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Denouncing Focus on Violence, Women March in France to Reclaim Anti-Austerity Message of "Yellow Vest" Movement


Denouncing Focus on Violence, Women March in France to Reclaim Anti-Austerity Message of "Yellow Vest" Movement

Jon Queally, staff writer

"Macron your goose is cooked, the chicks are in the street!"

That was the chant by one large contingent of women marching in the French city of Toulouse on Sunday as female-led demonstrations took place across France in order to keep the pressure on President Emmanuel Macron while also pushing back the increasing displays of violence some within the broader "Yellow Vest" (or Gilets Jaunes) movement argue is overshadowing the underlying political message.


Of course the MSM focuses on violence. The message is too complicated for their talking little heads to grasp. Solution: film violence only and then broadcast it over and over and over again, making it look like it’s all about violence, That’s what US MSM did with Occupy - should the same segments again and again and claim that they are individual events being perpetrated by multiple individuals. The faster to beat back the ‘mobs’ and ignore the message.

I love the French people for their willingness to take on TPTB.


This is a confused piece with the headline and pic and main quote offering contradictory messages. In any case, we should take heart in the message of the women-led protestors: they are not backing down, but are doubling down.

This is similar to Congresswoman (MI-13) Rahsida Tlaib’s “motherfucker” comment (which is technically and linguistically accurate). She is not backing down either, but doubling down. As she does with her one-state solution for Palestine and BDS as a strategy to get there.

What is consistent among all of these women is that: THEY ARE WORKING-CLASS WOMEN.


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


The MSM (and much of the liberal/progressive media) are big on violence and fires because all that goes on in-between takes actual research, reporting, being in the situation, etc. None of which is possible in the Universal Land of the Tweet.


Did you notice that funny orange hat that 4 women in the photo were wearing? That’s called the Phrygian cap, the “bonnet rouge”, the hat of the Sans Culottes of the French Revolution! They have a connection with their revolutionary past, but we live the Unites States of Amnesia!


Well, there is the problem that our “revolutionary past” is a bourgeois, white supremacist, patriarchal past that yield genocide, slavery, austerity and permanent war against humanity and the biosphere. But hey, we’re exceptional. And you can take that to your grave (in a potter’s field).


No one can claim that we haven’t excelled at global destruction.


Funny. I’m French and I can’t stand most of them lol. I’ve been here all of my adult life but I was going to say that I am looking forward to women feeling empowered. They are smarter than men: they use both side of their brain and only have one head so they aren’t as easily confused.


I get the impression that the marchers are protesting against the violence committed by the Yellow Vests? That seems to be the implication. The article and quotes does not make clear who is committing the violence. Just that violence is breaking out without cause.

The statements and article seem to play a “both sides are doing it”. Sorry have to ask. Is this march a counter insurgency act using gender politics to hide the violence of the state against the protesters?


Have you watched women drivers on youtube.? Their brains often send bad messages to their feet, and the pedals.