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Departing Ethics Chief: Sure Looks Like Trump Is Profiting From Presidency


Departing Ethics Chief: Sure Looks Like Trump Is Profiting From Presidency

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following his abrupt resignation on Thursday—which lawmakers and watchdog groups said should be "deeply unnerving" to advocates of government accountability—Office of Government Ethics (OGE) head Walter Shaub said in a televised interview on CBS t


Unlike, of course, neo-liberals like Obama and Clinton. Or conservatives like W Bush. At this point, our corporatocracy rewards all presidents with a nice bonus for extracting money from the middle- and working-class Americans....


Trump has profited from everything he's done, or else he just declares bankruptcy and moves onto the next project (leaving many contractors and tradespeople in the lurch, saving himself millions in the process). To think for one moment that this leopard would change his spots after refusing to reveal his tax returns and then refusing to put his business into a blind trust is like still believing in the tooth fairy. There will be no rush to fill this job, just like the countless other openings Trump has been unable to fill...

Don't be surprised if a Trump Towers pops up in Hamburg. Apparently there's a shortage of luxury hotels there, and it would guarantee King Trump a room when he visits, from which he can peer down at the tens of thousands of human beings protesting his conflicts of interests.


Soon coming after disempowering the OGE ,,, OGAE office of government anti ethics, with a required course for freshmen congressfolks in unethical behavior,, wait am I too late in this prediction ,, yet another advance in Orwellian progress. I suppose the positive in this is at least the move is transparent?


There would be sixteen threads on this topic alone here and rounds of impeachment calls in Congress if this was an HRC administration.


Actually, yes, it is very much unlike them, and if the letists purists can't get that through their heads then the United States could be in for some serious shit. If you can't tell the difference between a Mugabe and a Clinton, then what is the value of your political analysis?

This "well things couldn't possibly be worse!" logic that has persisted on the left for years is so far out of tune with reality as to be actually funny, if it weren't for the fact that the presidency of Trump is pretty good evidence that it's actually making things worse.

There are real dictators in the world. There are real processes that transform a democracy into a dictatorship. Some of these are clearly visible in Trump. "Nanananana Clinton" is not an acceptable apology.


And it is critical that we don't act like a bunch of naive ninnies pretending that the corruption we see at the top doesn't represent the miasma stinking up the nation. Trump manifests the worst. But he is not atypical--Americans can be degenerate, amoral, corrupt, and violent. And they often break laws with impunity and feel entitled to do so: witness how many people speed on the highway and flip you off if you get in their way. Our salvation will be honest self-assessment as a people, from the skin out. I can't see that happening soon.


It's become clear that there's no "Rule-of-Law," in the United States. Criminals like Trump are proving it everyday.


Bravo to Mr. Schaub! While I agree with some that politicians of all flavors have been using their positions for personal profit for decades, up until now they have at least made nominal motions toward doing it in secrecy. Trump has blown the gig sky high, and I for one am grateful for the very public way that two of his 'ethics' advisers have declined to go along with his slitheryness. It's unfortunate that Fox newsians won't see it.


And the real villains are their enablers, our elected representatives who let them get away with their nefarious plundering. Next election vote the contrary candidate in regardless of party (assuming your choice is not of the neocon Hildebeast camp).


I agree with Trump that we need to keep Guantanamo open...to house Trump after he is brought to justice. Bush 41, 43 , Clinton and Obama should also be brought to justice and given appropriate sentences. Trump's deep and broad criminal legacy would likely result in a longer sentence than the other four convicts warrant.


This is very different and should be investigated unless these guys waited until they were out of office. So Obama wrote a book and got 60 million, it will be interesting to read it. Not a huge fan of Obama as I expected so much more from him.


No purity tests needed here. All you need to know about Clintonistas is their support for Corporate Rule over the rank-and-file progressive voters they purportedly represent. They're bamboozlers, too.
Nancy Pelosi is the poster granny for gatekeeping when it comes to a Medicare-for-All/Single Payer option. She receives 2-3xs more money from Big Pharma and other groups, than most of her colleagues. A corporate fund raising machine without peer! That's her greatest asset? She's the one who's " not there " on healthcare, as 65%-70 of the American people would like options other than the Corporate-written ACA.
The Uniparty will mean the unnecessary death of 30-50K Americans citizens yearly. It will mean price-gouging that robs people of their financial security. etc. Maybe Pelosi and her wealthy tribe will pray for us, or raise some snakes for us to handle, guiding us to the miracles of faith and speaking in tongues, too. She's a huckster.
The Democratic Party is, on certain issues, just as blood thirsty and bought off as the Republicans. On foreign policy they could be actually phonier, and more compromised. They'd do well to throw out their moneychangers from leading us to the same dead end as the Koch led Republicans they like to criticize, so publicly. Again, a pox on both their whorehouses.


And we do have, unknown to most it seems, legal slavery, and always have (13th). The only rule of law enforced it seems sometimes are simple drug possession laws, and that is why Sessions is turning up the militarized heat to feed the MPIC (militarized police industrial complex).

Wall street ex car dealers crash the economy, nobody goes to jail, in fact we give them what 700 billion bailout?

But get caught with a joint (under 1 gram) in Oklahoma, can get you a year in prison. In Texas, steal 2 bikes worth over $500 each, get caught on separate charges. Third strike by selling an oz of bud to your buddy (can be had legally in Denver any weekend of the month for 99 bucks an oz., select varieties) and you get 20 years for 2 bikes and an oz of God's medicine. And it really helps if like he, you are young, middle class/poor and African American.

When you need to oppress, repress, and/or enslave the poor and middle class, you put the DEA in charge of what should be legalized and regulated just as all other legal drugs. and treated as a health issue and not a crime--with absolutely no victims. Instead they criminalize the poor and middle class by criminalizing their meds or rec drugs. Then they create a legal opiod that's highly addictive, and we make them billionaires.

We put mass murderers on Forbes top 20 richest. (And prison/murder by cop is are very successful methods of voter suppression.)

Seems we have some work to do. Maybe a little payback somehow. . . .let us ponder the possibilities . . ."Hope springs eternal in the human breast."



Remember, there is no such thing as a financial conflict of interest when the President does it. Donald told us so.
And that goes for the rest of the Trump Family Grifters as well.


I saw that story from Forbes, also. That basement chemists could break those pills apart, and the company's chemists couldn't, doesn't pass the smell test. That family of drug peddlers knew what the results of doctors overprescribing would do, in poor communities. The whole thing looks like it was a cash machine for cronies in cahoots with each other. Again, the DEA looks away.
Illegal gun sales use the same marketing practices in poor communities, too. Again, the ATF deliberately looks away.
Funny, how The Uniparty consensus allows The Alphabets to look away, when there's cash on the barrelhead. The Uniparty looks bought off at this point. Imagine that.:wink:


Duh, they're people.

Nice fiery rhetoric though, very zealous. Top form.


Just learned about something. Some fans of one of the most highly regarded films of all time, think that this film has an amazing resonance with our current president Donald Trump. Ever seen "Citizen Kane"? What do you think? What's interesting is, its his favorite movie. But some people think he just doesn't understand it: Donald Trump Doesn't Understand Citizen Kane - Renegade Cut

Here is a sort-of-edited-to-avoid-copyright-infringement-issues-version-of Citizen Kane on YouTube in case you're interested in seeing it:

And here's a little parody:


Well said. A cash cow for the 1%, at the expense of destroyed lives and death for the 99%. American exceptionalism.

And speaking of Death Enforcement Agency atrocities. They like to spread it around the world,( which was exactly Anslinger's design and execution via compliant/cornered/blackmailed NATO "friends".)


And, Orson Welles' character Quinlan, in Touch of Evil, looks likes a composite ( mash up ) of J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn ( Jeff Sessions' hero? ).
Who knew Trump was a film buff? I wonder what Trump's take on The Third Man is? Would he admire Welles' character Harry Lime? Trump is quite the entrepreneur, after all.
Time to revisit the classics, maybe.