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Denuclearization on Table After 'Openhearted Talk' Between North and South Korea Moves Nations Away From War


Denuclearization on Table After 'Openhearted Talk' Between North and South Korea Moves Nations Away From War

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

At an "openhearted talk" in Pyongyang, North Korea on Monday night, the nation's leader Kim Jong Un reportedly told a South Korea delegation that he is willing to halt nuclear and missile tests during diplomatic discussions with the United States, a move that may bring mem


I wonder what it must feel like to be the only fat person in an entire country of the impoverished and starving.

I guess good luck is in order but with players like North Korea and the United States you have to wonder. Who can be trusted?


Time for the U.S. (Proudly subsidized by the weapons industry) to jump in and screw up this advance toward a word they despise: PEACE~!!!


:slight_smile: Yes. No way in hell will Trump and the US agree to stop threatening the North, and to stop the “training excercises” (same). As always, we will insist that they must FIRST stop all nuclear weapons production/research, to be verified over several years by the US, and THEN we will come to the “negotiating table.” I.e., we will insist that they concede everything we want up front before we will even talk to them. And round and round it goes.

The U.S. is an embarrassment, and truly the biggest threat to world peace in history.


And that is NOT hyperbole!!!


It has nothing to do with Trump understanding, because Trump is just a a stooge and a fawning parasite for the deep state!


War on the Korean peninsula will have two guaranteed losers - North and South Korea with untold millions of deaths. The US is only able to guarantee total annihilation of both countries. Just maybe they, North and South Korea, recognize that fact and are now understand that only peace will protect their interests and lives despite the desire of the Evil Empire to keep the fires of discord, distrust and fear burning for its own interests. Peace is always best.


Peace??? No Way??? We can’t have Peace. That’ll ruin everything!!!


Trump may not be aware of it, but the U.S. will never stand for peace on the Korean peninsula. Too much to lose in U.S. defence spending. It is easy to blame North Korea especially with the endless propaganda by U.S. media outlets (and others), but the truth is that the U.S. has never really negotiated a peaceful settlement with North Korea with Clinton, Bush and other U.S. Presidents breaking their promises, snubbing the North Korean leadership and offering endless weapons of mass destruction for sale to the South as the only viable alternative.


Well said!


And the main reason the US doesn’t want peace is: $$$
War, invasions, 700+ foreign military bases, armaments, weapons, etc all equals hundreds of billions for the US Military industrial Congressional complex. It’s the US’ main export anymore. If there was worldwide peace everywhere, that would mean a HUGE cut in profits. Unacceptable. So keep stirring the pot, keep pooh-poohing negotiations and diplomacy, and keep up the threats and the provocations. Very profitable!


Very true. The people of both sides of Korea are one people–in the US, not so much and it functions a company town owned by oligarchs and populated by atomized competing entities that herald from many other places. Additionally, the US has yet to come to terms with its racist history and present reality which spell trouble for most of the globe.

Very best wishes to the people of Korea! As for the US, to my mind, it is looking ever more likely that the US will implode, destroy itself.


I would only change one word in the above:
…the biggest threat impairment to world peace in history.
For the US Fourth Reich has moved far beyond a mere threat to world peace. It blocks every effort, regardless of nation, unless it is first given every demand it makes under threat of death or or other degradation. Then it still threatens war, so the military can get more billion$ and the arms merchants can receive that as their due for supplying death to all, courtesy of the Pentagon.
*Meanwhile, our own people suffer hunger, illness, homelessness, disease and pollution as the agencies that were to provide some protection have all been suborned and given to the very businesses they were supposed to regulate.
*If you study history, especially the history of empires, you cannot but see that the Empire of the United States of America Fourth Reich is reaching its end, as have all Empires of the past. Unfortunately, they all end with great mortality to both their own people, and other nations as well, as they scrabble to exist and grow, while falling apart through their own dry rot.


An astute correction, minitrue. Thanks.:wink:


It just might be as Kim Jong Un has been telling us what he truly and arguably justifiably believes, that only states with nuclear weapons get any respect from the US. South Korea could possibly be able to talk this heat down by assuring the North that the South will protect the North from the American hyena. I doubt that if South Korea supports the North in removing the blockade that the American Oligarchy will strongly object. How, in good faith, could the bastion of peace object to these Nation States finally signing a peace treaty? A just peace is always a risk and war, win or lose, is Always a failure.


Lets face the facts. The old strategy of “don’t talk to your enemy” hasn’t worked for decades. It was basically the Israeli model. It didn’t work for them either. But it did keep the likes of Bibi in power.


Because the image of the U.S. as the “bastion of peace” is an illusion. In fact it is the opposite. The U.S. is the biggest threat to peace in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if the U.S. would rather overthrow the South Korea government themselves then let them detante with their northern brothers and sisters.


Agreed and it is also a pretty good strategy of keeping the oligarchy in the U.S. in power too.


Not into sarcasm much are you?


Sorry, it does occasionally go over my head.