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Dennis Kucinich Is Back, With His Sights Set on For-Profit Education


Dennis Kucinich Is Back, With His Sights Set on For-Profit Education

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Former U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich launched a four-city, anti-charter school tour in Columbus, Ohio on Monday, telling attendees at a press conference that "public education's financial base is being destroyed by private, for-profit corporate interests."


Would like to see him spread the message along with others who are not too cowardly.


No doubt Dennis - he's our man.


Since when is the neighborhood school not good enough for someone's Muffy and Marty? When I was growing up and for decades after- that's all we had, and we were fine. Nothing is perfect. Now, Muffy and Marty have to have a sense of entitlement - that nothing is good enough for them- after all they are the incredible ME!


Oh, I do not live in Ohio, but I have seen him speak on C Span , and was impressed. No taxpayer should ever fund anything for profit including Wall Street- yet we did in the bailouts. Now, the same crowd is doing different tactics to pull the wool over over the public's eyes.


Welcome back, Dennis. You know you and Elizabeth Warren would make a formidable team standing for President, were the Democratic party to ever become so enlightened. Up there near the same league as Uncle Bernie. The Dems don't actually deserve you guys, but the people of this country and world could certainly use your assistance.


Hillary needs to stop giving talks and pretending that people care about her.


Let's hope Dennis is now the polished politician he was destined to be. If he's there he could emerge as a serious national candidate whose time has come.


It's very good seeing you making news again, Dennis!

Having met you in June, 2003, I've always been impressed with your insights, vision, and wisdom in good common sense political applications.

Ohio would be very fortunate to elect you again to public office. Best wishes!


Up near the same league as "Uncle Bernie"? In his day Kucinich made Sanders look like a piker ....


Kucinich fell from grace, IMO, when he did a 180 on SP and voted for the ACA - it was all downhill from there .. Hopefully he has had time to reflect and will FINALLY dump the DP that screwed him - folks think Sanders got screwed? Ha, nothing compared to what they did to Kucinich ...


Dennis needs to run for president.


not all talk, no conviction Liz please. Rather a Kucinich and Sanders ticket (or Sanders and Kucinich). They can start their campaign by telling us what Obama said to each of them (to Dennis on Air Force one and to Bernie in the White House).


Using public funds to pay for for-profit schools is nothing more than a scam to milk the gov't for money. It pisses me off that conservatives wrongly claim climate scientists of doing that. Yet these same conservatives look for every opportunity to pocket public funds for themselves by privatizing everything they can. Privatizing can never be cheaper and more efficient without sacrificing effectiveness. For-profit will always be more expensive and less efficient because a profit margin must be maintained. If the profit margin is 25%, then that means 25% percent of the money being spent on that school doesn't get used for the school. Rather, it just goes into someone's private bank account. That equates to 25% waste.


Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich hear me.
Start today, please.


No, their day is past. We need younger progressive voices, around 50 y/o. It is possible for someone to emerge as a national leader in a relatively short length of time. Obama went from unknown to President in a little over 4 years. The truly progressive voice who will emerge to lead this country is probably on nobody's radar right now. One thing that is certain is that they will not come out of the Democratic Party. They are also done in the long run, bought and paid for by billionaires like radical Zionist Haim Saban, who will make it impossible for a real progressive to have a chance in the Democratic Party. Please progressives. Please join me in uniting behind a newly-revamped and improved Green Party, already established, that can send the Democrats to the ash heap of history with the Whigs. Quit splitting the effort among three or four different attempts.


I wish him well in this endeavor, and I hope that he realizes that he's not only taking on Trump and DeVos, but also the Clintons and their execrable buddy Rahm Emanuel.


Dennis Kucinich did run for President, in 2004, and in 2008, Clovis. In the 2004's Presidential Campaign, Ralph Nader praised Dennis Kucinich as a genuine progressive.


I know he did. But third time's a charm!


Gene, you are totally correct.As much as I like Dennis, running in the duopoly system is impossible for true progressives. An energized Green Party combining science and compassion is the only path. Bernie mobilized the progressives but then he sold his soul .