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Denouncing 'Intentional Effort' to Sabotage Election, Judge Orders Nationwide Reversal of DeJoy Mail Changes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/18/denouncing-intentional-effort-sabotage-election-judge-orders-nationwide-reversal


I guarantee that the statute of limitations won’t run out on any offenses Joyless DeJoy has committed. As to the rank and file within the USPS, perhaps they could have just coordinated to say it is not permissible to not follow an illegal order, but I am sure that their contracts do not offer them protection for such. There must be an expulsion of Trump, Inc. and there must not be any of the “let’s look forward” bullshit!


Better late than never. He must be tried, (and since it so obvious to all that he is guilty, should go to jail/prison). He (Dejoy) is the very definition of a domestic enemy, as so many are in this administration.


They’ve left me with no option against what I consider to be the greatest evil, but the Republican offering, who I also detest. Don’t give me a Green Protest vote option? OK, you got a Republican Protest vote now, you idiot fascists.


I,too, am a registered Green. But, unlike you apparently, I can recognize the very serious attack on our democracy, on our freedoms, on the very bedrock of our governance.
Progress only comes in painfully won steps, at least lasting progress does.
While I do agree that neither major party is free from corporate control, this is not the time to stand on principles, to make up for doing nothing for decades and then taking a political stance that is only a temper tantrum.
Vote Trump out! Then instead of tuning out, stay involved to either push the democrats left or work to build third party presence in our governance.


Which is exactly how they lost in 2016. When they had a candidate who, for all her faults and her
physical limitations, certainly was not showing constant signs of established dementia, and was not
serving as a puppeteer for a wildly ambitious but not overly bright former prosecutor who apparently
is the actual candidate. And speaking of Ms. Harris, one would be tempted to conclude that that is
fact more than speculation by her recent reference to her “Harris Administration” followed by a quick
walk back as she cleaned the mess off her tennis shoes while mumbling ‘of course Joseph Biden will
be the President’… Pennsylvanians can still write in Hawkins and Walker - just make sure to use their
names exactly as used on their voter registration. You can’t bring in pre-written stickers with the names
on them to just stick to the ballot (the purported excuse being that the machines ‘can’t read’ things written
on stickers). Which means you need to be sure of what the correct name is BEFORE you fill out your
ballot. No requirement that the candidate apply to run as a write-in as in some other states. So Pennsylvanians who know what Pennsylvania has always been about, just remember no one makes a
fool of anyone else without the other’s PERMISSION.

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Until every remnant of organized crime is purged from our government, looking back and extreme prosecution should be our primary objective, This needs to go on for at least 30 years!


Yay for a federal judge who isn’t part of the Trump cult. I wish I knew of a way to thank the good federal judges and start a process of removing the fascist ones that McConnell/Trump have rammed through.
Now it’s time to prosecute DeJoy and imprison him forever.


It’s obvious that every time there’s an article showing the criminality of the Trump administration, people such as yourself come here to deflect, twist and turn so somehow you can slag Democrats while never saying a bad word about Trump and the GOP.


A vote for anyone other than Biden in this presidential election is a vote for Trump.
No true environmentalist could ever vote for Trump or fail to see that Trump and the GOP are far worse for the environment than Biden/Harris.
Trump has gutted the EPA, most environmental laws, fired environmental scientists, placed environment-killing criminals at the head of public lands and related agencies, gutted protected areas, gutted the Endangered Species Act, etc.
Trump is a developer, and has a career history of destroying intact ecosystems and doing other environmental harms.
And yet you claim to be a Green and say you’ll vote for Trump.
That’s like a Jewish person saying they’ll vote for Hitler!


All those sorting machines left out in the weather and now ruined should be replaced at DeJoy’s and Trump’s personal expense and they must be made to be reinstalled immediately.


You seem to be someone who is unable to play the game the Dems are playing, and its simpler to pretend that you have some nobler reason for not standing up when the times and the country require it. The Democratic Party is at this point is utterly corrupt, is going down for the third time,AND KNOWS IT. So if it makes you feel bolder, by all means try your best to seat a puppet so addled that it is genuinely painful to listen to his ramblings, while the nation is ‘led’ by a former prosecutor and full-time do-whatever-it-takes politician which the Dems could find no other way to foist into the top position, given her very short-lived time spent in the primary lineup without actually running. Sure sounds like a perfect way to make Trump’s day with a landslide re-election rather than one which is eked out.


I don’t believe Trump is the greater evil. He’s a jerk, but he wanted to reduce hostilities twice and the Democrats have been the ones urging more war. The Democrats started 5 wars the last time they had the presidency, Trump hasn’t started one yet. Why does Biden want to increase the War department budget? Isn’t there any more pressing unmet spending needs in America? America has made it’s biggest mistakes ever with unfit presidents surrounded by advisors with ill-intent for the people. Biden will certainly be such a president. He’s obviously losing it, and he never had all that much to start with.



I accept now that the Greens have no future, while the Democrats have a party. The Democrats are the bigger enemies of Green sensibilities, because they falsely claim to share some of them.

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The Greens have or don’t have whatever future the people of this country decide that they do. Not more.
And not less. And every citizen of this country has a say in that. If you’re fortunate to be in a state
which allows write-ins in a general election such as Pa, you have options even this year. If not, you
have and will continue to have options to support and bolster the membership, the visibility and delineate
the policies of the Greens at every opportunity. Maybe less time on Facebook chatting and a lot more
on sites which detail what the Green Party has to offer. But self-fulfilling prophecy is to assume the
worst simply because you’ve been indoctrinated by the ‘irrelevance’ of 3 Ps to the point where only
assuming the worst seems normal.

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The Greens are on fewer ballots, they have two candidates, one of which is invisible. It’s over. Maybe the movement for a people’s party can make a mark. They have an ambitious leadership focusing on a broad presence in 2022. They’ll do better with Trump to oppose than if Biden wins and the democrats go to sleep like they did from 09-17. At some point repeated failure to grow must be accepted and energies must be turned to other approaches.

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Removed in Wisconsin and Montana, too.

The 10% chance that I could have been swayed to vote for Biden has now officially reached 0%.


Which is a pretty good indication of where your party’s brand is today.
You already lost to Trump once.
You should be polling miles of ahead of him now, yet the debates are coming up and it’s still close.
The number one reason cited for voting for Biden is “he’s not Trump.”
You promote that as the reason to vote for him yourself.
Not his great Republican Lite policies and center right track record in office – “he’s not Trump.”
If you had a spine, you’d admit that Trump resurrected your party from the dead.
People have unregistered from your shit sandwich of a party in droves.
We left because we’re sick of your fecklessness, corruption, and Republican Lite ideology.
Your learned helplessness and noseholding are your problems – others here can act for themselves.

And a true environmentalist can recall the words of Barack Obama:
“Under my administration, America is producing more oil than at any time in the last eight years. We’ve opened up new areas for exploration. We’ve quadrupled the number of operating rigs to a record high. We’ve added enough new oil and gas pipeline to circle the Earth and then some…”


According to the Never Biden site, Wisconsin has the same write-in rules Pa. does and voters can also
make countable/viable votes for Hawkins and Walker there also. So there’s two swing states and the
only way voters in EITHER/BOTH states depends on whether they WANT to do it. “CAN’T do it” is off the