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Denting VP Hopes, Klobuchar's Failure to Prosecute Police Misconduct Highlighted as Outrage Over Killing of George Floyd Intensifies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/denting-vp-hopes-klobuchars-failure-prosecute-police-misconduct-highlighted-outrage


Good bye, Kolbo-cop.


Klobocop, MIA Joe and the “get-tough-on-crime” d-party Repub wannabes are laughing at leftists.

As well they should.

Too enfeebled and cowed to start their own movement/party, the best weapon lefties have is a clothespin to put on their noses when they vote LOTE.

Laughing alongside Klobocop? Amy’s partner in doing the bidding of the oligarchs, DJ Trump.


Maybe this murder to which AssHat Amy IS very arguably complicit, will wipe that stupid 24-7 smile of her dumb face! That seems doubtful as even when her husband was suffering from Covid-19 she still had that infuriating phony smile plastered on her face! Its very like pseudobulbar affect…

Amy was a dark horse longshot from day one.

Can’t wait to see who the DNC picks next.

I mean, who Biden picks next.

Like it’ll ever matter.

Nah, she’s a shoe-in now. It’s the right tone for the DNC.

Yep. We should be furious at the left politicians like “the Squad” and Bernie for so easily giving up their power and leverage. Even during a pandemic they were cowed into letting corporations loot trillions from the government. Anyone who still thinks we can get out of this dystopian hell through either party at this point is hopeless.

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I’ve always felt uneasy about Klobuchar –
and how could she have put out a statement without revealing that
she was aware of DEREK CHAUVIN and had let him off the hook?
She knew what it would mean in regard to the VP list –

I’m really having a problem with the women suggested as VP –
The best I can think of right now is DON LEMON/CNN host who has been
very impressive in getting out there against Trump – probably with some nasty
consequences for him.

I thought Brooke Baldwin/CNN also did a nice job in letting the audience know
that she has had many calls from “white” people asking what they can do to help.
Good to know that many do want to help – and we saw later today the increasing
numbers of “white” Americans out there walking with AA’s.

Best I could do so far was send another contribution to Rep. Ilhan Omar – and she
also was introducing an organization called “Color of Change” she was asking
donations for. Where’s the NAACP? Where’s “Black Lives Matter”?
Waiting to see where some other financial help might be given.

Very impressed with the demonstrations in DC, etc.

Let’s also remember that the fascist Supreme Court ended the Federal watch over
a number of states who had problems with violent policing.

Writing some letters –

This is contact info for Gov. Tim walz and
Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan – Minnesota

I’m sure everyone knows as well now that CHAUVIN and George Floyd both
worked as bouncers at the same nightclub.

Terrific post – and worldwide oppression is all based in money and power for Elites –
ALL of us are connected in that understanding … whether we are women or AA’s or
native people, homosexuals – or those working for slave wages here and around the world.

Bernie is also right EDUCATION and Free College –
All AA’s should be guaranteed the right to free college – and of course to grammar and
high schools at the minimum equivalent to what 75% of “white” people have.
And more “whites” have to understand that the full burden of taxes has been put on them

  • also for supporting public schools with their increasing property taxes – and for Social
    Security where the ceiling hasn’t been increased in far too long.
    THIS is why our States, Cities, Towns and local communities are falling into bankruptcy.

– and when I think of the continual betrayal by the corporate-fascist Dem Party …
it is mind-boggling that the entire African-American community has no where to go …
except to Biden–!!

Especially thinking of Bernie Sanders right now and all that he is doing in encouraging
new organizations based in his campaign issues – I really am starting to feel as though
he is right – we have to push this REVOLUTION in the Dem Party and knock out the
Corporate-fascists there - Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer.
I include Biden in that – but can we try and make him the last of the betrayers to reach
the White House?

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Hate them all and let God sort them out. If neither Party can be transformed then how will change occur? Will Jill Stein ride up on her Green Horse and convince a majority of Americans, especially those in swing states, to vote for her so she can set the country aright? People talk about the Squad and Bernie Sanders. Well they’re working in the Democratic Party because these reformers know that no third party has an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning anything other than handing another victory to Trump. So while you play the ‘plague on both their houses’ card, the ‘Squad’ is doing the hard work of attempting to persuade and reform the Democratic Party through their presence and constant efforts.

The same should be said about Kamala Harris. She refused to bring charges against our now Sec. of Treasury while she was Att. General of California.

They have not changed the party an iota, if anything the party changed them. The Squad all voted for the bill that gave trillions to the corporations and are constantly compromising their values in the face of the pandemic. Oh wait they are setting up a “task force” with Biden, who even now stands by that nothing will fundamentally change.

i take AOC at her word, that she opposed the CARES act, which was pushed through “by unanimous consent” in a not-full House. She did also vote against the HEROES act.

AOC should be running for President. NO I dont think Klobuchar would be a good anything. Harris is horrible too. AOC in contrast is smart and she doesnt lie. And she doesnt have ahistory of doing sleazy things like Biden (and Trump) do. We need the breath of fresh air that AOC would represent, the country is having trouble breathing in the rancid flatus odor of the presumptives.

So there must be fraud in the electronic voting system. Did her vote register as being for it? This is a huge news story.

AOC turns 35, and becomes constitutionally eligible to be president, in October 2024.

No, you distort my post. The CARES Act was rammed through “by unanimous consent” without unanimous consent. No actual vote was registered by any member.

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Since GATS blocks Biden from doing any of the things progressives need, associating with him will hurt them because Biden wont even be able to do the pathetic things he promised They all are off the table because of GATS. Thats easy to verify if any reading this are reporters. A trade agreement takens tons of policy space out of our hands. Dysfunction is the legacy of the WTO GATS agreement. ~http://unctad.org/en/docs/edmmisc232add31_en.pdf

We should be making that clear. Screaming it, actually.

I didnt mean to 'distort your post" I misunderstood what you had said. That should be a red flag. Government now is basically a lot different than what it claims to be.

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