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Denouncing GOP Efforts to Block War Powers Vote as an 'Outrage,' Khanna Vows to Keep Fighting to End US Complicity in Yemen

Denouncing GOP Efforts to Block War Powers Vote as an 'Outrage,' Khanna Vows to Keep Fighting to End US Complicity in Yemen

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"It was really an outrage." That's how Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) responded Thursday to House Republicans' successful efforts to block a vote on his war powers resolution that aimed to end U.S. support for the Saudi- and UAE-led coalition's bombing of Yemen, which has produced the world's worst humanitarian crisis at put some 14 million civilians at risk of starving to death.

From the article:

“(I)f the president of the United States and the speaker believe we should be at war, we should be at war. It doesn’t matter what members of Congress think.”

And it goes without saying that it matters even less what we the people think.

The House, Republican,fascists could care less and are completely insouciant to the fact that 14 million civilians, in Yemen, could starve to death should tell anyone with half a brain, that Amerika is a military dictatorship!

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Just got this fro The Sanders Institute:

Yep. They do NOT give a shit because they are hardcore Social Darwinians.

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The resolution sponsored by Rep. Ro Khanna and Senator Sanders should have been publicly debated, providing a forum that over several days would have prepared and braced the public for what’s brewing in Yemen. Yesterday, November 14, there were NEWS reports about a missile being fired by the Yemeni Sana’a resistance into Hodeidah; but missing its’ target and flying into the ocean. No. The Yemeni Sana’a resistance did not fire upon itself. The missile is a loud warning that the Saudi, Emirati, Western, Arab authoritarian "Coalition’ has finally gone too far, for too long. They invaded Yemen in 2015, have waged a war full of atrocities and famine. There was no equivalent military aggression prior to 2015 that would have justified the invasion. None. The borders had been very quiet. Since 2015, preferring caution, the Yemeni-Sana’a resistance have restrained themselves, hoping for a conventional resolution of the conflict. Until now. after an excruciating boil of famine, atrocity, thirst, hunger, blockade, denial of medicine, the lid has blown off; un-detected by the President of the United States or the Republican Congress, who behave like robots that have lost their code. The Yemeni-Sana’a have in effect announced that they will begin making more lethal missile attacks on "Coalition’ naval traffic through the Bab Al Mandeb and Red Sea, as defense against lethal assaults on Hodeidah and northern Yemen (where the majority of Yemeni live) And that’s in Yemen; while in the Persian Gulf and globally, Washington is triggering a chain reaction by enforcement of a sanctions/blockade of Iranian oil, commerce and finance. The missile fired over Hodeidah by its’ defenders is a warning, about what to expect if we don’t declare a ceasefire in Yemen, now; and don’t halt the sanctions blockade of Iranian finance and commerce, now.

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In the meantime, how many more must die? We have tools at our disposal: total non cooperation, sit-ins, boycotts, strikes.

The challenge we face with this war and beyond is that for our youth their skin is not in the game except for those who are from impoverished communities and use the service for jobs as not much else is offered them. We need to be as active against war as with the climate.


Members of the GOP are stone cold killers. Let’s face it.

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I used to wonder the same. How many before we back off. I’m afraid it’s only about the continuation of the MIC economy. Build them or go away because there is no other reason to exist. Can’t sell fighter jets at the mall. Billions of rounds of rifle ammo for civilian target practice etc.

Pretty shocking. Tell me why it couldn’t have been a plant to help re-justify the whole thing.

While we’re on the SA subject, chaddustaaa, how bout the following? At the same time it’s off topic a bit, so my apologies to all here.

I wonder if SA ended up dealing with its own blowback too much when it decided to export so much oil to China, having incited unrest over the years in Myanmar? As most Rohingya Muslims are Sunni, it seems incredible that SA would have finally stepped up the fomenting of skirmishes enough so as to make the US and China happy…by way of giving the Buddhist government a reason to simply push’em ALL out of the way. Yet this seems to be the implication of things I’ve read. SA took in some Rohingya refugees (cosmetic PR?), but is trying to send’em back at present…correct?

The problem with what this article’s title claims [below] AFAICS is that half SA’s motive would seem to be protecting what it wants to ship to China . The same thing goes for a Moon of Alabama article, and its claims. I don’t see how US interests would see the benefits of the big push-out as all in its favor.

“In 2011, the Saudi’s Aramco signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to supply China 200,000 barrels of crude a day through the China-Myanmar pipeline.”

Don’t know much about this source. https://www.dw.com/en/rohingya-people-in-myanmar-what-you-need-to-know/a-40340067

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