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Denouncing Misleading Attacks and Lack of 'Fact-Based Analysis,' Sanders Campaign Fires Back at MSNBC

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/24/denouncing-misleading-attacks-and-lack-fact-based-analysis-sanders-campaign-fires


I stopped watching MSNBC when Rachel Maddow sold herself down the river!


All of this just tells you that he is the one!!! The media and the billionaires are trying to stop him. Hmmm, think I’ll send him some $$$$. GO BERNIE!


No joke, no exaggeration: telling the truth is not in the interest of most journalists these days. They work for media cartels that are owned by billionaires whose investments would be at risk if the public knew the truth. Not sure why this still has to be stated.


If a member of the media makes an important unwarranted claim or argument about Bernie Sanders or his ideas, Sanders or a member of his campaign should argue that the claim is unwarranted or that the argument is invalid. Otherwise, he and his campaign should not complain about the media. Otherwise, they look petty, trivialize public discourse and distract from important policy issues, including health care, poverty, the US conflict with Iran, climate change and that the US House should vote to have an impeachment trial of President Trump.

When Sanders himself cannot appear on a given TV program, it’s important that he send good surrogates, including to MSNBC. The anchors of MSNBC usually will give him and his surrogates a fair shake as long as he or his surrogates argue well.

He should have Cornel West be a major media surrogate. West has good moral and political commitments, a background in philosophy and is a good communicator. Other potential surrogates include Sanders’ campaign manager Faiz Shakir (I’ve been impressed with him when I’ve seen him on TV), Katrina vanden Heuvel and Stephanie Quilao, who does not currently work for the Sanders campaign but is an excellent blogger for Sanders. Nina Turner has good ideas and commitments and is a good communicator, but it’s important for her to argue well. Sometimes when I’ve seen her she has neglected to give reasons – or at least good reasons – to support her conclusions.

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Did you even read the article?
“Sen. Bernie Sanders has never been shy about criticizing MSNBC , but the senator’s 2020 Democratic presidential campaign is becoming increasingly vocal in calling out the self-styled liberal cable news network in response to a spate of attacks and misleading coverage from the outlet’s hosts and contributors.”

" An anonymous Sanders campaign official told The Daily Beast that attempting to correct the network’s factual errors has become “a full-time job.”"


Why indeed. The Bernie bias is so in your face at MSNBC and CNN, it’s gone from being farce to third stage mendacity.
As Joe Biden slips down through the body politic, like two pounds of axle grease travels the digestive tract of an old fat goose, the privileged mean girls and guys of the smart set get more pissy. And, MSNBC’s ranchette especially, is full of these prickly pears and hedge apples.
Poor " Sheriff " Harris, the Corporotocracys’ Compromise Candidate just can’t pull off the sincerity shtick, even with all the help of the best of LaLaLand’s acting coaches. Just like the groupies at the aforementioned networks. That’s got their collective undies in a bunch, for sure.
Sen. Sanders and/or Sen. Warren are going to be leading the primary parade at the end of this horse race. The networks know it and the mean people who gab for them know it, too.
The MSM blew it big-time in 2016. And, the voters know that tacky and lackey, in politics, rhyme for a reason.


Thanks for the comment. I did read Jake Johnson’s article. If you don’t mind, why did you ask me if I had? One of my points in my previous comment is that Sanders and his campaign often should NOT complain about the media. For instance, it’s important that they not make one of the kinds of complaints that was quoted in Johnson’s article, specifically the following:

‘There’s no effort to push for fact-based analysis,’ an anonymous Sanders campaign official said of MSNBC in an interview with The Daily Beast, which reported Wednesday that tensions between Sanders and the Comcast-owned network have ‘reached a new peak.’

First, the complaint by the Sanders campaign official was general, and, for the reasons I’ve offered, not productive.

Also, what is “fact-based analysis?” There are moral facts. For instance, it’s a moral fact that Hitler should not have ordered The Final Solution. What’s important is that members of the media make warranted claims and give justificatory reasons to try to show that those claims are true. In Mimi Rocah’s comment on MSNBC regarding Sanders, Rocah did not do so. For instance, her claim that Sanders is not a “pro-woman candidate” is unjustified. Among other things, Sanders has been in Congress since 1991, and he has a 100 percent pro-choice voting record from NARAL. Moreover, Rocah gave no reasons to support her claim that Sanders is not a pro-woman candidate.

Moreover, Zerlina Maxwell suggested that Elizabeth Warren has offered a greater number of good, detailed policy plans than Sanders has. Although that’s arguably true, Maxwell used the example of health care. Sanders not only has a plan on health care, he has a BILL that he introduced in the Senate on it. Warren is an original cosponsor of the bill. The bill provides a four-year transition from our current system to one in which everyone has an improved version of Medicare. And the bill allows people to pay out-of-pocket for health care as long as the doctors don’t receive reimbursement from Medicare. Although the bill itself Sanders does not include specific ways of financing it (so as to avoid problematic inflation), Sanders has distributed a paper that includes a number of proposals on how to finance the bill.

Now, I happen to think that, in the US today, it should not be unlawful for heavily regulated private companies to sell health insurance that duplicates one or more of the items that would be covered by the Medicare program that Sanders would create, but Sanders has offered a more detailed path on how to improve health care in the US than Warren has.

MSNBC takes their orders from the Democratic party, from the Russian interference story, to the Bernie is not a suitable candidate story.

We live in a country where “they” control what is perceived as truth.

It’s all about money and power.

Truth is a concept for children, as far as they care.


Ah, the fucking Corporate State Democrats’ DNC speaks.

Same propaganda as was directed against Sanders by the right wing _______ Hillary Clinton, trying to make Sanders out to be a misogynist. “Bernie bros” redo.

Next…regurgitation of the attacks insinuating that Sanders supporters are racists.

I loathe these jerks.


Bernie has had their (MSM) rejection of support all along, and shouldn’t expect it to get any better. I up to date on my donation and sport a Bernie 2020 bumper sticker.
I don’t write opinion pieces to my right-wing paper any longer, so there is little else some of us can do.
Still waiting for the pitchfork parade to march past my house.


They’ll give racists a chance, but they won’t give Bernie a chance.


You really think the lack of appearances by himself or surrogates on MSNBC is because he or they are not available? Give me a break! If MSNBC would allow it, Sanders or surrogates would be a daily feature. Sanders and his surrogates do not have program control over MSNBC.


And yet there are still idiot Democrats out there watching MSNBC, reading the Atlantic, fawning over Cody Fenwick articles, eagerly listening to Markos Moulitsas, and generally gulping down this propaganda. And, in case you didn’t already guess this, those and the likes of Ms. Rocah would more likely vote Trump in to a second term than vote for Bernie. They don’t act Republican-lite. They aren’t even just Republican-lite. They are Republican.


Oh, and why would Bernie make this woman’s “skin crawl”? Well, she was an Assistant US Attorney in the Southern District of New York during the banking collapse (and, of course, prosecuted ZERO bankers for that) and her lawyer husband’s “practice focuses on the representation of Fortune 500 and other companies in connection with the defense of regulatory, white-collar criminal and complex civil litigation matters” - from the law firm website. So, of course THEY would prefer a corrupt corporate Democrat.


In addition to not featuring Bernie surrogates, MSNBC won’t even invite anyone not affiliated to the campaign but happens to support Bernie or his ideas. These are large corporations masquerading as journalists. They don’t like higher taxes on any form of wealth, single payer, anti-imperialism or anything which threatens hierarchy. Strip away identity politics and MSNBC, like the DNC they support, are republican lite.


I’ve said on this forum before that usually you never even hear the pundits (can anyone say “Chuck Todd”?) even mention his name when talking about the Dem “candidates” and when they do it’s something negative. Anyone here remember when folks like us called the network “MSGOP”? In the early 2000’s they were trying to mimic the financially successful Fox “news”, even had super douchebag Michael Savage on for a while. Fuck MSNBC and all the other cable channels. FSTV, LINK, even RT for Christ’s sake are now better than MSGOP. I used to like Rachel Maddow but now she seems to be super pro military, Tweety was always a fucking joke with his Trump-like pompadour and the only two that seem to still be somewhat “fair” are Hayes and Kondracki.


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” U.B. Sinclair Jr.


That makes absolutely no sense. Why would anyone pay for a for profit insurance plan that does nothing but cover what is already covered by their Medicare? Perhaps one just likes to needlessly spend money or they just like supporting private for profit insurance?


I wonder if sleeping next to her husband’s cell phone, credit cards and wallet make her skin crawl, too?
Of course, Epstein’s photo gallery and videotape collection, will have more than a few of that ilk " crawlin’ and cryin’ " for leniency. Really can’t use " it’s for the sake of the poor children " canard though, because a lot of them really were both.

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