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Denouncing Rush to War, Corbyn Calls for Peace Talks and 'Withdrawal of All Foreign Forces' From Syria

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He’s a solid, progressive, peace-maker, just like Russia’s authoritarian and oligarchic head of state. I don’t know why you can’t see that, Yunz. Oh yeah, and we should be greatful the 2016 peace candidate is calling the shots.


thanks for this. I’m not surprised if it was the UK, since they’re sort of turning chemical attack frame-ups into a sort of Tory specialty. The Skripal case has completely fallen to pieces, largely because of the testimony of medical people in the area contradicting the bulk of the governments chemical claims. But, again, an accusation isn’t proof, so I’ll wait and see how this plays out.

The Russians have demonstrated great skill at this game playing on the defense so far, and at this point, I think they’ve earned the presumption in a clash. As a former spook, that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. The Russians are gifted at intrigue. The US and the UK are shells of their former selves.


You just threatened a community member directly with death. This should get interesting. Madashellron, I would urge you to take action. You’re the offended party here. I mean, I think Yunzer’s about as dangerous as a cold, but death threats resulting from immature temper tantrums and mental illness can’t be tolerated in civilized company.

Edit: Oh, and don’t bother deleting or editing it. It’s already captured.


The Jews/Zionists/Israelis have been slaughtering Palestinians since around 1890. Along with the slaughter of Palestinians they have slaughtered Brits along with Jews who didn’t agree with them or who wouldn’t support them as well as various others in neighbouring countries.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Palestinians living across Europe in, I think, 1972, but they have only slaughtered a few thousand? Your claims are laughable.


That’s so sad people like Yunzer have to resort to personal attacks on community member. And hell no I won’t stoop to his level.


Really, who are they, then? I think you just plucked that out of the air.

Only if you’re a gullible idiot. The latest Russian ‘skill’ in this area being the claim Yulia Skripal has been ‘kidnapped’ by the British Authorities. I suppose you go along with that one too.,


well, he may get the last laugh. if death threats are acceptable behavior here now, I want nothing to do with this sewer. we’ve lost most of the good posters we’ve ever had over the years largely because of a failure to rein in the crazies. maybe they just want this place to disappear. I dunno.


We need leaders like this in THIS country! Here, one always needs to put QUOTES around “leader”!


Are you still searching for commenters pretending to be socialist leftists? I am a commenter “pretending to be socialist leftist”! I believe in city-owned fire departments saving the lives of one and all, with no concern for who has money and who doesn’t. I believe in the Constitutionally-mandated US Post Office Department, driving it’s trucks all over to deliver mail to rich and poor alike for about a half a buck per letter. I believe that Universal Healthcare is a basic right, even for the poorest of the poor. I also believe that any country which spends more of its (borrowed) dollars on death than it spends on life is on the fast train to the Dustbin of History. I believe that Justice needs her eyeballs gouged out so that poor black hunchbacks are treated with the same respect as some fraudulent cow of a “President”, and vice-versa. I believe fully in that socialist concept of Equal Protection Before the Law. And I believe that rich, well-connected people should have just as much opportunity to eat prison food as the penniless.

As to Assad, and what he may or may not have done, I believe we should leave that issue to the Jury Of Nations to decide, rather than just suck down the propaganda of the most war mongering (and oil-addicted) nation on earth. Credibility of the USA on such things as “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and “Gulf of Tonkin Incidents” is even less than dismal. Beware of Kool-aid!


The people made the rules to let the oligarchs make the rules. Having the 2 Bushes, Clinton, Obama & Trump make the American people sheeple (sheep people).


What meds are you on?