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Denouncing 'Corporate Democrats,' Labor Leader Joins Sanders' Campaign


Denouncing 'Corporate Democrats,' Labor Leader Joins Sanders' Campaign

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Larry Cohen, the labor leader and outgoing president of the Communication Workers of America (CWA), is officially joining Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign—at least in part thanks to Hillary Clinton.

Cohen will reportedly serve as an unpaid intern for the U.S. senator from Vermont, who is running on a platform of progressive issues like workers' rights and campaign finance reform, among others.


Way to go, labor. Keep it up! I’ll never vote for Clinton II, but Sanders would truly change this country. Hopefully, Greece will say no, other countries will follow suit, and the people will begin to dismantle the cruel, neoliberal world we now live in.

One can dream (and possibly volunteer for Sanders).


The two endorsements I want to see most are Bruce Springsteen’s and Elizabeth Warren’s. Springsteen because his working class hero music reaches people across the spectrum of ideologies and Warren because Sanders is fighting her battles. If Warren endorses the Bride of Citigroup, it would feel like a betrayal.


A liberal (I refuse to use the weakfish term “progressive”) can no longer be a Democrat. At least, not a thinking, aware liberal.

But of course, the Sanders candidacy is all smoke and mirrors, anyway, designed to drive naive liberals into the arms of the Megathatcher.


We have suffered for quite a long time under corporate rule of this country. Bernie’s campaign is focused on bringing relief to the middle class / poor as well as initiating real campaign finance reform. This is the change we desperately need and I hope he succeeds at helping make it happen for us.


Another cry baby that wants a candidate that is absolutely pure on every issue. As I suspected there would be the hardcore Jew hater crowd
which would reject Bernie out of hand no matter what he says on the topic,


In fact, people who refuse to support Sanders are not “cry babies.” They are true progressives who rightfully appose war and apartheid. Sanders endorses both. If you support anyone who endorses war and apartheid, you need to take a closer look at your moral compass.


Blah, blah . I love me some Corporate whore Democrats. Blah Blah. Socialism. Blah. Blah. (see … easy to write silly, meaningless comments…)


Says who? You certainly don’t get to make that call. If you don’t like Sanders fine, but dissing his credentials based on your little purity test is total BS.


Labor needs to get away from the Democrats! Making a non-existent line between corporate and not corporate dems is naive. Sanders is running to usher in liberals and progressives in the party, and later to vote for Hillary (which Sanders has stated he will support once out of the primaries). Green Party supports labor and they have a great candidate, Jill Stein, who understands the goal of neoliberalism, that of union destruction, which is how the Reps and Dems operate. She, and the Green Party, will support unions, worker owned coops and anything which supports the people’s well being. Stop spending time, money and hope for a party that is NOT about labor, activism or even equality without ensuring their pockets get full first. If labor would stop backing the Dems and started backing the Greens, a viable 3rd party, their demands would be heard and fought for. People, planet, and Peace over Profits!


While I personally back Stein and the concepts of the Green New Deal, Bernie Sanders, even in his latest incarnation under the “D” banner, brings ever-greater numbers to question the TPP and such anti-democratic corporate maneuvers.

The more that know, the more that question, the better.

The fact that we can even witness from afar such a secretive process and not have everyone hit the streets in flabbergasted protest, is, for me, … amazing.

Can you hear America screaming?
• “Yes! Lie to me!” “Hide things from me!” “Abuse me!” — It’s all right! Our Representatives don’t need to know the details. We already let you BUY election campaigns as corporations. Take the REST, already! We’re tired and bored with having to decide.

So, with ALL the history of DNC’s D. Party, Hillary’s position is nothing new, but your support & statements are welcomed, even as an opening salvo into New Thoughts in the nation. Better if you all dropped everything and garnered support for the Greens who actually politically REPRESENT the creative and critical positions we NEED to be talking and acting about today!
• We NEED a New Identity to foster sustainable politics, a living wage, education & health for all, putting people to work rebuilding infrastructure, and sustainable energy & agriculture that does NOT poison us and fatten Big Pharma. BUILD it now.
• GROW what is THERE and already HAS a Vision you like, and stop wasting time and money trying to reform what decades has proven will NOT move, and is full of vipers, enemies and pitfalls.


Good point.


Hilary, Sanders Bush, What a silly bunch of children.
Is this the best America can do?
I despair of ‘America’
The world will only progress where ‘America’ is not there.


Yes, even as he moves in the right direction Punish, Punish PUNISH HIM!!! For being INSUFFICIENTLY PURE - as determined by a bunch of fucking idiots at keyboards who have never engaged in organizations or organizing in their fucking lives!


Flagged for anti-Semitic attacks based solely on what appears to a person’s surname. I doubt the CWA or its leadership has any position regarding Israel or the philosophy of zionism.


Might it be a better strategy to take over the Democratic party rather than simply shoot it down with nothing to replace its organizational resources?

No, the laughably disorganized, white bourgeois, minority and working class-alienating Green Party is not going to be the replacement.


Good point Arby-


But why would it matter? Obama told a bunch of union workers in Michigan in 2008 that HE WAS GOING TO REPEAL NAFTA!!! Hillary also said in 2008 NAFTA wasn’t such a great idea after all. All of the hot air that is spewed during a campaign season disappears completely and promises are made to be broken and forgotten. In other words, there is absolutely no real content to what is promised and what is ultimately not delivered. That is not cynicism; that is fact.

Bernie Sanders has the benefit of not being a bold-faced liar from a previous campaign, and having the personal courage to describe himself as a democratic-socialist in a time where Ayn Rand is bigger than Stephen King. You got kahones, Bernie, and a real vision as well.


How do people get like this? I mean, really?


The person we are talking about here is Sanders, not Clinton. He presumably was not a supporter of the Honduras coup, or the so-called “free trade agreements”. But regarding some other issues, it is totally misanthropic to expect another human to be full agreement with you on everything as a condition for working with them.