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Denouncing 'Centrist, Corporate Democrats,' Cynthia Nixon Declares: 'This Is a Time to Fight'


Denouncing 'Centrist, Corporate Democrats,' Cynthia Nixon Declares: 'This Is a Time to Fight'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


Today I voted in AZ’s demo primary. In AZ we have the “Clean Elections” system where if you “participate” you are tax-payer funded as opposed to “traditional” funding sources. I only voted for those that are participating. There are not beholden to “outside” interests. For me it is a quick way of seeing who has my interests at heart, not someone with a big bank roll to give away. One way of fighting back, small but meaningful.


The System is… upside down! U mean fix it right side up! Not an easy task considering the big money behind the corruption existing now. You have my vote against the mob boss Cuomo, but I’m most likely the minority. Hope you have an amazing camaign game plan.


It’s great to hear these words from a candidate in a major race like Dem nominee for NY governor.

But there could be forceful candidates like this in many many more major races. Nixon only broke through (to this point) in public recognition because she is already so famous. Props to her for speaking so strongly, but many perfectly excellent potential candidates might never have gotten as far as she has without her name recognition.

EDIT: Oh i can’t wait, what sharp insight is LRX going to provide in support of corporate centrist Democrats? Always starts with such a friendly non-threatening variation on: “It seems to me that…”


A HUGE Brava to Cynthia Nixon, who is a principled, able, experienced, progressive leader we desperately need in Albany, the home of entrenched corruption and bi-partisan “do-nothing” collusion between parties and politicians! We need a leader all the time. not just around election time!

The entrenched current Gov has a record of corruption, billions in give-away’s to corporations and nuke operators, support for fossil-fuel transport infrastructure, refuses to restore fair taxation on NY’s wealthiest players (see link below), banks and wall street. Always an ulterior motive from one that will never lead, only sign-on once public demands and the issue are assured. Cuomo screwed/betrayed the public and students on Property tax reform. Refused to switch to an income-based (ability to pay) system to finance public ed. rather than highest in nation taxation on our homes (least able to pay) - that refusal locked-in lower funding for poorer-property school districts and students! Ask exactly HOW the “so-called” free higher ed proposal will be financed and by who!?

NIXON’s The One!


Somehow this progressive movement isn’t helping Nixon’s poll numbers. She continues to trail Governor Cuomo by at least 30 points. I guess when a popular two-term governor runs against a candidate with no experience for the job it is a tough go for the latter.


Trying to beat Mob Boss Cuomo woll be some challenge. I do wish she had more clout behind her.


typical diversion and ass-kissing for the establishment corporate sellouts…like cuomo.



Tom Perez, Chair

Keith Ellison, Deputy Chair

Ken Martin, Vice Chair, ASDC President

Maria Elena Durazo, Vice Chair

Michael Blake, Vice Chair

Rep. Grace Meng, Vice Chair

Karen Carter Peterson, Vice Chair of Civic Engagement and Voter Participation

Jason Rae, Secretary

Bill Derrough, Treasurer

Lorna Johnson, Assistant Treasurer

Henry R. Muñoz III, National Finance Committee Chair

Jaime Harrison, Associate Chair and Senior Counselor


Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives Tina Kotek, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Chair

Rep. Ben Ray Luján, Democratic Congressional Committee Chair

Sen. Chris Van Hollen, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chair

Gov. Dan Malloy, Democratic Governors Association Chair


Who pays you to troll this site?


Great job!


Trump was famous too…,


Cuomo has more money and more corruption clout. Albany is a sewer. We all have a job to do by voting for Nixon and any Progressive we can everywhere!


Now he’s infamous.


I see Cynthia as an independent thinking green socialist who will make a great New York governor.

Every unregistered voter in New York should register if they can. At least be there in time for the general election. And if Cynthia is not on the ballot, throw a monkey wrench in uncounted millions; write in None of the Above. The people will know.


Well, that didn’t take long:

Rebutted by:


Another, more democratic (small “d”) option:

IMHO, “NONE Of The Above” should be a Binding Option in ALL elections.  If ‘We, The People’ reject The Establishment’s anointed swamp scum, an entirely new slate – chosen by the Electorate, NOT by the Est­ablishment – should be on the ballot for a follow-up Special Election.


“If there were a poll of pundits, it would show a vast majority believe the best way forward is “middle muddled moderation”. The goal, according to them, is to move the “purple people”. The politically androgynous folks in red districts who have a bluish side. Trump voters who might be disillusioned or disgusted enough to switch. They warn that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are radical! Too radical! “They’ll scare the purples back to red”, they say. Suburban ladies that the Dems are counting on to vote against the p***y-grabber will panic, stay home”

“two years after (Bill Clinton) was elected, Democrats lost control of the House for the first time in 40 years. They also lost the Senate. His Vice President, Al Gore, who ran as a somewhat more conservative triangulator, but without a sex scandal, lost to George W Bush.”

“The Democrats no longer had an ideology. They continued to triangulate. They gave up territory step by step. With each compromise, the Republicans just went further to the right - at least on economic issues. The “centre” doesn’t have its own location. As they moved right, they pulled it along. Today, Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon would be condemned by their own party as members of the dangerously radical Left, alongside Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.” - Larry Beinhart

Excellent read and accurate on the dysfunctional DINO establishment rushing to the right, destroying the “party” and America, ceding power to right-wing R’Cons at every turn and betraying the independents, and Dem progressive base - ordinary thinking Americans! Ultimately that utter failure was instrumental in the installation of the orange cretin…and STILL that corporate-whore, utterly failed wing - the Clinton’s and Obama’s refuse to cede leadership, and refuse to alter their absurd corrupt course! They are taking us ALL down with their arrogant stupidity!


Also, elections only cost the people forty to fifty cents apiece.

How much is a cup of coffee?

Support Nixon for her guts and write in None of the Above if she doesn’t make it to the general election.

Special laws will be written attempting to keep the people from measuring the size and magnitude of democratic evolution evolving at an accelerating rate. Make it fun! Make life fun. Imagine all the people living with dignity. Yah ah hoo! Just imagine.

Register by the tens and twenties of millions. Write in None of the Above if your choice is between tweedle dee and tweedle dum.


Wow. The progressive women are on fire. The lads are being left in the dust!


David Brock. In fact, I think Lrx is actually the Brock himself.