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Denouncing Fox News as a 'Hate-for-Profit Racket,' Warren Turns Down Town Hall Invite


Denouncing Fox News as a 'Hate-for-Profit Racket,' Warren Turns Down Town Hall Invite

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, in a Twitter thread Tuesday morning, announced that she turned down a town hall invitation from Fox News because the network "is a hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists."


Liz doesn’t want to go on a network that spreads conspiracy theories? Then she should stay of MSDNC and especially Rachel Maddow who has been spreading the Russian propaganda for two years.

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I love many of Warren’s ideas and appreciated her work on the CFPB which is gutted now but maybe we can bring it back. But I disagree with her on a lot of stuff and this decision is one. If she went on one town hall (like Bernie) she isn’t going to be making that much money for Fox nor does anyone have to have a cable subscription to watch it (I watched Bernie’s townhall on YouTube, and I hardly recally any ads). We need a small percentage of Fox viewers to win and the more the better. Bernie has the much better take on this.

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I agree, Dara.   IMHO, Warren is tough enough to take the crooked questions she’s likely to get on Faux “News” and turn them around into good talking points, and if she could instill some truth in just five or six percent of Tweetle-Dumb’s base that could be enough to defeat him in two or three of the closest battle­ground states.   (Nonetheless, I do appreciate her accurate assessment of Faux “News”.)

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