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Denouncing Republican Evils Can’t Do Much for the Biden Presidency Without Demanding Progressive Policies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/11/denouncing-republican-evils-cant-do-much-biden-presidency-without-demanding

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In short, as Biden prepares to move into the White House, progressives are in much better shape to put up a fight—not only against the right wing but also against corporate Democratic elites…

You know, Norm’s been irritating for years, what with his endless advocacy for the “lesser” DNC evil. But no more. I finally got it.

Solomon’s a comedian, specializing in the blackest sort of sarcasm. Progressives are in better shape to fight corporate Democratic elites, after an election! After those elites have absolutely no reason to listen.

Oh, that’s some Black Comedy Gold, that is. Thanks for the laughs, Norm. See you on the breadline.


Thanks, Norman, for saying and repeating what the Democrats must hear. I don’t know how often it must be said, nor by whom, before they will listen, but we can’t give up trying to say it.

Now it’s true that some here don’t appreciate lesser-evilism exhortations such as you made before the election. For those of us who have come to the concluson, after a few decades of observation, that endorsing the lesser-evil candidate without having gained reliable assurances on policy changes simply enables the faux opposition to continue to choke off any progressive efforts, it is indeed hard to have fellow progressives act as shepherds for the Party. But, having made lesser-evil choices myself over many of the elections over those decades, I know damn well that it is still at least an arguable position. So I care more about what you do from here.

Of course, there’s more that needs to be said than was covered in your essay. The faults of the establishment are not only domestic economic ones, and include its bipartisan support for the expansion and maintenance of Empire, its economic and militaristic warfare, suppression of democracy wherever the people don’t bow down to American hegemony and capital, and its continual portrayal of Russia in particular as an existential threat. All of those, of course, lead to the monstrously insane ‘defense’ spending that makes addressing domestic needs of the citizenry all but impossible.

How about we all get together, perhaps in the new People’s Party, or in some other solidarity movement, to make crystal clear to the Democratic Party establishment, that this, 2020, was the last time we will ever support a status quo puppet like Biden. The last time. How about we start a pledge that articulates our positions - our demands! that the Party must move to, or else! And how about we prepare, in the meantime, to make that threat credible. … by empowering the Greens and/or the People’s Party with our resources?


Thank u, Norman Solomon,. for speaKING SO ELOQUENTLY for me.
roger H-agree w/u 100%.
I am so grateful for the 25+ years I spent OUT

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of SC, honing my Progressive smarts. Mebbe there really IS something in the water here for pols like Jim Clyburn, wearing Dem clothing, but a Repuke or corporate Dem underneath. For another quarter-century, as I citizen-lobbied for low-cost, high-impact, nationally & globallyproven policies to END HUNGER & POVERTY, the noxious Clyburn NEVER signed on to a SINGLE one.

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My citizen-activist lobbying was w/www.RESULTS.org, brought microcredit lending to our entire planet. Microcredit,created by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Vanderbilt PhD in economics,began @ the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. The concept gives tiny loans to the poorest of the poor, illiterate women, empowering them to work to educate their kids, feed their families, and raise themselves "by their own bootstraps.’ Clyburn wouldn’t support THAT either.
Excellent Dems ran against the cabal of poisonous, entrenched Joe Wilson, Lindsey Graham, et.al. Here in SC we sure need Stacey Abrams’ gang in 2022.If there is a God, may She turn her arttention to turning SC BLUE.

Vote for the fascist Republican Party in order to defeat the corporate Democratic Party? That argument has never made sense to me. What does make sense is 1. choosing the lesser of two evils in order to keep a clinical psychopath and his rabid legion from obliterating democracy for good and 2. working between elections to establish a viable progressive party.

We got the first done and I’m so glad to have been a part of that. It was a close election; if a few more progressives hadn’t voted against Trump to get Biden elected, it might have been goodbye to more than just democracy. Goodbye to any rights at all for people of color. Goodbye to nature, to any semblance of a livable future, perhaps to the planet itself.

We’re heading over the cliff anyway. The R’s are just going to take us there a little bit faster.

I fully expect a right of center administration that will fumble it’s way to 2024 and then lose to the next Republican right wing fascist --that is after they lose the House and the Senate in 2022


I like to think there’s a progressive train gathering speed in this country, headed by the Squad, that needs as many of us as possible to force Biden/Harris to get on board, keep on the rails, and avoid that cliff we’re currently headed towards.

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the “squad” just betrayed us and voted to elect Pelosi even when she is denying us any chance at any progressive program–again–one of the premier criminals in our government–one of the criminals who vote for billions for the billionaires and NOTHING for the American people—what happened at the beginning of the pandemic with the relief bill is essentially what happened with the Obama betrayal of the American people–where the Dems made permanent the Bush tax cuts-bailed out the wealthy, Wall Street, the banks, and let the people of the country twist in the fickle winds of fate while overseeing the most massive transfer of wealth from the poor and middle classes seen in our country --there are only a couple of REAL progressives in Congress and they were co-opted almost immediately by the Dem establishment


Should have thought of that before you pushed everyone to vote for the other racist, corrupt, lying Republican Norman.


The #FraudSquad are there to stop that from happening. They’re controlled opposition.