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Denmark Passes 'Morally Horrible' Law Allowing Police to Shake Down Asylum Seekers


Denmark Passes 'Morally Horrible' Law Allowing Police to Shake Down Asylum Seekers

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Danish Parliament on Tuesday approved a controversial law which allows authorities to seize money and valuables from refugees, as well as delay family reunification—measures that the United Nation's refugee agency (UNHCR) said would "fuel fear and xenophobia" in Europe and elsewhere.


The behaviour of the rulers of the so-called civilized world just gets uglier and uglier. One hesitates to speculate on how low they can and will go if not stopped by those who care about redeeming humanity from the rapacious ghouls who have seized power.


To think this is Denmark who was such a strong voice against the Nazis--sad really. And those "Social Democrats" are a tricky lot. Better be an outright red.


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All the more impressive when you think Demark is about 1/15th the size of Texas and has a population of just 5 and half million whereas the USA has 320 million. So percentage of population it is the equivalent of the US taking 1,280,000 refugees. 1 to each 275 people. That's before you start calculating area available. Americans should think of that before they start calling Danes uncompassionate, lacking humanity and fascist.


I fail to see how Denmark is responsible for the plight of these refugees. US meddling coupled with drought, oil depletion, and extreme over-breeding are the primary drivers of the crisis. The world is in the early stages of a huge problem with no solution. Letting in young males with no prospects is a recipe for disaster as Cologne found out.


This just shows how full of shit propartional respresentational voting is. This is the result of same.
Scandinavia would never have sunk this low with first past the post.

Given that we, the US, are about to forced to elect either Trump or a Clinton, I'd hardly look towards our 'first past the post' method as some oasis of electoral sanity. It would appear it is not the form but the content of what is permitted to be considered, by the so-called 'free press' that makes the difference. As long as 'free market' capitalism, conjoined with patriarchal ideology is allowed to continue as the dominant paradigm, we, the people and the biosphere, are terminally screwed.


Could you quote and source the surveys?

Instead of rowing their boats directly to Denmark? I do think the ports of first disembarkation have, perhaps, long passed their saturation point. Let's don't forget Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former leader of Denmark and of NATO, which makes Denmark directly responsible for what has gone down in the Middle East over the past decades. What kind of an economic environment is left in Syria now that anyone should criticize folks for leaving? Whether economic refugees or any other, what difference does it make to people whose lives are on the line while those with the resources to care for them use those resources to destroy a livable environment 'over there'?


That really is pretty rotten. No more money than they are going to get could hardly make much difference. They could be more humane, no doubt. Of course, the real rottenness at work here is the United States! Low down, rotten SOB's willing to kill millions and destroy those countries to make a profit manufacturing weapons and trying to steal resources like the oil and minerals in the ground. The biggest terrorist of all claiming to fight terrorism. The self proclaimed fighter for freedom, justice, and democracy that creates and supports fascism and murderous dictators while committing all manner of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The big liar and hypocrite that thought it could rule the world and cannot even run its own country according to its own ideals. I'm a citizen so, around here, it is my (patriotic) duty to be its worst critic.


The trillion dollar/yr MIC that caused the refugee crisis should be paying for their resettlement, not the countries saddled with the costs of accepting them.


As the Danish spokesman said, Danes are required to use up their own resources first before getting government support (welfare), just like Americans are before being eligible for Medicare btw. So it seems unfair not to ask those refugees with resources to be self supporting before getting aid from the Danish government. Some of the refugees reaching Denmark are far from poor and have significant financial resources left after paying for the journey. So, if the requirements are the same (a big if) why would this be a problem?


This article gets it all wrong and it is horribly appalling and offensive to people who support freedom. Denmark is proud of its socialist programs and it has long been considered one of the world's most successful socialist nations. Capitalism, on the other hand, has always disgraced itself with its imperialist adventures, crimes against humanity and destabilizing parts of the world so they can sweep through and take it all. Socialist nations are not there to absorb all the refugees created by the reckless and irrational behavior of capitalist imperialists. Socialist nations hold their own. They don't have an outward focus, they have in inward focus. It is a society of people who have the means to take care of themselves, but not the means to take care of the whole world. The capitalist-minded nations of Europe are happy to take refugees who they will certainly exploit by putting them in situations that can only be described as slavery, or worse (but that doesn't get much media coverage by this anti-socialist news organization). Socialism is not based on exploiting slaves, and it also doesn't have a welfare system that was designed to support the whole world. Common Dreams claims to be a progressive news organization, but their reporting only proves that they do not support the right of a nation to be self-sustaining, and they do not support the right of a nation to opt out of solving the problems that are created by violent and reckless world leaders who fight over control of other people's countries. Socialist countries are tired of their systems being destroyed by capitalist recklessness, and then the capitalists have the nerve to blame socialism for it. No! Absolutely not! Denmark should not allow any capitalist-created refugees into their country. It is a capitalist problem and the capitalist world should clean up their own mess. The world is getting pretty sick of fixing all the problems caused by capitalism, imperialism and colonialism (which are all the same system with different names).


You most likely mean "Medicaid" not "Medicare". It does not matter how rich a person is he/she is eligible for Medicare at age 65. Medicaid on the other hand is healthcare for the poor and in order to qualify one cannot have certain assets or money saved up.


Senior moment, yes I meant to say Medicaid


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