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Denouncing GOP's "Worthless" Post-Helsinki Rhetoric, Sanders Outlines Steps to Rein in Trump and Safeguard Elections


Denouncing GOP's "Worthless" Post-Helsinki Rhetoric, Sanders Outlines Steps to Rein in Trump and Safeguard Elections

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an attempt to force Republicans to move beyond "worthless" tweets and speeches in response to President Donald Trump's sycophantic behavior at the Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sen.


I know it shouldn’t but it does always amaze me that the first one, and maybe the only one, to speak as an American is Bernie. Just why is this?


bernie s. becomes shill for the dnc and drinks the cool-aid of everything that’s wrong in Amerikan is the fault of Russia.


And some very ignorant Americans cast Bernie Sanders as a “socialist” who they feel is more dangerous than PutinTrump. Now I hope someone will act and stop Trump from bringing that murderous Russian autocrat to DC for a second summit.


Sanders is now a full on McCarthy clone.

How about these points instead?

  1. Don’t accept the so called Intelligence Community on their assessment but instead demand they actually present real evidence or shut up.

  2. How about ending the stupid laws that foreigners can’t express their positions in American elections and thus cut the rug under the first set of Russian indictments?

  3. End all sanctions against Russia.

  4. Stay out of the business of the Executive Branch on whether the President exercises his power to pardon and fire his own people. If you want an independent investigation then do your own constitutional duty and do your own investigation instead of this nonsense of the President (all in the Executive Branch answer to the President who is the one elected, damn it) investigating himself. From the get go such stuff is a farce.

  5. Do not declare the President must cooperate. What kind of garbage is Sanders spouting now? He’s got Trump Derangement Syndrome so he thinks it’s okay for the Congress to strip the President of his 5th Amendment rights? Instead Congress should declare the President still has his full rights and can refuse to testify against himself.

Sanders is turning into a clone of Hillary Clinton.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If you are doing all this in hopes that the established Democrats will support you in 2020 because you’re marching to their drumbeat, wake up. You will not get their support until you say what Hillary said and more about single payer health care, “A theoretical idea that will never, ever come to pass.” Also you’ll need to jettison any discussion of breaking up the banks, regulating them more, or putting any fees on trading to fund free college tuition.

But what you are doing, is moving us one step closer to war with Russia.


Bernie is pro FBI, CIA, NSA. He is also pro-Homeland Security, and therefore, by extension, pro ICE.

Socialist? Nyet.

Stalinist? Da!!! Da!!!


Ask Bernie why he wasn’t this bold about the election-rigging against him by the DNC and where the PROOF is of Russian interference as blatant as the DNCs!

He has gone over to the “Dark Side” thanks to the desire to be a good little damnocrat although he STILL hangs on to the “I” after his name like it really means something!


How does anti-Russia propaganda taste? Never tasted it myself. Maybe because YOU have eaten so much of it?!


The real meddling in the election was by Hillary Clinton and the DNC! Where were you then Bernie? Endorsing Hillary:).
Bernie thinks we are all fools.


  1. What kind of evidence would you accept?

  2. There is no real danger if war with Russia. This is a straw man argument used to discredit those who criticize Russia. The US did nothing substantial when Russia annexed Crimea with the Dems in the White House.


Another starwman


If Putin does visit the protest will be massive. Looking forward to it.


Hear Hear. I have never been more disappointed in Senator Sanders. He has jumped onto the hysteria bandwagon. In 18 months of “investigation” there is still no evidence and never will be any evidence because the evidence does not exist. Seth Rich downloaded the Podesta emails onto a thumb drive as verified by three reliable witnesses. The Guccifer 2.0 files were fabricated by the spooks according to Bill Binney - who DESIGNED the NSA spy system. load of bull pucky as Maddow says. The contingent that created the russiagate lies did so to distract the public from their own treasonous behavior. They have now put the entire American population at risk of death from global nuclear war. Put all of Congress and all 17 spy divisions in prison and then we might have a chance at survival.


Any. Have you seen any evidence? All I’ve seen and heard are assertions.

Obama did a lot wrong- he let the coup in Honduras go forward, he spread droning to nations we weren’t at war with, he went to war in Libya, and he made this terrible situation in Syria by funding the rebels.

He did stuff wrong in Ukraine too, letting the NeoCon Nuland orchestrate a coup and approving sanctions on Russia for the Crimea voting to rejoin Russia after the constitution of Ukraine had been rejected and rabid Russophobes and Nazis got in power and began killing ethnic Russians.

But he was at least moderate enough to not arm Ukraine and to not escalate the tension in Syria with a No Fly Zone. The DC crowd thought he was weak because he didn’t bomb Syria.

But the party since 2016 has followed the lead of Hillary Clinton and her views. Now they are for arming Ukraine, increasing sanctions on Russia, putting Ukraine in NATO, and, if she’d gotten in power, shooting down Russia planes if they hadn’t obeyed her No Fly Zone.

The Russophobia sweeping the nation now is leading us to increased tension and antipathy with Russia. You think it could never lead to war. I think if someone like Clinton is in the White House in 2021 it definitely could if we keep up with the increasing hatred and hysteria towards Russia.

There are three places it could happen. Syria could erupt again with American intervention and then bombing of Russian troops there or shooting down their planes there. Ukraine could be put into NATO, armed, and end up at war with Russia because they try to take back Crimea. The Baltic Sea war exercises right on the front porch of Russia could have some hot head fire at the other side and it escalates from there.

We need to scale back antipathy, not increase it. Sanders is on the wrong side for peace.


Excellent, intelligent, fact-giving post. Thank you.


“Any” is not an answer. I asked you what evidence you would accept? To deny any Russian hacking is beyond naive ar this point. Not only is it a “deep state” conspiracy but Facebook and Twitter are in on it as well. Just to frame poor Donald.

I’m no fan of hers but Clinton wasn’t going to shoot down Russian planes over Syria. She called for a non fly zone which wouldn’t even come to pass because Russia has a veto.

Ukraine is not in NATO.

The US is going to go to war over Crimea. There is a far far far greater threat of the US bombing Iran under Trump.

Bernie Sanders is right to criticize Trump cozing up to Putin. A reactionary who has supported right wing nationalists like Le Pen in Europe. This has nothing to do with peace.


This is the crowd the U. S. is supporting in Ukraine:

Where are you Bernie?


And the current President supports the far right in Russia.


Earth to Bernie. 2016 elections fraud and interference was Americans F**KING Americans. Leave Russia out of it, got it Bernie! Also, the Trump Putin Summit was the best thing Trump ever did since being President. Putin and Trump making nice is a million times better than making more war.