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Denouncing America's "Debtor Prison" System, Sanders Introduces Bill to End Cash Bail


Denouncing America's "Debtor Prison" System, Sanders Introduces Bill to End Cash Bail

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Taking aim at one of the most exploitative components of America's broken criminal justice system, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday introduced a bill that would end the "destructive and unjust cash bail process" that keeps hundreds of thousands of people locked up at a given moment due to their inability to pay their way out of jail.


This is absolutely great! It also shows one of the many fundamental weaknesses of the U.S. Criminal (In)Justice System. Sanders’ proposed bill can only beg states to eliminate the heinous practice of bail-bonding (a clear violation the U.S. Constitution and UN Declaration of Human Rights) by bribing them.

The vast majority of people arrested are arrested under state and local laws, not federal. Another example of this "exceptional nation’ not even being a nation, but just a place for the rich to safely park their keisters and steal from everybody else.


The book “Not a Crime to Be Poor” by Peter Edelman devotes a chapter to “Money Bail.” I’ll quote a paragraph: “. . . 2.2 million people are locked up in our prisons and jails, 700,000 of them in our county and city jails. What most don’t know is that over the course of a given year, a total of 11.7 million people spend some amount of time in America’s county and city jails, double the number in 1983. Three-fifths of them have not been found guilty of anything, and three-fourths, both convicted and pretrial detainees, are there for nonviolent traffic and other low-level offenses.” That 11.7 million is about 5% of the adult population, one in 20 American adults sees the inside of a jail each year. Most for something fairly trivial. He goes on to explain how local governments use this system to raise money, instead of raising taxes to fund their government. We live in a wealthy nation, the average savings is over $400,000 per adult. The total net worth of households, private savings, is over $100 trillion (Flow of Funds report, Fed. Reserve), and divide $100 trillion by 250 million adults, it’s $400,000 average. Funding your local government by fines for misdemeanors and traffic violations is ridiculous. Be sure to vote, and vote twice with a friend. My blog: http://benL8.blogspot.com


Hello government, oh evil ones who only think of human beings as fodder for the for- profit prisons------ and didn’t we all learn this back with Ferguson? And it’s still happening? That citizens( mostly black) are used to raise money for the city…hello—is this not slavery?
How can this still be going on---- and now with the kidnapping of immigrant children and losing them too-------------please move the United Nations out of this country--------and while we’re at it. lets’s get rid of that lying statue in N.Y harbor…"Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses, ( and surely, the must be written in tiny, tiny writing, and these words MUST be there because this is what we’re doing! ) “oh yes, those holy, huddled masses ------- because, boy, we can make a mint of money off of them!”
Oh America —what you have become?.: (


One question:
What do other countries do?