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Denouncing 'Misogynistic Bullying' and 'Failed Leadership,' 50+ Groups Call on Grassley to Resign Immediately as Judiciary Committee Chair

Denouncing 'Misogynistic Bullying' and 'Failed Leadership,' 50+ Groups Call on Grassley to Resign Immediately as Judiciary Committee Chair

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) put on a "genuinely unhinged" performance during Thursday's Senate hearing with Dr.


I expect no better from Grassley and his ilk. I did, however, expect that more committee members would have demanded the release of those 100,000+ pages of evidence now being withheld, in defiance of precedent, before allowing a vote. Kavanaugh’s serial perjury (which can be demonstrated with the few documents already made public!) aside, we’re left to wonder what else the Rs are desperate to hide?

And with all due respect to the groups behind this letter, while it’s not about Grassley personally, it certainly is about Twitler personally. It’s about his personal need to get K—who is on record as saying a sitting president shouldn’t be made to deal with criminal charges—seated before the Mueller investigation reaches its conclusion.


Only on GMO corn, please.


Makes me wonder what Twitter has on all the repugs,that they literally line up to kiss his ass, some are buried up to there shoulder. And Grassley was a dinasor 50 years ago. He is a perfect example of extreme entitlement disorder, he has been using the system to serve his own needs for so long he thinks it belongs to him. All these old pricks need to go.


The Republican side of the Senate Judiciary Committee looks and acts like a group of “ghouls” hovering over prey…(I’m neither D. or R.) and hiding behind the skirts of a “professional prosecutor”…
I would predict that Mr. K. would withdraw his nomination no later than Friday, Sept 28th if I didn’t remember Anita Hill vs Clarence Thomas.
The Republican side “smells” of mothballs! Although I could say the same for the “accidental mayor of SF” way back…D. Feinstein.

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Flood his phones:

(515) 228-1145


Please send him your message loud and clear. I have posted his phone numbers.


Thanks for pointing out this specific case Nicole. Kavanaugh seems to generally believe that the US government, and the President, can “legally” do whatever they want, despite specific Constitutional restrictions on their actions.


i believe you intended to write “Twitler.”

EDIT: Oh yes, i see you were responding to GF312S who did write Twitler (i’m reading comments from the bottom up).

You could dump Grassley and all the other republican dinosaurs, but the freshman group has the same agenda. Money for them and the corporate world that makes each one of them rich. That is also true for many neoliberal democrats.
We need to get the money out of politics. Whoever is willing to sign a blood pledge to do so will get my vote.


Fat chance…

I did indeed mean what you said, thanks for pointing that out, darn spell check often trips me up.

Poor Ed…

Airplanes…that’s your takeaway.

Then don’t read Judge’s writings or the Mr K’s yearbook entries you won’t like them.


Isn’t it strange to see the same idiot in the Anita Hill hearing and now.

Talk about devolving.


He looks like he’ll be pushing up daisies soon.

As long as the good people of Iowa keep electing this old goat - he will be there until they drag him out in a box. He makes a mockery of due process and has no regard for the rights of the people of the United States to have a properly vetted supreme court nominee. The process has been a charade coordinated by this clown in a three piece suit.


Yes, Edward - anything you say is correct. You know it all. Forget the hearings - confirm Kavanaugh - Edward A Hara has made the decision for all of us.

The republican senators are so desperate they are now attacking Diane Feinstein. That may have been a mistake. Although I don’t like a lot of her politics, I think she trys to do things in an honorable and dignified manner. I don’t think they are too smart to make her their enemy.

I’m wondering if Grassley and Orin Hatch use the same brand of Formaldehyde?

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She’s also quite wryly " snarky " in a good way. She said she overcomes her fear of flying when she’s going in " the other direction ". West, away from Washington, D.C. & ---- America, perhaps? Funny how tropical breezes and gorgeous sunsets does that to a person.

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