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Deploying 'Tough on Terrorists' Euphemism, Trump Backs Haspel With Open Embrace of CIA Torture


Deploying 'Tough on Terrorists' Euphemism, Trump Backs Haspel With Open Embrace of CIA Torture

Jon Queally, staff writer

The most familiar and widely-used euphemism for the CIA's torture of human beings—misleadingly deployed by human rights violators, lawmakers, and many uncritical journalists over recent years—has been "enhanced interrogation techniques."

"Being responsible for torture doesn't make you tough on terrorism. It makes you guilty of crimes against humanity."


Any nation that targets cities with weapons of mass destruction is terrorist.

Therefor; US is the worst terrorist nation on Earth.


“…in these very dangerous times…”, oh who, pray tell, is the terrorist now?
IMHO the woman is sick from the reports I’ve read. I guess she fits right in with the rest and the best of them.


Does anybody else think that yesterdays articles across the board on every single media outlet claiming Haspel “sought” to withdraw, kind of Orwellian. You either withdraw or you don’t. Apparently today “sought to withdraw” apparently means not withdrawing but getting a lot of encouragement from the President. Again it is all nothingg but Kabuki theater to make it look like she was all nice and humble and willing to withdraw from the mean nasty people who said bad things about her, until…her President stood beside her and gave her the strength to carry on.

It makes me want to vomit.


Indivisible tweets:

“All alarms should be going off, especially for Dems.”

Considering Brand D’s propensity to “look forward, not back,” alarms are about all we’re likely to get from it (yes, Nancy “Impeachment is Off the Table” Pelosi, I’m looking at you).


From 2014: US report on ‘enhanced interrogation’ concludes: torture doesn’t work

So, the question here, from my point of view, is why does the person holding the office of the “president” of the US bloviate over a choice to use taxpayer $ to appoint the single most emblematic embodiment of failure? Answer: Because it is not a matter of efficacy, efficiency, moral rectitude, long-term functionality, coherence, well being of US citizens or any other beneficial reason capable of being twisted into the “make america great again” lie bought and paid for by trump supporters… who by the way, are among those who least benefit from what this “president” is doing.

The CIA would now appear to be nearly fully privatized… and by whom, I find myself asking…


I posit a question.

Why is it that Barack Obama decided not to prosecute people such as this so as to look forwards and not back and what American “Values” did this action represent. ?

When Barack Obama decided what persons such as this did during the Bush Administration could not be considered crimes, there were more than a few of us here who warned of these consequences.


Amoral moron.


Take it one further.
The President DOES NOT have the right to disobey the Rule of Law.

The torture, the destruction of evidence, and the lack of prosecution are all violations of the law and require prosecution.

Like the pathetic Bush memos from Yoo and Bybee, it was all BS to avoid prosecution by the Law of the Land.

Both Yoo and Bybee need to be in jail for various charges.
That one is teaching law at an august institution only reflects the pathos of American Values you speak to.


Bloody Gina being nominated for torturer-in-chief is further proof of your post. Too bad being " tough on terrorists" does not apply to Gina and the CIA!


Trump is the biggest terrorist out there. To Gitmo with hiim.


The US has never been held internationally responsible for war crimes and gives a flying fig about the Geneva Convention.


“Amoral moron;” as in, “Trump really is an amoralron.”


Ratified by the US on October 21, 1994. Therefore, under the US Constitution, Article 6, Clause 2 also the supreme law of the land.

Bush and his cronies definitely guilty. Obama and Clinton, perhaps. Other prior POTUS, maybe. Current one, who knows at this point.


Here we are. A confluence of heinous crimes, conspirators, apologists, FAKE investigations, impeachment off-the-table political opportunists, and a former President who is up to his neck in collusion with most dark forces who would see that torturers go free but whistleblowers go to jail.

And we have the most right wing Administration in our history (yes alt-leftists it is a big deal), a true fascist that RAN ON torture, more torture, and make it legal…bragging about how this torture queen fits the bill.

And on the sidelines Feinstein just can’t bring herself to oppose her nomination, quite yet. But she points out, she has had dinner with her and has learned a lot from her time overseeing heinous acts against human beings, screams and all.

What fucking hell have I awoken to.

Wait, it’s just a lucid dream right?


GIna Haspels CIA caused Detainees Deaths by Hypothermia by chaining naked suspects to a bare Concrete Floor. GITMO was CIAs Experimental Torture Laboratory.Just like Dr.Mengeles Lab in Treblinka;German, Nazi Death Factory and Crematorium. The CIA had their own Psychotic Shrinks in GITMO to make sure Rumsfelds`s Androids enjoyed themselves.