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'Deplorable Monument to Racism' Gone After Philadelphia Removes Statue of Former Mayor Frank Rizzo Statue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/03/deplorable-monument-racism-gone-after-philadelphia-removes-statue-former-mayor-frank

Remove the symbol of racism but don’t touch the Systematic White Supremacy in the system…

Typical Bullshit

Not only the Systematic White Supremacy, but the out of control black officers that don’t even look at race. Some are citizen abusers of all races.
They need to go down along with the SWS cops and politicians.

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Rizzo was a special kind of sadistic racist, a real pig among pigs. Literally tourtureing confessions out of people. Hard to believe Philly put up a statue of this lowlife to begin with.