childish things. All is vanity when looked at through the eyes of death. So it is time to wake up and take up the tools of a trade and go out, not seeking approval or asking permission, and fix this world so other dreamers might be born and live a life emptied of vanities. Hard work is the only way this garden can be reclaimed. Politicians won't do it. Corporate pigs won't do it. My Auntie Emm and the 12 tribes won't do it, but a force of nature will. There is 7.5 billion humans and WE are a force of nature. And WE know this garden is the only garden, anything else is speculation and speculation will not fix anything, because it is just vanity.


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