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Denouncing Rush to War, Corbyn Calls for Peace Talks and 'Withdrawal of All Foreign Forces' From Syria


What was he gaining by all the bombs he rained down on innocent civilians in Douma for the past few months - innocent that is, save for being personally opposed to Assad’s brutal rule and therefore accommodating to resistance forces (who are not all “Islamic terrorists”). Assad’s forces obviously wanted to drive home their demand that the resistance forces get out or die.


For an antidote to all the BS flying around, go here:

And will CD PLEASE do something about the way news story pictures are blown up to full-pixel size? Can someone tell me how to fix it myself?


What documented history are you talking about. The false flag Gas attack last year in Syria. In which Trump didn’t even wait for UN Inspectors to go to Syria and conduct an investigation on who really was responsible for this Gas Attack.

The US as killed over a million people in Iraq alone. Not counting the Islamic Terrorist they are hiding behind in Syria. That have mudered hundreds of thousands of Syrians. And let not talk about the US bloody hands in Yemen. Where ten of thousands have died from US/Saudi Bombs and millions are facing Genocide because of a lack of medicine, food and clean water. And how about the US ban on drugs and medicine going into Syria. How people have died because of these sanctions? And I guess you forgot 400.000 children died in Iraq. Because of these sanctions the US/UN placed on Iraq. But I guess in your option. It was all worth it right?


“We have irrefutable evidence that this was another staged event” They did say it didn’t happen. It most likely happened but it was a staged event.


I love Corbyn’s slogan: FOR THE MANY; NOT THE FEW.


Good answer!


It’s sort of like you go out of your way to demonstrate how little you know about what you like to screech about the most. It’s almost admirable. To have so little self-awareness must be its own slice of heaven.

Anyway, since it’s apparent you’ve never taken a logic or basic philosophy course while learning about rocks, I’ll help you. “Proof” is a basic scientific concept, in which the practice of mathematics is only one activity. Logic, forensics, argumentation and rhetoric all have exceedingly lengthy dissertations about the role of proof. Every law school is drenched in the principle of proof. And “preponderance of evidence” is only a civil standard, and a strictly legal one. It has no basis in the realm of argument, logic, or even most areas of law.

And do me a favor and don’t slander inductive reasoning. You are very, very…not good at it.


Well, they’ve danced this dance a half dozen times now, and the only people that believe this are Americans, jhadis, and, well, Yunzer and that insufferable twit Proyect. Incidentally, has anyone ever seen Yunzer and Proyect in the same room? Just kidding. Mostly.

I’m agnostic until I’ve seen independent reporting on the subject. Cockburn thinks it’s likely Assad did it, but I think his reasoning is poor. Even he acknowledges the obvious motive and timing problem. Lamb, likewise, has become a strong opponent of the Syrian government’s prosecution of the war (although his situation is largely focused on the effects in Lebanon, but still, Franklin’s an honest dealer). So there are credible people who disagree on this issue. I think that’s a good thing, but it’s not definitive. But you have even more just as adamant the other way, and I think their cases are better.

Obviously, this is a brutal war, and it would be folly to suggest that the Syrian Army has behaved honorably at all times. That’s just as ridiculous as suggesting that this is a genuine “civil war”. Assad is not a nice person. We can’t forget that when he was on friendlier terms with the US, that he happily ran black sites in which torture was committed against captured Islamic fighters and civilians.

But each accusation must be taken on its own first. Just because someone does something once doesn’t mean they’ve done it again, and if anyone is guilty of such repetitive shenanigans, it’s the western powers trying to exert hegemony over the entire region (I count Israel among “western powers”).

What I do know is this: motive matters a lot. And there’s an abundance of motive to frame Assad up and very little to no motive for Assad to engage in the very attacks that have been used to extend this disgusting war multiple times. He may be nasty, but he’s not stupid.


What attack are you talking about? There never was such an attack.


Russia is claiming it was Britain:

The Russian Defense Ministry has presented what it says is proof that the reported chemical weapons attack in Syria was staged. It also accused the British government of pressuring the perpetrators to speed up the “provocation.”
During a briefing on Friday, the ministry showed interviews with two people, who, it said, are medical professionals working in the only hospital operating in Douma, a town near the Syrian capital, Damascus.


Yes, I believe Teresa May was behind the chemical attack in Syria. Trump & Netanyahu probably told her to plan it and execute it. Just because the USA, UK &N Israel are democracies doesn’t mean thy don’t do bad things to other nations. Just because neither Russia nor Syria are democracies doesn’t mean they are the ones telling the lies.


Can you imagine a Democratic Party “leader” following Corbyn’s lead?

Are you off your meds?


Yunzer is a funny guy. When he says: No, it is up to independent, non-governmental organizations to determine the perpetrator. Doesn’t he realize these NGO have been infiltrated by the CIA, Soros and other
intelligence agencies. The White Helmets being a perfect example.

The reason why I don’t think Assad did this attack. It because Syria, Russia and Iran have already won the War. And there no motive for him to be doing this when he knows. By him using poison gas. The US and Coalition of the Killing. Would be given the excuse for the West to attack Syria. No this is just one more of a string of false flags against Syria. By the US and Coalition of the killing.

I can only say. If I was living in Syria. And I was faced with the invasion of thousands of Islamic Jihadist. Terrorist that where backed by many Nations. I would most likely support Assad. Because this eye doctor seems to be the lesser of the two evils. I’ve head him in a number of interviews. And seems to speak the truth. Which I respect very much.


Right on, Jeremy!


I was just thinking that same thing. Maybe to “sweeten the deal” we could trade in our whole Trump/Republican fiasco for just one Corbyn? One thing I notice about the USA is that the people who actually get to positions of power NEVER seriously talk about peace.


The USA a DEMOCRACY??!? Doesn’t that word mean something about the PEOPLE making the rules? How much of that “Democracy” stuff happens when gerrymandering is the flavor of the day? Or when the nation’s voting machines are all electronic, and filled with “proprietary” software that even election officials can’t inspect? Or when one candidate BUYS the political party by paying off it’s debts, and rigs 11 primaries against a challenger who drew crowds that waited even in the rain for hours before packing nearly every hall in which he spoke?

I will believe the Easter Bunny is a proven child molester long before I will ever again believe the USA is a “democracy”.


There’s no money in Peace for those who Hate.

And there’s too many of them in power.


The US had already won the war in Japan, but they still nuclear bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

And it is nice to see that the left has rejected all forms of international solidarity and only person in the whole world that the left now trusts is Putin. No doubt you will cheer on Assad’s next step - the genocide of the Kurdish socialists in Rojava.

You are a fascist. There is only one thing to do with fascists like you - and that is to kill them all.


‘Stating that Assad and his military thugs, since 2011 have accrued the worst record for crimes against humanity in the 21st century (yes - worse than the US in Iraq) does not imply, in any way support for US military intervention anywhere.’

You are forgetting the Israelis.


Nope, I dont like to compare one criminal against another, but the numbers killed by Israelis since 2011 - few thousand, absolutely pales in comparison to Assad and Russian forces in Syria. Which are also about 7-8 times those killed in US airstrikes according to the Syrian Observatory for Human rights.

And no, Assad is not an “anti imperialist” - he has deliberately played a cat-game with extremist Islamist adversaries so that he can he can crush the Syrian secular left - which he sees as the far more serious threat to his throne. Once peace is restored, he will exterminate the Kurdish poeple to eliminate their socialist experiment, then continue with his corrupt neoliberal program of funneling all Syrian wealth to himself - Just like Putin does in Russia.

But then, are any of the Common Dreams commenters here even pretending to be socialist leftists anymore?

Please, if you have even a single cell of open-mindedness left in your brain, read this: