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'Deny Trump the Tools to Torture': Progressive Dems Call on Obama to Close Guantanamo


'Deny Trump the Tools to Torture': Progressive Dems Call on Obama to Close Guantanamo

Nika Knight, staff writer

As pro-torture President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) are urging President Barack Obama to immediately shut down Guantanamo Bay and deny Trump "the tools to reinstate torture."


Perhaps Obama can consult with some post Trump Administration, for some fast cash, on how best to protect from prosecution any Trump Administration directed torture.

Furthermore he could advise how best to prosecute and jail any whistleblowers, for a few more bucks.

Legacy return$.


I seem to remember that this was one of Obama's campaign promises.
He has had eight years to close Guantanamo.
Why hasn't he done it already?
The Guantanamo Concentration Camp is a disgrace to the Land of the Free, Home of the Whopper Brave.


These so called Progressives are pathetic. What have they been doing to close Gitmo for the past 8 years or was it "progressive" to have said Prison as long as a Democrat President.?


There gave been groups of people demonstrating in those orange jumpsuits for years. Those pictured are pathetic?


The article refers to members of the CPC. They have had 8 years under Obama to have GITMO closed. I am not talking about civilians that have been protesting > I am speaking about those listed as members of Congress such as Ellison and Lee.

Obama did not need a vote in Congress to Close this prison down.


'Scuse me...I believe Obama DID need congress to act on closing Gitmo...but, lots of objections of "not in MY state"!
Yeah, state prisons not all that secure, but FEDERAL prisons? No problem..Barry did manage to transfer many to other countries, tho..
My objection, on top of all the moral & legal reasons to close, is the $$$COST-which NObody wants to disclose - Now, over $3 million per year per "prisoner"!!!
Expect any sanity in the next 4 years??? Sorry...


8 years of not closing the torture site should give some people a clue.


Did Obama, as Commander-in-chief, not have the power to pardon the remaining Guantanamo prisoners and re-unite them with their families after 15 Years of what amounts to emotional torture, if not physical torture. After all, we were invading their countries and they took up arms against us as we would against anyone who invaded this country. I believe over 800 were sent to Guantanamo and all are released without being charged except for the remaing 55. All of those people, captured, hooded, treated like animals at our hands. Why could Obama not pardon them? For political reasons, I assume. Rather than look weak or take on an issue with the warmongers, he allowed people and their families to suffer. Around the world he would have been applauded and revered had he faced down the opposition and done the right thing. We elected him to bring about a complete change in policy from what the Bush neo-cons had given us. He had the bully pulpt and the gift of speaking to us persuasively but he was silent on all the important things we wanted him to say. His Presidency has been a lost opportunity to advance America closer to a place that actually embodies the admirable values we say we have but do not actually exist in our government. Even had he not been able to overcome political opposition, his Presidency would have been magnificent if he had dedicated himself to articulating a true picture of what we do around the world and waking us out of our smug assumptions about how wonderful we are.