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Denouncing Trump as 'Vulgarity Unbounded,' Rev. Barber Says Election Must Fuel Work for Justice


Denouncing Trump as 'Vulgarity Unbounded,' Rev. Barber Says Election Must Fuel Work for Justice

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The election of Donald Trump—whom he calls "vulgarity unbounded"—must be a charge to redouble efforts to work towards "truth, love, and justice," said the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II.

The Moral Monday Movement architect made the remarks Sunday evening in a special post-election service entitled "Revival and Resiliency After Rejection."


"This moment in America is ultimately not about Trump and [Hillary] Clinton. But it really is about the rejection of some things much deeper,"

Your candidate ran and by the rules of the election of the president she lost--big time. This despite running against the most obtuse, oafish, unprepared opposition imaginable.
This despite virtually all of the mass media pissing an unrelenting stream of "dump on Trump" night and day during this entire election process.
This despite a spirited and for the most part principled opposition from challenger Bernie Sanders (until he decided to sell out to the forces of Hillary) against whom she and her surrogates used every dirty trick imaginable to crush.
Your side lost:
The White House
Both houses of Congress
And 30 of 50 governor's offices.
That wasn't about Trump alone, it was about the profound weakness of your side's people and the performance in office of those previously elected.

"In January, a "man of integrity" will leave the White House, he said, "and then we will witness the inauguration of a con."

Barack Obama a man of integrity?!!! Surely you jest!!
Obama who ran on "change you can believe in" and the "audacity of hope" and then:
Used the occasion of winning the Nobel Peace prize to announce the expansion of the Afghan war,
Who expanded US aggression against the lawfully elected governments of Syria, Libya, Yeman, (through our toady ally Saudi Arabia)
Who gave Victoria Nuland a 5 billion dollar honey pot of US financial support to sponsor a fascist coup and provoke military confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine .
Who has championed TPP and every other corporate friendly agreement he could.
Whose "pivot to Asia" has caused long time allies to turn towards China instead.

Until you deal with these issues, Dr. Barber, your protestations will not be taken seriously enough by a larger number of the voting US electorate for your side to win much of anything.



Ahem to that bother. Time to purge the democratic party of all the "centrists" who destroyed everything the party stood for. They're just a bunch of professional election losers who stand for nothing. No compromise. We are coming for your headsl Never shall the word Clinton be spoken again. What a mediocre, corrupt candidate.


So killing people abroad--as O'Bomber has done--makes him a "man of integrity"? This show bad judgment on your part, Rev.!


Just who is this you that you are referring to?


The article was about an address by Baptist preacher Dr. William Barber.
The first quote was in reference to Hillary Clinton whom Dr. Barber supported and whose loss he is bemoaning.
The second quote was in reference to Barack Obama and Dr. Barber's claim that he was a "man of integrity".


Your post is spot on! For the Reverend Barber to call Obama: " a man of integrity" says to me, he needs to get out of politics and stick to his preaching! And a con is entering the White House? That may be true Dr. Barber, but how can you, a man of the cloth, call Obama, the consummate con man! A man of integrity?


"In January, a "man of integrity" will leave the White House, he said, "and then we will witness the inauguration of a con."
Now that is A stretch there reverend!
I read no more of this BS article.....


A Trump presidency is an awful thing to consider. But I'm more worried about the repub congress that Trump will enable.

Many, many people and other living things are very likely to suffer or suffer even more. Time to pull out all the stops to resist and come together to build resilient communities that will eventually transcend this madness.


Rev Barber and the NAACP represent a tepid resistance. Moral Mondays in North Carolina was initially a breath fo fresh air because it woke up an otherwise listless opposition to right wing reactionaries in the legislature who were dessimating the state. But the old-fashioned tactics of marches and rallies are pretty ineffective these days as the righties don't bother to listen - they just plow ahead with their attacks under the banner of their righteous ideology.

And all the energy of resistence gets funneled into elections and get out the vote. Nothing wrong with trying to make change via the ballot. But look at the results over the last 6+ years. How many elections have the Dems lost?

It's going to take a lot more to successfully resist and then ultimately overcome the Right. Are people willing to make the kinds of sacrifices necessary? Time will tell.