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Deplorables—We’ve Been Here Before


Deplorables—We’ve Been Here Before

Jud Lounsbury

Hillary Clinton has been the target of a lot of feigned outrage this week for stating the self-evident: Half of Trump's supporters are attracted to him because of his racism, sexism and many other "isms" that our better angels have rejected as "deplorable."

While the characterization of Clinton’s comment as a gross political misstep may or may not prove to be correct, it's always illuminating to look back at previous elections, and there is no election that is more similar to this one than Lyndon Johnson's 1964 duel with Barry Goldwater.


Are we forgetting, again, that Hillary was a 'Goldwater Girl'? That damn pot keeps calling the kettle black.



As a Goldwater Girl , which category would she have fallen under?

A classic Republican, segregationist, 'Johnson-phobe,' desperate conservative, or radical nut ?


Many Goldwater supporters simply saw Johnson as a deep rooted DC insider with more back room deals in his legacy than any other Congresscritter of the era, who would do whatever it took to achieve his goals. Goldwater was the first major party candidate from the intermountain west, a region revered for extolling rugged individuualistic values during that era...yes Cowboy country. It took Wrangler Ronnie Raygun who had better acting skills than Goldwater to cinch the right wing deal nationwide. Notice how often Obama and Clinton praise Raygun and compare themselves to him ?

Johnson in 1964 was labeled the "lesser of two evils" more frequently than any POTUS incumbent or candidate until Bill Clinton ran in 1992.


All of the above? Plus, don't forget 'racist idiot'.


Since long before election 2016 many urban Democrats serially bash lower income whites. Fraternities have white trash bash parties and are not kicked off campus like they would be if they had a party that so much as suggested racial prejudice.

How is race based prejudice different than class based prejudice ?

Looks like deplorable verses deplorable with respect to the duopoly in election 2016.


It should be noted that Clinton is not backing down in calling out Trump on this. She is leading the charge against this bigotry. She has been subjected to far worse criticism over the last several decades and if anyone can stand up to the bullying from the Right it is her. The headlines today are that Trump is continuing on the birther path even though his surrogates Rudy Giuliani and Kellyanne Conway have said that he had dropped it. Listen to what Trump says not his surrogates. By pounding Clinton many people on the left are not participating in this critical fight for what America is all about. But Clinton is now perfectly blunt about what Trump is saying and the right does not like that. They would rather that she spoke much more politely about their bigotry. But they will have no such luck. They are out in the open now and there is no place for them to hide. Attacking Clinton will not work. The American people will simply decide whether they want bigots running this country or not.


Deleted by poster, hit wrong reply button.


Trump now says that Obama was born in the USA. His new lie is that the idea of Obama's foreign birth was started by Hillary Clinton.


1) " To put a number on it" and what are the numbers for republicans as a whole? Without that, this value is meaningless..=
2) Did you know Clinton was (and still seems to be) a 'goldwater girl' ?
3) Do you find the pnac-ers deplorable? how about all the wall st and MIC oligarchs that are gung-ho for Clinton, are they deplorable too? are they bigger enemies than 'ISIS' ?
4) Keep voting for the cause of Trump, and the 'deplorables' will get worse and worse, and greater and greater in number.


Oligarch wannabe?


Really off base, Goldwater supporters were not sinking economically because of Democratic policies. They were rising. Trumps people are hurting. It Does no good to kick sand in their face. Deplorable article, ashamed a person like you is allowed to live in Madison. Clinton needs to empathize not criticize. Only a Pawn in Their Game? Bobby got it. She is losing because she only connects emotionally with the ugogirls, 1970s feminist, who want a woman and don't get hot and bothered about war or poverty.


I agree that that was one of the most influential ads in election history.
What makes it even more remarkable is that it only ran one time (as a paid ad), but everyone has seen it.


Yeah, we get to decide who is the lessor deplorable?


Damn! You and LadyK beat me to it! It's good to know that we true progressives know a 'kettle' when we see it! :sunglasses:


But Clinton is a bigot also with her word salad "basket of deplorables" statement, and no matter how many 'progressive' journalists use that word, it would be deplorable to see it become normalized, as NO ONE deserves to be called deplorable if the person calling them that hasn't walked a mile in their shoes!


Yep. And we can play a positive role in making sure Trump and his coalition don't control three branches of government. That's why Bernie is out there "selling out," as some would phrase it around here, for Hillary. We can help Bernie have a seat at the governing coalition's table by voting to ensure he has that seat, or we can all watch from the sidelines and write evil Hillary comments.


What's wrong with that, it's true ! You do not have to be a Clinton supporter to look at White America in an honest fashion. White people in the USA are why the planet is in such bad shape. White Americans are stupid bigots, that is why we have the two candidates Trump and Clinton.


I recently went to a blog in which a BLM supporter said that Black people should not vote. There were all kinds of disgusting racist replies to this. This to me shows how bigoted so many of my fellow White Americans are. One reply was that when Trump becomes president, he will install a law and order regime in the United States, and BLM will be wiped out. I wonder how much of my fellow White people think this way in the United States. My candidate, Jill Stein, has no chance of winning. If she ran against the libertarian Johnson, she would lose in a landslide. This shows how stupid Americans are. This country deserves all the hatred it gets from the rest of the world.


The meaning of deplorable is 'worthy of censure or disapproval; wretched; very bad.'

I understand that no matter what I say about 'deplorable' you will not see her use of that word to describe a group of our fellow Americans as being disgusting, wrong-headed, or vile so there is no reason for either one of us to continue this argument as I will not change my mind anymore than you will change yours.