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Deplaning of United Passenger Shows Why We Need Corporate Regulation

Deplaning of United Passenger Shows Why We Need Corporate Regulation

Dave Johnson

In a democracy, We the People are in charge. We are the boss of the corporations. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Apparently, that isn’t so much the way it is anymore. The United States used to regulate corporations to protect people from concentrated power. Now concentrated power has taken over our government, which fights the people for the benefit of corporate profits.


If this isn’t the match upon the fuse that sets off a mass revolt against tyranny, then what WILL it take?

Reinstating any pre-airline deregulation regulations would be like herding cats into a bag…impossible. They have had free rein to bilk passengers, dismantle unions, abuse their employees (except the pilots) for almost 40 years now (since 1978) and are not about to give up the spoils from their war on travelers for the sake of profits.

The Kennedy-Cannon Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 was something I could NEVER forgive Senator Ted Kennedy for having done.

Couple that with St. Raygun’s assault on PATCO and we are enduring the damaging results of both at present.

What next, battery operated cattle prods for these flying cattle cars?

The de-regulation of the Airlines actually started under President Jimmy Carter, although Congress had a hand in it, and the Reagan Administration’s policies made an already-horrific situation even worse.

If the airlines can be de-regulated, who’s to say that other forms of long-distance public transportation (i. e. trains, boats, etc.) won’t be deregulated like that in the (near) future?