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Denouncing 7-Year-Old's Death, UN Rights Expert Demands US Halt Child Detentions


Denouncing 7-Year-Old's Death, UN Rights Expert Demands US Halt Child Detentions

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A day after the 7-year-old girl's small body returned to Guatemala in a coffin, a United Nations human rights expert demanded an independent probe into the death of Jakelin Caal while she was in the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)—and made a broader call for the U.S. to stop its international law-violating practice of detaining children on the basis of their migratory status.


Please, someone hold these people accountable for being in violation of international law!


In the middle east the US provides missiles, drones and refueling (for free) to the Saudis to destroy Yemeni school buses loaded with little children. It is called asymmetric warfare. Create terror so great that one gives up… like stay away from America or we will kill your kids.


If we as a nation can’t hold ourselves to a high standard of human compassion, what’s the point of having one?


No one in position of authority will hold anyone accountable because that would mean holding themselves accountable. The Declaration of Independence lays out the remedies for government that failed to govern with our consent.


Exactly! That is why Pelosi said impeachment of the war criminal Bush was " off the table" and that is why Obama knew Bush was guilty as hell for murdering so many people in Iraq, but could not indict Bush as a war criminal, because Obama knew he would be indicting himself.

True, but as long as the majority of Americans do not realize their consent has been manufactured, not much hope.


Nice tie in to Chomsky’s “manufacturing consent”.


Inside Stephen Miller’s hostile takeover of immigration policy

Not a peep about the creep - person that is, not policy. The latter being chewed up and spit out by this ideologue.

This man needs to feel the full brunt of public disgust and rejection of what he has bludgeoned.

This is a prime case of distraction strategy. Trump flaps his jaw about a wall; pulls out his wanger by way shutting down the government, and this ah deviant insert is IN THE MEAN TIME DOING THE DAMAGE with some sort of invisibility cloak!


From the article:

“When a person, especially a child, is in the custody of a state, that state has to ensure their rights.”

When the state transfers custody to a for-profit prison chain, the rights of detainees, especially children, become subordinate to the rights of the chain’s shareholders.


This needless death of 7 year-old Jakelin Caal was criminal neglect, and representative of the callous inhumanity and racism of the trump/R’Con regime, its goons in uniform, and all its ignorant, uninformed racist supporters in America; a group of people so filled with hate-filled phony propaganda from the right-wing media and trump himself it should cause utter disgust and strong political action from all people of good conscience!

Jakelin’s death is a crime against humanity as are the premeditated deaths of children in Yemen and Palestine by trump & Co “allies”, the zionist entity Israel, and the saudi monarchy, all three criminal racist, religious bigot regimes that kill/murder, destroy civilian infrastructure, displace, expose men, women and children to starvation and disease - it is telling that the three, the US, Israel and the Saudis all support each others depravity and indifference for the lives of millions!

Billions and billions for support of right-wing regimes in Latin America and little or nothing to create stable societies for the people there! Trillions for endless war and complicity to israeli and saudi crimes against humanity and pre-meditated murders of unarmed people to further their political domination!

All three regimes supremacist in their bigotry and arrogance, and war criminals in their actions!



Meanwhile, Congress and the Courts do nothing to mitigate the sadism, not “just” in this tragic instance, but also the continuing menace and fraud of the Trump “administration.”


This week’s Madam Secretary shows the horror of the President and Secretary of State at putting children in cages. Shows the brutality of “conservatives” using Arizona as the state that does the crimes against those trying to use asylum.


All true. Recognizing the depravity of the USA and it’s “partners” didn’t start with Trump or the Repugs though. Particularly in South and Central America or the Middle East. The US Regime/Empire has been killing, maiming, and interfering in all of these countries for millennia.

Obama was the drone king and deporter in chief, far surpassing anything that Trump has done. He did his dirty deeds behind closed doors, a pretty face, and with smooth rhetoric. The Dems are just as demonic as the Repugs.

We need a non violent revolution and another Constitutional convention of We the People to overthrow this illegitimate government.


The Vietnam experience should have put an end to the existing form of government and our whole belief system about war, power and control. Unfortunately, the people of the United States didn’t seemed to be moved enough by the massive loss of life, cruelty and depravity - to demand major and permanent changes. Our government has gone on with its shenanigans without restraint. Or is it that the people really have no input into this government which is basically run and controlled by the economic elite who care little about the average American or foreigner?


Ask all of the americans in for-profit prisons. Our paid for government and politicians seem willing to do anything to help out their friends and sponsors on Wall Street.


Didn’t the US mainstream media recently make an effort for sainthood for George HW Bush? The media is now a form of high art painting beautiful scenes of hell. It is much like our criminal justice system which can paint someone however it wants depending on the money available.


Very true. A place, if I might suggest, is reading or re-reading Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Why We Can’t Wait for coherent strategies and tactics to get this done.


We are protecting ourselves from who?


If I was a child spending Christmas in a metal cage away from my family, my heart would burst from worry and heartache. I can’t even imagine a crueler form of punishment. Is torture next? You fucking republicans with your rubber spines will do anything to appease your psychotic leader.


Your quote reminds me of a story I read awhile back: when someone asked a very wise man: “is there really a place called hell?” His reply: " you live in America don’t you?"