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Denouncing Corporate Grab of UN Conference, Movement Calls for 'Just Solution to Global Climate Crisis'


Denouncing Corporate Grab of UN Conference, Movement Calls for 'Just Solution to Global Climate Crisis'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With the countdown on for the upcoming United Nations climate talks known as COP21, an international movement is demanding an end to what they see as the corporate domination of the conference and that a food sovereignty approach—a "just solution to a global climate crisis"—be prioritized.


i wish this kind of straightforward advocacy - for proven food systems that feed the world without the horrific baggage of cultural genocide, chemical-industrial ecocide, and the petrochemical industrial agriculture, deforestation and soil-mining that generate climate chaos - would generate the most engagement from the commenting community here.

It's such a potent angle on the primary issues of the rule of capital, the role of corporations, the failures of "Western liberal democracy," and the need to find "social operating systems" that harmonize with nature's operating systems, while reversing ecological dis-integration, restoring cultural integrity, and (not least!) moving millions of tons of carbon back into the soil and biomass.

i know folks here are excited about presidential politics... but the world moves, and history is driven, much more so by mass movements of people defending their lives and communities and challenging existing power arrangements, than by "great men" or women who "brilliantly lead" the masses into change.

GRAIN and La Via Campesina are to be blessed, and supported, for their consistent work to give voice to the billions of people involved in community-based intensive horticulture and agriculture - "peasants," "campesinos," "undeveloped" rural peoples around the world, the majority of whom are women, who STILL feed the majority of the world's people.


If I understand what you saying, you would like people to be more involved in using local, subsistance or samll organic farming to not only produce our food but to use it as a tool against climate change. So, how does my idea of having gov grants handed out to people of 2-5 acres of land to those who would want to grow food for their community. Then, they get a debt forgivenss on their mortgage or a free mortgage. ...The more we do this, the quicker we can get rid of big ag.


i think that's an excellent straightforward program that could help redistribute land efficiently to people prepared to work it with diverse labor-intensive ecological agriculture. It embodies the necessary transition in social organization, wealth, and power. (i've written here a few times about the need for land redistribution along with generalized wealth redistribution and an income cap as part of a comprehensive social and environmental justice movement.)

i'd look also for intensive training and support programs in appropriate culture-friendly and climate-friendly agroecological practices, for people returning to the land from within recovering industrialized countries.

And we need infrastructure investments and subsidies to preference local production for local and regional community markets, rather than preference industrial production for transnational commodity markets.

Et cetera...