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Denouncing US Imperialism, Iran Charges It Is Trump Who Has 'Consistently Violated' Nuclear Deal


Denouncing US Imperialism, Iran Charges It Is Trump Who Has 'Consistently Violated' Nuclear Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continue to plow ahead with "cartoonish allegations" in an effort to undermine the Iran nuclear deal—


Couldn’t Trump, Netanyahu and every warmongering profiteer be sent by nature to kill off the human plague conservatives themselves have engendered?

The never ending circle of life.


Now if U.S. politicians - from both wings of the Duopoly - would renounce U.S. imperialism that would be NEWS.

Hint: Don’t hold your breath while waiting…


Mr. Zarif makes a good point about the US violating the treaty (presumably by not lifting sanctions despite promising to do so)

But I would go further - As nearly as I can tell, the US has violated every treaty it has ever signed.


The US govt has a long history of breaking agreements and treaties going back to the 19th century at least. The Native Americans can certainly verify this fact. While the JCPOA(nuclear deal) was being negotiated, I followed what the Iranians were saying. Their ‘hardliners’ didn’t think the US would follow it, especially different administrations as they came to power. The crazy Israeli govt doesn’t want peace with Iran. They piss and moan and spread lies on a daily basis. The US is beholden to Israel in a blood brotherhood in alliance and typically follows their(Israel’s) destructive agendas. i.e. How many MSM news outlets are telling about Israeli snipers killing protesting Palestinians? Yeah, thought so, I haven’t seen one yet. This is a daily occurrence in illegally occupied territory. If the US goes back against the JCPOA the US will be the laughing stock of the world. No other nation will want to broker a deal with the US. The US will use bullying methods, as they usually do, to get their imperialistic ways. My question: How do we fight this madness?


As one of the Indian Chiefs said… “The U.S. Government has broken every promise they made, except one.
They promised to take our land and they did.”


Meanwhile, on the genocidal Yemeni front:




If Iran isn’t building nuclear weapons they should be. It is the only deterrent to US aggression. Don’t believe me? Ask North Korea.


“Madness “, ie. insanity is an unpredictable disease in this case. Surgical removal? I’m against violence but maybe they could be rounded up and sent to Gaza for some educational time.


I know that Macron and Merkel came over last week to plead with Trump not to abandon the Iran deal and apparently were unsuccessful. How long will it be before our only allies will be Israel and Saudi Arabia? The traditional allies should have turned their backs on us long ago and maybe we we wouldn’t have gotten to this point. Tony Blair has a lot to answer for.


I really wish the rest of the world would place sanctions against the US.
That would be a fitting tribute to rump’s presidency.