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Department of Justice Weighs in on Case of Transgender Woman Suffering 'Three Years of Torture'


Department of Justice Weighs in on Case of Transgender Woman Suffering 'Three Years of Torture'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. Department of Justice has weighed in on the case of a transgender woman incarcerated in Georgia by underscoring the unconstitutionality of policies that deny medically necessary treatment.


There is no moral, medical, or ethical justification for the neglect and abuse of this woman. People don’t understand that this is not some “funny uncle” to be laughed at. Hormone treatment is a very serious medical phenomenon and a trans person should not stop, start, stop, start such treatments. I hope SPLC wins the case quickly and that Diamond is freed and can resume her treatments and her life. The perpetrators of her abuse, I assume beatings and rape, need to be charged and punished.


The article fails to explain why Ms Diamond happens to be incarcerated. Without this information, one reasonably assumes her minor brush with the law was not her first nor was it minor. Few individuals do time for a first offense. Perhaps a bit more personal responsibility on her behalf would have prevented her current situation.


Abuse of inmates is wrong and illegal regardless of the crime for which they were sentenced; likewise, they are due proper medical care no matter who they are. If we admit to ignorance of a prisoner’s history, we are hardly in a position to judge, and of course, we can’t really judge others anyway.

State prison populations contain about 55% violent offenders, therefore, nearly half are there for non-violent crimes. Blacks comprise 13% of the population in the nation but make up 39% of prisoners. So if one wants to look at the larger picture, there is a substantial number of non-violent inmates and a clear problem of racism.

Ironically, to seek justice for the health of this inmate, her transgender identity must be treated as an illness, “gender dysphoria”, although it is a normal occurence (not a choice or whim), like being gay or left-handed.


Perhaps it’s time the SPLC labels the US Corrections System, including state systems domestic terrorist groups.


The original article actually does say what her crimes were. The judge actually stated that these were obviously crimes of desperation. There’s a longer article out there with more information…