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Denouncing Corporate Climate Profiteers, Comedy Icon Lily Tomlin Arrested at #FireDrillFriday Protest in DC

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/27/denouncing-corporate-climate-profiteers-comedy-icon-lily-tomlin-arrested


She’s still fighting “the phone company” -Damn GOOD for her!

We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re the phone company.

  • Lily Tomlin

Activists might as well prepare to hear their politicians’ fallback fib.

The original lie is that climate change most likely doesn’t exist and can be ignored.

The fallback fib says that “We’re so concerned about climate change, and our scientists are working as hard as they can.” First of all, it’s the inventors first and the engineers second that they need to fund, and second, they have no intention whatsoever of funding the right people. Funding the right people means lower profits for fossil fuel companies. Only funding rich idiots means double success for them, in the sense that the rich get richer and fossil fuel company profits are never damaged.

It’s your job to do the vetting. For example, you tell me now, is the U.S. government’s massive corn ethanol subsidy doing much of what you want for climate change, or is it perpetuating a rather fossil fuel-heavy transportation delivery system? Is the U.S. Federal Government’s massive freeway funding system doing what you want? Should overweight trucks be demolishing the freeways at low cost?

If you are confronted with a billion dollar project to build a 1960s-style Walt Disney monorail, will you ask whether the money might be better spent, or will you let it fly right on through? Where is your structure to do the vetting? You don’t have any? And you expect to succeed? Why would you expect to succeed?


Yawn, a photo op for Lily. We who live the first world lifestyle are “climate profiteers”.

To me, Lily’s most famous quote is the one about how you cannot ever become too cynical because there is no way you can keep up with whatever new insanity the government is doing today (paraphrased).

Since the wealthy own the freaking government and tell our dear ‘leaders’ what to do and how to do it; and the extremely wealthy tend to be Sociopaths and worse, full-blown Psychopaths, and they fund political campaigns for those that will do what they want when they want it… Oh my.

No matter how bad you think it is, it’s worse. And probably an entire magnitude of whole lot worse.

But don’t worry, be happy. Have a NICE day. Wear a smiley button next to your flag. Enjoy the time that you and your grandchildren have left. What’s it gonna be? Nuclear bombs, climate bombs, or death of the environment and no food growing bombs? Aren’t you curious to find out? I am, isn’t this exciting? What a time to be alive, eh?

Naw, I’m not cynical, not at all…



For telling the truth.


It seems someone gets arrested simply for protesting peacefully at these Friday protests.
C-span carried yesterdays “Fire Drill” live. It included some excellent speakers.
Impressive to see our octogenarians involved along with a younger generation.


Yawn. Another trump/Russia supporter posting.

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Thanks to the D.C. police for their courage and sacrifice to save us from octogenarians.

The only reason I looked at the article is Lily’s name on it. I enjoyed her comedy and am glad that at 80 she is willing to be arrested to help get this cause more into the headlines.


Love Jane and Lily – and the sacrifices they are making for us all –

Same for Greta – and AOC –

Everything improves when these women are around –

Same for Bernie Sanders –


You destroy what you do not value.


That is the problem, corporate, climate, profiteers do not place any value on : CLEAN AIR; PURE WATER; AND THE GOOD HEALTH OF U.S. CITIZENS!

Can I ask you a question.
Why is it ,the better the deed or the higher the good you do in society the worse the pay. The highest value jobs like ,carers ,nurses ,refuse collectors, spiritual councillors, child mental health councillors get reverse value to the good that they do.
In this humans have it all reversed with the most money going to sports stars,actors people doing things that are damaging the planet the ,speciesystem and ultimately humans .

Could it be that money and God don’t mix.
You have not to be paid well for doing the highest good and giving the highest value.
There’s an interesting short book called… What God Wants…that helps us understand our back to front world.
Their are people long in place long in power that do not want you to read this book.
As they know their game will be up .

From my perspective, the average American would rather worship $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ than any Deity! If we could read the average American’s mind, most are thinking: " IF I ONLY I COULD WIN THE LOTTERY AND HAVE MORE $$$$… I WOULD BE HAPPY"!

As always the police are arresting the wrong people. Trump and McConnell along with some of the corrupt corporate executive should be in handcuffs not citizens who are exercising their legitimate first amendment right. Someday the police in america are going to come face to face with a public that has had enough of their service to the elites.

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