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Denouncing 'Smear Campaign' Against Alex Morse, Former Detractor Calls for Focus on 'Damage Richie Neal Is Doing to Our Democracy'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/12/denouncing-smear-campaign-against-alex-morse-former-detractor-calls-focus-damage

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Ah, “unity” …

I was phonebanking for Morse with Sunrise when they pulled the plug. I’m hoping they’ll reconsider. People should be given a choice–old guard-not-interested-in-helping-people, or someone who’s been in public service and is committed to helping not only people, but the planet as well.

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when we point out that the Democrats are just as likely to use smears , lies and innuendos to achieve their goals of trashing their progressive opponents—spending the millions taken from the corporations that own them body and soul-just like any Republican out there–the difference–the Democrats aren’t as rude,cruel and illspoken as the Republicans–in substance–pretty much the same agenda-on health care-war-the environment-protection of voters franchise-income equality and minimum wages-subsidizing profitable corporations ,and lest we forget --it is the Democratic mayors of cities that armed their police like soldiers and deployed them like occupying armies, and used them against the only enemy available–the American people–so pretty much the same

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A lawyer jumping to conclusions does not sound like a good idea. And now, damage was done. Makes me think of the smears against Sanders by the Warren supporters.

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Dear Mr. Neal, Hope to meet you in DC somewhere. Don’t worry, I know a good plastic surgeon.

Though the Boston Globe sort of wrote him off, I hope Morse continues his campaign and we can hope for the good sense of the people of the district who want something better than a hack

If you don’t mean this as a physical threat please make that clear. Quickly. Otherwise this comment should be condemned and removed.

I don’t think we should dismiss as coincidence that Shahid Buttar, a strong progressive challenger running against Nancy Pelosi, was hit with charges of misconduct by his staff within the past couple of weeks. I suspect that is another case of political sabotage. The Democrats are desperate and they learned from 2016 that when you play fast and loose with the rules of conduct then you better win – otherwise you can be exposed. They are protecting their jobs and incomes against the possibility of a popular challenge to their neoliberal, pro-corporate agenda.